Its Mother’s Day – And Mom Shouldn’t Arm Herself With Another Dialogue Like These

Ghar aao pehle, phir btate hai.

Anay Oberoi

Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


Hello peeps!

For all those busy people who might not remember that its Mother’s Day today, this is a blunt reminder. Although a single day isn’t enough to thank what our moms do for us, but c’mon this argument is long stale.

How many of you seriously contemplate on the number of errands our Moms run in a single day?

Not to say but our Dads poke us on repeated basis about what he does for us. But you would never hear our moms seeking this kind of acknowledgement. It is our mom’s efforts that go unnoticed, yet she never complains.

Apart from this, there is one more thing that is common in all Indian mothers, the things they say. There is an eerie similarity in what mother’s say all over the nation. Don’t believe it, just read thse phrases. But keep your volume low, else mom will come and hit you up!

1) “Bas ye last bite”

This has to happen if you have an Indian mother. She would always force us on that last bite and would satisfy herself after we devour that. Her satisfaction lies in our overfilled stomachs.

2) “Utho 11 baj gya hai”

Indian kids do not need an alarm clock as long as they are at home. When you ask her to wake you up at nine, she would wake you up at eight saying its 11 ‘o’ clock already.

3) “Ghar aao pehle phir btate hai”

Miss her work call for the second time and she can serve garnished death threats like no villain can. Remember how she used to run before you with a belan if she couldn’t find the broom?

4) “Ek jacket aur peheno, kitni thand ho rahi hai”

Most of you must have loathed wearing 3 layers of sweater just because your mother was feeling cold. She is not concerned about your hatred. The fattest potato will shy away but mom is unstoppable in winters.

5) “Waah mera beta kya khoobsurat lag raha hai”

Ever got caught peeping into mirror and ended up getting a compliment from her? No matter how you look, for her you will always be the most beautiful creature god has ever created. You are the sun, the moon and the stars for her.

6) “Are beta vahan kya kuch khanne ko nahi milta”

If she ever drops at your hostel, she will melt into tears. While its true nothing can match the food prepared by mom, hostel food is not so bad either. But no matter how much you eat, for her you will always be that kamzoor dubla patla.

7) “Koi tumpe buri nazar na daale”

You dare not act sluggish in front of her, or else get ready for that holy ritual that we all are accustomed to. Those red chilies, lemon and seeds will fill the air with smoke to get rid of the spirit after you.

8) “Khana khaya? kya khaya?”

Mom: hey
Mom: hey you are not answering you alright?
Mom: it’s urgent!
Mom: c’mon you!
You: Mom what happened? 12 missed calls?
Mom: Did you eat?

9) “Papa se pucho”

Ever faced a straight refusal from Mom? Umm. I don’t think so. She had her own way of refusal. And the most common one is when she sends you too ask permission from dad.

10) “Yahin to rakha hua hai, aankhon se dekhoge to dikhega na”

Things magically appear at the right place when she goes looking for them. She is the officer who carefully examines the place, throwing away all unnecessary things.

11) “Paani peete ho to botal bhi bhara karo”

You dare keep empty bottles in the fridge, and she graces you with her very own slippers. Summer special dialogue this is.

12) “Dosti yaari theek hai, pyaar na kar baithna”

How can you deprive your mom of the right to choose her in laws! It is crime and she keeps an eye on that. Your social media profiles help her a lot. But if you tell her about your love, she’ll consider with all warmth.

And the last,

13) “Yahi ek saal mehnat karlo, phir maze hi maze hai”

Oh, my sweet little innocent Mom. World is not that easy at all. Each passing years tells us the same thing – work harder. But your blessings do help.

If these dialogues revived some of your cosy memories, then get over this “being busy” hoax. Give your mom some time that she deserves. It’s Sunday too! We all will waste our time anyway.

So, give yourself the gift of your mother’s happiness, this Sunday. Try being the child she deserves. At least for a day. Reciprocate and spread her love.

This could be the least selfish activity you can do this Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Anay Oberoi

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