Signs Cope With Negative Feelings In Their Unique Way

Some show it, some don't.

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Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


Negative vibes mean you are going the wrong way. And if you travel far on a wrong track, you certainly have made a blunder. It might be difficult to regain your original self as you will have to travel back the entire distance, logically, on the same wrong track.

This is a self-evident fact. Thus, the law of choice directs us to refuse negative feelings as soon as possible. All of us tend to get away from the negative feelings and emotions, with minimum or no involvement.

But have you thought how various people combat their negative feelings? You can have an idea of their behaviors in negative circumstances by knowing their sign.

How The Signs Cope With Negative Feelings
1. Aries - Facing the problem and moving on in the direction of their goal.

They are armed soldiers when it comes to coping up with negative feelings.

2. Taurus - Taking out time for self-care and getting involved with themselves.

They are affectionate mothers when it comes to spending time in their own company.

3. Gemini - Finding a solution by discussing it with trustworthy people.

They are fearless speakers when it comes to researching their problems.

4. Cancer - Staying in solitude and crying over the troubles in life.

They are immature infants when it comes to combating unexpected hurts.

5. Leo - Demanding to be pampered and to be paid attention to.

They are serious dramatists when they have to convey their negative emotions.

6. Virgo - Getting over-involved in work and mental stimulation activities.

They are good ignorers when negativities give a yank to life.

7. Libra - Socialising with unknown people to make new bonds and forget the aching ones.

They are triumphant explorers when it comes to finding happiness in low times.

8. Scorpio - Trying to understand why they feel pessimistic and what went wrong.

They have dedicated investigators when they want to get rid of the discomforting things.

9. Sagittarius - Going out on road trips, camping, and adventures.

They are happy cleaners when they make mercies and wipe off their chaos.

10. Capricorn - Bursting out their frustration in their own selves and being cynical.

They are angry self-destructors when they have a lot of woes gripping them tightly.

11. Aquarius - Distancing themselves from the world and withdrawing connections.

They are silent isolators when they want to push away the danger of feeding wrong feelings.

12. Pisces - Being lazy in bed and involving in artistic stuff.

They are expressive artists when they need to communicate about their pathos to the world.

Each one of us has our own way. What is yours?


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