Had It Not Been Deepika Singh Rajawat, Justice For Asifa Bano Was A Mere Wishful Thinking

Had It Not Been Deepika Singh Rajawat, Justice For Asifa Bano Was A Mere Wishful Thinking

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April 15, 2018

Article By- Shivani Yadav

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According to National Crime Records Bureau data, a total of 94,172 cases of crimes against children were registered in the country during 2015, out of which 10,854 cases of child rapes under Section 376 of IPC were registered.

This is a proof of the horrendous condition of our country. The crime rate is constantly rising, and nobody is trying to control as well. It is hard to imagine that children are becoming victims now. To you and to me, it is a matter of grave concern.


Small kids are not safe enough to enjoy their childhood and freedom. The must be chained and kept in strict protection, for they don’t know what danger waits for them, where is the hell and when unknowingly they will enter it.

The justice system falls short on providing speedy justice to the victims. Every villain of such kind must be awarded with deterrent punishment. After seeing the gravity of offence, there must be a fair play of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.


Justice is only when punishment should be in proportion to the injury inflicted by the accused. It should be so harsh that it creates a fear in the rest of the world.

Innocent Asifa Bano’s Case

Asifa Bano, an 8-year-old girl, resident of Jammu and Kashmir, became the victim of well-planned brutal rape and murder. This girl wasn’t wearing any short-skirts but still she became the sufferer of heinous crime.


Now, the questions to all the fellows out there, who say that the fault lies in clothes a girl wears and not in the mindset of wrongdoer, what was wrong with the clothes of Asifa?

Why was she drugged with a sedative? Why was she raped multiple times by different scoundrel men for several days? Why was the temple chosen for doing this?


Eight devils including Sanjhi Ram, Vishal Jangotra, SPO, a retired revenue official and others, who had all the wicked traits of lust, hatred and revenge, did this, culminating in her brutal murder.

Your nerve might be boiling, and your body might be shaking, by now. But think of the pain that little Asifa has gone through. And now, the offence has greater degree of vulnerability - the protectors are only becoming the violator.


Thanks to the lady who stood up against this! Let us know her now.

Prejudice faced by real human Deepika Singh Rajawat

The lawyer, Deepika S Rajawat emerged out as the real face of justice. Despite being threatened by many people including her own fellow lawyer in Jammu, she became the voice of many people.

This strong woman encountered menacing comments from president of Jammu Bar Association but didn’t stop. Being the chairperson of Voice For Rights, an NGO working for human rights, Deepika S Rajawat, could not accept it any more.


There are many supporters and fighters for Asifa in virtual world, but this lady has set the real world on fire by fighting for Asifa’s justice since February 2018. She has proved that humanity is still alive and that power to fight for just is within us.

She has done actual justice to her profession. Demanding fair justice for this little soul, Asifa Bano, she has raised the right question. It is true that this woman is not scared, but she is not safe either. The hurdles are hindering and blocking her way to justice.


It must be understood by the people that it is not any religious riot, it is a fight against criminals. When we know what the truth is, why are some of us supporting the wrongdoers and not letting the other to provide justice?

If every Indian becomes like Deepika S Rajawat, then there will be some hope of probity in society. It is not only the case of Asifa but also those 10,854 rape cases which were not so lime lighted, instead buried inside.


These cases where justice is still pending are facing injustice.

Still anticipating that justice will prevail in its better form, we hope more like Deepika S Rajawat to take charge.

Would you?

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