Spend Some Time Alone To Love Yourself And Not Your Man

Stay, 'Happily Unmarried'!



Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


Some men are like chemicals; always harsh on us. And it’s really difficult as well as necessary to find a cozy man in this stressful world. My search for man has still not come to an end but I’ve found the love for my skin - a brand which says ‘No Chemicals, Only Love’.

While scrolling through Instagram, the names of products by this brand, 'Happily Unmarried’ caught my attention. And I felt that they have been specially crafted to minimise the need for a man in our lives, becoming our new found love.

All its daily use products are named inveritably, by relating them to the man we love. Here are a few examples:

1. Not Sticky 'Cause It's A Light-Weight Body Lotion:

My relationship ended disastrously because I expected my man to be non-sticky. Now while looking for a non-clingy person, I found this light weighted body lotion, which is both non-sticky and doesn’t make your skin feel heavy. I guess it’s the best thing to keep you going.

2. If Only My Man Was As Good As This Face Wash

This perfectly formulated face wash for dry skin avoids dryness after washing. While the skin remains glowing, the name leaves me wondering when I will have a man, whose presence will make me glow. I seriously wish for a man who could wipe off the worries on my face with ease, just like this face wash.

3. Hey Pretty Face, Meet Sun Screen

Well, that's a good introduction for a date! And I am very much in love with the possessiveness of this sunscreen, for it does much more than expected. It not only protects us from UVA & UVB but also shields from HEVL (high energy visible light), infrared, heavy metals (in the atmosphere) & pollution. Now even you are wishing your man to be this protective. Aren’t you?

4. Your Mom Would Also Approve Of This Body Wash

Since childhood, we all are well aware of the goodness of Tulsi(basil). This body wash is a blend of Tulsi and grapefruit, vitamin A, C & antioxidants. Your mom might not like your boyfriend but she’ll definitely love this body wash. Although, deep inside, we want mom's approval for our love too.

5. Talk Dirty To Me Face Scrub

So, finally, you don’t need a man. This scrub will do it all. This ‘talk dirty to me face scrub’ is a must-have item. Its gel-based formula helps in getting rid of blackheads, whiteheads, acne and even reduces skin tanning, the biggest problems in the life of a girl. Do we seriously need a man now?

Well, these products are love. My search for daily commodities has definitely come to an end. And now, I won’t look for my man, for men will fall for me!

After all, I’m using these supernatural products of happily unmarried.

Trust me, you must give it a try.

It won’t disappoint you, like your man.





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