Pocket Money Needs To Be Saved For The So Expensive Items Of College Life

Mehangi nhi, shaukiya cheeze hai ye!

Aiman Kamal

Jul 18, 2018|5 min read


‘I got no money in my pocket and no diamonds in my chain.’ This swagger dialogue is the ‘kalma’ of college campus life. Every single day in college is a mission to save as much money as possible. You may survive on the treats, borrowed pens from intelligent girls and clothes purchased by doing money contribution.

But a students life will always be like - I got no money in my pocket and no diamonds in my chain.

Yet, there are some students who save a lot of money in their student life. These students are the ones we must look upto to seek saving money tips. They are masters of money management and the official ‘bank’ houses in the college.

As a student, our pocket money is quiet low in comparison to the aspirations we have while being in college. We don’t know the definition of money but in new college, we want to spend money and enjoy everything. It needs a wise mind to decide where to spend money and where to not.

We need to save money at every step to enjoy our college life.

Starting from the day we enter the college, to the day we pass out as graduates, college life is always about saving money. We need good dresses for our good impression. We meet new people, we make new friends, we hang out with them, enjoy nice stuffs, and most importantly go to college parties.

In fact, when you step into college, you make a habit of giving parties to everyone. A birthday, a result, an award or simply for no reasons - you throw a party. That’s a huge expense.

Besides giving a party, there are various other things that a college student saves money for. Feeding Trends has brought you a list of expensive items, which were not expensive because of their price but because of lack of money, purchased by students after saving their pocket money.


Okay. As it is said, “first impression is the last impression" , each one of us wants to wear the best while in college. We all need the best clothes for college students in our wardrobe. For the first day of our college, we need a lovely dress to put on.

And why to talk only about first day? I mean none of us would like to go to college in our rugged clothes. Also, we need nice attire for our freshers, hanging out with friends and also for college events. So, saving money for dresses is a year round thing.


Going out while wearing good dresses and not having matching accessories, doesn’t sounds nice, right? We also need to buy things to go with it. Once the dresses are done, we have to purchase the accessories. And there are plenty of accessories for college students.

For example, girls need a lot of accessories like sandals, scarves, handbags, watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Boys also require stuffs like belts, watches, wristbands, sunglasses, shoes, etc. All these stuffs require money and we need to save our pocket money for this!


Most of us have their girlfriends/ boyfriends in college. The month of February appears to be quite expensive for them, because for a whole week, they have to spend money on some or the other items.

Be it rose on the first day of Valentine’s week, something with the proposal on the second day, chocolates on third day, teddy on fourth day, or other stuff on the days that follow - all spending goes from pocket money. And money saving tips are needed for the whole year!


Looking good needs cosmetics too. You have to have a face wash, a lip balm, a moisturiser and other cosmetics in your college bag. You can’t ask your parents for your lipsticks or mascaras. You need to buy them from your pocket money only.

And there are plenty of stuffs like kajal, lip balm, nail paints, cream which we need almost daily. Not only girls, but also boys need regua cosmetics these day. Heavy savings are required.


As said earlier, if you are a college student, then make a habit of giving parties for no reasons. Yes, if you have topped, party. If you have failed, party. If you are happy, party. If you are sad, party. If you are single, party. If you mingle, party. If you don’t have any reason, then too, party.

Yes, and there’s where all your monthly pocket money says bye to you in one go. The best engineering colleges in India will make you addicted to parties. That’s why they are the best colleges for students.


In a semester, I think a single college student spends around a thousand rupees in getting photocopies of notes, books that they don’t have, files they haven’t made,etc. You need to save a big portion of your pocket money for getting photocopies in college.

No matter how much you attend the classes, no matter how much you make your notes you will always want the photocopy of the notes of your teacher or of your friend or the topper of your class. The heart becomes heavy, though!


No wonder that college students drink a lot of coffee or tea to stay awake at nights to complete their assignments, or to relax the exhausted mind from back to back classes, or while chilling in canteen or for any reason.

To treat yourself, you have to save money. Some even look out for part time jobs for college students to serve their hunger. Because surviving on pocket money is tough.

So, here was the list of the things, which are so expensive for college students that they literally save their pocket money for it.

If there is anything that has been missed, mention it in the comments!

Your chai-sutta expenses?


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