Sex, Menstruation, Farting Are Biggest Taboos In India That We All Do But Don't Want To Accept

Double standards?



Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


India is the land of customs and cultures. The rites, rituals, festivities and traditions are peculiar to the identity of India on an international forefront. We are very dedicated towards our religion, our beliefs and our daily life practices.

Still, there are a few things that we are all part of, but our society considers them as a taboo. These things are natural, even God knows about them but we human beings tend to hide them from one another. Sounds silly. Yet, it happens. Like shit happens.

We have created our own curtains, through which everyone can peep but nobody will confess to having done that.

Can we call it the double standards of society?

Or we are too shy to discuss things in public?

Or we are afraid of the “Dharam ke Thekedars”?

Let us find the answers to these questions.

1. SEX

Who would deny having sex? I mean, if our parents did do sex or our grandparents didn’t do it, then how come we are all in this world? And how come we are the most populated country?

Is God dropping kids from above? Or the story of the Angel who used to keep the baby on our bedside is true? Or biology is purely hypothetical?

Come on dear, don't act so innocent like the other population of the country. At least you are mature enough to accept that we all make love. You might need to get married to own a license for having sex but you do have fantasies of it.

Well. India- the land of Kamasutra, considers discussing sex in public a crime. It is funny that you can pee on road in India, but you can't kiss on the road in this country. Our society has made it a taboo. Hypocrites!!


Another taboo prevailing in our country is menstruation. Girls, do you remember what your grandmother told you when you menstruated for the first time?

She warned you - Don't talk about periods in front of men. Don't say pad loudly in public. Don't enter the kitchen during periods. Isn't this what she said?

And then we have the shopkeeper who is there to protect us from the embarrassment and so he wraps the thing in the black poly bag. Why dude? I am not ashamed of bleeding. In fact, I'm proud that I do. Are you?

And yes. To the people who say ‘mard ko dard nahi hota’, it is because men don't menstruate.


Funny but true! Who doesn't fart?

Everyone does. But no one wants to accept that he or she passed gas in public. I've seen people train themselves so well that they fart silently and it's hard to catch the culprit. And guess what? Even I do the same!

Yet, I am perplexed as to why this natural process is considered shameful? No one chooses to become a gas chamber. It's all natural and completely healthy. We can say excuse me or sorry after farting like we do after sneezing. Can't we?

The breaking of these taboos in India is the need of an hour. We need to be outspoken. We need to spread awareness related to diseases and health issues. We cannot suffer by ignoring these things.

We need to take proper care of our body during menstruation, should talk more about sex and related things to elders and much more. We cannot be driving in the wrong lane in this century. A stronger world cannot be formed if these taboos coexist with educated folks like us!

Think about it. And spread the word across so that others think about it too. Make it public.





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