They Are Already Under So Much Pressure, Don't Say These Things To A JEE-Aspirant

Zindagi chuno, engineering nahi!



Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


If you are or were from PCM stream in your intermediate, then writing the ‘JEE exam’ was a must. It is one examination that your parents wait for and prepare themselves not to disturb you in its preparation.

It is one examination conducted in our nation, that has given a boom to the coaching culture in India. Our parents blindly trust the coaching institutes and send us there. It also serves as an excuse to do all fun out there. But the result day or rather the following week is unbearable.

It is the time when all the Sharma uncles and aunts get hyperactive to boast about their son's result in the mains and advance exam of JEE. They seem to promote Boost, as the secret of their energy while being around the colony corners to brag the results, which have ironically not been bagged by them!

Recently, the JEE- mains results were out. And as I said above, in every street of India ,there must be at least one person who wrote this exam. Out of all aspirants, few qualified and others couldn't. (But that’s okay dude! The seats were limited.)

This doesn't mean that they are not left with anything to do in life. Remember Jerry Devi once said “Jinka koi nahi hota, unke private colleges hote hai”. AICTE has mde arrangements to produce surplus engineers year after year in India. (They have taken ‘Make In India’ seriously.)

But still at this point of time, there are several things we must take care of when speaking before a JEE - aspirant. Here are they:

1- Mains to nikal lia, advance me tatti kardoge.

2- Yar tum to SC ho tum to nikal hi loge.

3- Bete JEE hai halwa nahi h jo tumse ho paega.

4- Tum sirf padhai karo tumhara JEE ka exam hai.

5- No TV, no social media, no girlfriend, no masturbation, no breathing! Tumhara JEE ka exam hai!

6- Bhai, I secured 100+ in mains, still mera advance me nahi hua to tera kaise ho jaega?

7- Bhai jai mata di bol ke MCQ pe tick marta jaio !

8- Bhai coaching mein na sirf chu*ia banate hai !

9- Bhai CS branch lio usme bandi hoti hai !

10- Bhai matlab ganja, maggi or bandi !

11- Bhai 4 saal baad engineer ban jayega, apne bhai ko mat bhul jaio !

These are some things and tips you should avoid saying in front of a JEE-aspirant. Let them prepare well for the most awaited engineering entrance and come out with flying colours. But if you get to know that he or she is doing all this under parental pressure, then do tell them “Zindagi chuno engineering nahi”.

Guys, if you are or have been a JEE-aspirant, do tell us your preparation stories and how people boosted you. Or how they brought your confidence down, will also be accepted.

A big congratulation to the students who will be writing the JEE advance exam. All the very best to you guys from Feeding trends.

Engineer bankar hume na bhool jana!





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