Section 498A Is A Weapon, Misused By Disgruntled Wives To Inflict Pain On In-Laws

Section 498A Is A Weapon, Misused By Disgruntled Wives To Inflict Pain On In-Laws

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June 8, 2018

Article By- Abhudai Pal

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Since time in memorial, women in Indian society were deprived of many rights. They were discriminated, subjugated and enslaved. To worsen their situation, they were tortured mentally and physically.


Realizing this bias which was prevalent in the Indian society, laws were made to strengthen women and instill fear among the perpetrators of such acts. I am pleased at least our government did something to protect the “Women Modesty”.

Which is the most empowering law for women?

The law 498-A, which is registered as a part of dowry complaint, is the most empowering law granted by our constitution to women. This law deals with “Matrimonial Cruelty” and was once “COGNIZABLE, NON-BAILABLE and NON-COMPOUNDABLE offence”.


Wait, I used word “WAS”. It means it is no longer non-bail able, and it is now a compoundable offence. A law which was created to strengthen women is also diluted now. What better proof of India’s patriarchy?

What was the reason for this dilution of law?

“Everything has a cause”. The law isn’t diluted, it is made equal. That is what females want in every aspect of life and amendment serves this purpose.

The reason that supports amendment is the whooping number of false cases implicated by wives on their husband and in-laws. What better proof of misuse of power?

You don’t believe me. Will you believe the numbers?

You must believe the numbers. According to NCRB in year 2016, 3.3 lakhs cases registered under 498-A and mere 1.1 lakh were found guilty. If you thoroughly study this, that is conviction rate of 33%.

The rest 67% of people, were innocent. They lost respect in the society, when their own family member implicated them under false case. They made errands of the court to prove their innocence. And they suffered twice more than the accused.

Isn’t that the gross misuse of a law?

“Every law is misused”, A women activist says. The conviction rate in crimes registered under IPC is 50% but in 498-A, it is much less than 50%. She is justifying that misuse of law has been happening in India since ever.


But, tell me, is it okay for an innocent man to be implicated under false case? It is okay for a husband family member to spend night /days behind prison albeit they are innocent?

What kind of feminism is this?

“My sister in law slapped my brother. She travels to Delhi and Lucknow, forget about permission she doesn’t even bother to inform my brother. She didn’t allow my brother to open her bags. Just because of her my brother remain depressed. Multiple times she had warned my brother for implicating him in Dowry cases. My brother doesn’t ever hit her back and to settle matter she and her family demanded 50 lakhs”.


This is a true story of my friend’s relative narrated by my friend. The office in which his brother worked had told him if any case is registered against him, he will be fired from job. Many times, I hear girls had to suffer a lot in this world. But what about this person, what his mistake?

Why doesn’t media highlight sufferings of men?

Here is another true story. Due to some apprehension, a father decided to test the DNA of the child. The wife lodged Section 498-A because of this act. When the report came, the CHILD was not of him.

The trauma of false implication shook the man from inside. Consequently, the gentleman “SYED AHMED MAKHDOM” committed suicide. “I was dead that day, when I went to Police station for a crime I never committed” he mentioned in his suicide note.

The number of arrest made in these cases includes not only elder member of family, but even kids of 4 to 5 years. Such was the scenario before the amendment.

“If cry of wolf is made too often as a prank, assistance and protection may not be available when actual wolf appears”. Supreme court of India said, considering the rise in false cases under section 498-A.

Why should you worry about it?

What if tomorrow your brother, cousin, father and friend is implicated by such draconian law? Would you care?

Section 498-A of Indian Penal Code, is a weapon and it must not be misused. It is the moral responsibility of women in India, to discourage registering false cases or using it to extort money. Because of your fake case, somebody else might suffer.


The misuse of this law must be alarming for “WOMEN” only. The more it is misused, the more innocent women will be denied justice.

Remember, the conviction rate is not zero. Not all cases are false. But the existence of majority false cases implies that a law which was made to shield women from societal injustice, is used as weapon to extort money/devastate a man’s life.

“You need not to be women for being a feminist. You don’t need to be man to fight for men’s right.”

This is the perfect statement by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, a journalist cum activist, who runs an organization “SAVE THE FAMILY”.


She has made a documentary on “Marty’s of Marriage” to throw light on the sufferings of men in India. It is a vivid collection of stories of people who were alleged under 498-A, all for fake cases. You can watch the video on YouTube.

If this law is continuously misused, then what supreme court observed, might be true in near future – nobody will rescue women from the real wolves.

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