I Tried Using Google Translate To Understand The Meanings Of English Songs In Hindi

I will never dare to do that again!



Jan 2, 2019|4 min read


Hey reader! Hope you find this article in the pink of your health.

Wait let me laugh first.

Bro! Google translate is better than any comedian on this planet. At times you can find Kapil Sharma's jokes lame, but Google translate won't disappoint you.

I mean if you are getting bored, you can try doing this exercise of translating English to Hindi using Google translate and you'll come out with some weird but funny translations.

I got to know this as I'm the laziest person at Feeding Trends and I prefer not to move much from my seat. So, to pretend that I'm very busy doing work, I just opened Google translate and started translating English songs to Hindi because 'Apni bhasha mein feel hai’.

But then, the results made go ROFL. I laughed even more after comparing them with my engineering practicals. My boss got to know that I was fooling him, and he made me write about all of them. So here it is.

Feeding Trends has come up with a funny exercise of translating English songs to Hindi using Google translate and I bet you won't be able to resist laughing out loud. LOL!

1- Closer - Chainsmoker

How old are the Chainsmokers? And how can they create so close songs? I translated the favourite and most sensuous part of this song, which turned out to be hilarious.

2- Havana - Camila Cabello

I never thought this new party sensation can turn out to be the new joke

3- I don't wanna live- Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift

I am emotionally drawn when I see Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift in any live concert. I was emotionally attached to this one but now I can't feel this song the same way. God!

4- Bilionera- Otilia

If you are a Spanish songs lover, you must have heard this song and tapped your feet to the rhythm. And now you'll laugh as well.

5- Cheap thrills- Sia

FYI, Sia is the singer with black and white hair. Come on now Google seems to be angry. Is it giving me order? Oh jeez!

6- Perfect - Ed Sheeran

Dude only Google translate has this power of turning an emotional song into a funny one. Just look at this one.

7- Dusk till Dawn- Zayn Malik

You'll be punished for your 'paap’. Stop laughing 'bachhe’.

8- Starboy - The weekend

I need another translator to understand all this. I couldn't even laugh this time because I didn't get a word!

9- Love me like you do - Ellie Goulding

I love that la la part. And the ta ta one is just boom! Fire.

No doubt 'apni bhasha mein feel hai’ but Google translate really needs to attend a lecture of my Hindi teacher then the things will work!

*Me to google translate* -
You need to understand - if English grammar has rules, so does Hindi grammar.

*Google translate to me* -
My grammar is my grammar, it is none of your grammar.

And I'm still crying in the corner.

These were only a few translations that I was caught doing instead of working in the office, but if you have any better one, do it purposely and drop it in the comment section to make everyone smile. Even your boss!





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