Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Take Services From Poor And Help Them Earn Their Bread

Because they chose not to beg.



Apr 30|5 min read

Hey readers! Enjoying summers?

Roaming around in cabs, eating in air conditioned restaurants, watching movies in theatres? You are lucky that at this stage of life you don’t have to think ‘how to earn money’.

There are many unfortunate kids in our nation who at our age are working day and night to earn money. They are always in search of fast ways to earn money because they can’t afford everything we get.

But this is less traumatizing.

When you see a poor old aged person making efforts to earn his bread, you must take a halt. You must learn from them ‘how to earn money’ and ‘how to spend it’. And if you can see their efforts, did you ever thought of putting a smile on that one poor wrinkled face who chose not to beg?

He chose to work and earn money, in whatever way he could. But we never care to break the monotony of our comfort zone and take a step towards boosting someone's self respect and confidence.

Yes! I'm talking about the poor vendors and rickshaw pullers, who work even in this scorching heat right under the sun to feed their families.

I know it's hard to skip the taste of Baskin Robbins and eat a kulfi at the roadside, but trust me it tastes great when you buy it on a purpose.

A new poverty line shows that there are 67% poor people in our country and around 4 lakh beggars have been counted. But those who chose not to beg need to be supported. Here's a small list of things we all can do so that poor may not become poorer.

1- Use handmade paper bags, paper envelopes and cloth bags:

When polythene bags pollute our environment then why do we use them? Let's stop the use of poly bags and start using handmade paper bags because there are many people who earn this way.

2- Skip cab once in a while and travel by a rickshaw instead:

Pulling a rickshaw in this scorching heat is a herculean task. But because of this new cab culture these rickshaw pullers have almost lost their bread. We can help them, on a day when we are not in a hurry, by skipping the cab and taking their services.

3- Buy vegetables and fruits from roadside vendors:

Super markets do deliver it to your doorsteps but come on don't be a couch potato, go on a walk it's good for health and you can pick fresh veggies on your own. Indian youth has a lot of power and we can do anything if we stand united. Remember, not to bargain much, because they don't gain much profit.

4- Some street foods taste better than any restaurants’ food:

Hygiene can be cheated once in a while. But not all of them are unhygienic. And we don't get a chance to enter a restaurant’s kitchen. Then why don't we visit to these streets which still serve the authentic Indian street foods? I know pizza tastes great but pani puri at a typical 'thela’ can be a much pocket friendly and satisfying option.

5- Get hand-stitched dresses:

Definitely malls and online markets have made it easier for us. But do you remember that scene from the movie JOLLY LLB 2 when Akshay goes to Henna's father and he asks “ajkal ke naujawan to readymade pehnna pasand karte hai fir is boodhe darzi ko kyu yad kia?” There are many such tailors who are masters in their work but have been abandoned because of the culture of readymade garments. Indian youth can come up and help these people earn well again.

6- Festival shopping from local markets:

Buy earthen lamps instead of Chinese lights during Diwali and buy sewaiyan for Eid from local markets. Because of you, they will be able to earn some extra money and will also be able to celebrate the festivals with same cheer and happiness. This is how you spread happiness. This is a good way to earn smiles.

7- Don't throw away your slightly torn shoes:

Instead of throwing away your slightly damaged or repairable pair of shoes, go to a cobbler. He will fix it for you in no time. By helping him earn some money, you can save a lot of money for a better pair next time. Smart work and social work simultaneously!

The only message which I want to spread by way of this article is that we should come forward to remove poverty from our country. The rich are getting richer and the poor and getting poorer. That’s a sad irony.

But many of these poor people chose not to beg and to earn their bread. Their income might be less, it must be sufficient for a hand to mouth living only, but they are leading a better life than those who are begging on the roads.

We need to learn from them how to live life. We are spending our parent’s money for fulfilling our desires while they are struggling to earn money.

Let's take these small steps in order to put a smile on someone's face.

Let's extend our hand to keep their self respect alive.




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