Grand Tribute To The Adventurous Life Of Boys In College Hostels

Doesn't means girls enjoy less!



Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


I hope you all will agree to the fact that hostellers live the most adventurous life. They know how to spend lavishly on day 1 of the month and how to adjust during the indebted last days of the month. They live a life making a new memory every day. From rolling joints to fixing phones they know it all.

So here is a boy’s special post. A tribute to the hosteller boys!

1. Line For The Loo:

Have you ever faced a situation where you wake up at 8:50 am, got to attend a lecture at 9 am and you find a large queue at loo? Too much pressure! But my dear hosteller boys are an expert at it. Then can always do it at the eleventh hour.

2. One Bike, 100 Riders:

If you are a hosteller and you own a bike, the only thing you get to listen hundred times a day is “Bhai bike dede”. And even better, “Bhai saath chal de”. And your broism doesn’t allow you to deny to that puppy face that your friend makes. After all, a bro in need is a bro indeed.

3. The Superfood - Maggi:

Bro, late for breakfast? Let’s eat Maggi. Bro eggplants in lunch, let’s eat Maggi. Bro I met an accident, let’s eat Maggi. Bro I had a breakup, let’s eat Maggi. Bro he’s dead, let’s eat Maggi. And some boys are so pro at cooking Maggithat they must mention it in their CV to get a great job. Hail Maggi!

4. Dating Life Of A Hosteller:

If a guy in a hostel has a girlfriend, the bro-code says that all the other bros will help him get ready for his date. They’ll contribute their best clothes, hair gel, deodorants and some more necessary stuff making him feel no less than a groom. And even manage the lack of money and background music!

5. The Greatest Escape:

If you live in college hostel and you still manage to have a night out, then dude, you are the greatest escaper. As per the things I got to know from my hosteller friends, boys living in college hostel jumped off the college fence walls to escape into the darkness. They clearly tell the proctors – “Now You See Me”!

We, at hostel don’t live a life, we create memories. From our first cigarette to our everyday “bhai aaj sachcha pyar hogaya”, our hostel walls know them all.

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