Poisonous Delhi Air Should Not Be The Air You Or Your Family Breathes
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Poisonous Delhi Air Should Not Be The Air You Or Your Family Breathes

Save Your City!

June 28, 2018

Article By- Abhudai Pal

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December, 2016.

I was returning from home after celebrating Diwali. Exiting from the Metro Station, I could see fog but I experienced no cold. Fairly, it was not winter.

I was utterly confused, as to what type of fog was this?

I felt itching in my eyes, whenever I stepped out of home. Every face on street was covered with masks. People preferred to stay at home, even when the temperatures were not so high.

I wondered if I was on earth or any other planet?

While going through the newspaper, I came to know that it is not just fog, but smoke mixed with fog - smog. It is smog and is visible in the capital city of India, Delhi after Diwali because of the bursting of firecrackers.

The whole city of Delhi was Gas Chamber. The schools were shut down by Government orders, besides the guidelines issued for the people of Delhi - stay indoors, avoid physical activity in open and wear masks


You must be thinking why am I talking of 2016. Let me tell you. I was in Delhi in 2017 and I am in Delhi in 2018, but the pollution levels in Delhi have not fallen even by a point.

In fact, the smog in Delhi has become a year round thing.

If you ask me, pollution in Delhi is the result of Delhi Government’s indifferent attitude to control pollution, combined with the careless attitude of the citizens. The pollution levels are so high in Delhi that it is almost like taking poison.

Yes. Breathing the air of Delhi is like consuming poison.

The Smog in Delhi is similar to Paris Smog, which has the highest sulphur-dioxide concentration. Now where is this sulphur-dioxide coming from? Which human activities are responsible for causing this kind of nuisance?

A study conducted by IIT-Kanpur cited various factors that contributed to Delhi pollution as follows -

1 - Construction particles from manufacturing work.

2 - Industries located in outer parts of Delhi.

3 - Stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana.

4 - Biomass burning smoke.

5 - Coal and Fly ash particles.

These activities are at their peak in Delhi. There are no control measures implemented to prevent the pollution caused by these activities in Delhi. And the result is the worst Air Quality Index (AQI) for Delhi air.


The P.M 2.5 (particulate matter) is present in large quantities in Delhi air. This is hazardous even in small quantities because many toxic materials are embedded in it. These particles reach to the end of respiratory tract and can cause life-time ailments like Cancer, Asthma and even Genetic Mutations.

I would once again say that it is Government's’ responsibility.

It is the government’s responsibility to formulate policies for controlling pollution and implementing them effectively. If the Government makes it compulsory for all citizens to take preventive measures, we can actually stop consuming this poison.


But as Gormint Aunty has aptly said - “BIK GAYI HAI YE GORMINT”., keeping expectations is of no use. The onus to tackle alarming pollution level is on us

A few steps can be taken by every Indian citizen to prevent India from becoming a Gas Chamber.

You certainly need not to be in DELHI-NCR for tackling pollution. You can do your bit by starting from where you are before your locality becomes Delhi or Gas Chamber.

Do something for your children by minimizing pollution.

Don’t give them poison.


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