You Certainly Don’t Need Drugs For Letting Out The Dog Within You

Drug is invitation to death.

Abhudai Pal

Abhudai Pal

Jan 5|4 min read

“Let’s party, Let’s party!”

We often hear this from our friends, relatives, colleagues or any known individual. And there is no harm in partying. Partying is great. It makes a person feel happy and boosts bonding with part-mates.

“What do we need to party? Cold-drinks, Snacks, Momo, and a fine cook for making Maggie. Isn’t it?” I spoke in excitement to my friend.

Drugs, Addict, LSD, Yoga, Consciousness, Meditation,fast food

“Grow up dear, even kids don’t prefer them. Bring Alcohol, Rum, Whisky, Beer and hookah! Today we will make you MARD, these are MARD ingredients of PARTYING.”, he corrected me.

I wondered, when my kith and kin grew so much? They have started following the same notions of partying as inherited by “BADELOG” i.e DARRU and DANCE.

Drugs, Addict, LSD, Yoga, Consciousness, Meditation,fast food
“Why you need alcohol and all?” I asked unhesitatingly.

“In which world do you live in, Dude? Its cool! Just have it once, you will feel the swag associated with it.”, my friend answered emphatically.

He never answered with such vigor in VIVA. I was surprised to see the success of marketing strategies of these companies. They have captured the brain of youth under the COOL or SWAG attitude, fostering the sales of their products.

Drugs, Addict, LSD, Yoga, Consciousness, Meditation,fast food

Investigating further, I discovered from my friends that Alcohol is literally for kids. Real MARD don’t prefer them. Professionalism begins with the consumption of drugs like – Heroin, Charas, Cocaine, Afeem and Pseudoephedrine.

These are MAIN COURSE and ALCOHOL is merely the STARTER. I am too gloomy about this scenario of society. If you don’t know, the addiction industry makes 20 lakh crores annually, and it is youth of our nation who is responsible for this.

Drugs, Addict, LSD, Yoga, Consciousness, Meditation,fast food

27% of youth of non-metropolitan area is affected by addiction and 70% of youth in Metropolitan area is addicted to drugs or different type of addiction. Also, it is youth, which is involved in the sale as well as supply of drugs to other people. (I am glad, I was born in a semi-urban area.)

An addicted person spends 20%-30% of his income on addiction. And when he is devoid of resources, he begins supplying them to others to fetch money. More astonishingly, it is not the age group of 19 or 20, when youth starts drug consumption. It starts 14 year onwards. (In some areas, it starts 12 year onwards).

Drugs, Addict, LSD, Yoga, Consciousness, Meditation,fast food

As per UNITED NATIONS report of 2011, South Asia traded Heroin of 114 Arab INR, with India’s share being 84 Arab INR. Heroin is supplied from Afghanistan in India and its other neighboring countries.

20 years back, one out of 300 was drunkard, but now 1 out of 20 is drunkard. Isn’t that we have provided amazing boost to liquor industry?

Punjab tops the list in addiction. 4 out of 10 in Punjab are addicted to drug. 67% houses in Punjab has at least 1 family member addicted. Surprisingly, out of 10 addicts 2 addicts are below 16 years of age.

Drugs, Addict, LSD, Yoga, Consciousness, Meditation,fast food

The toxic substance which a person take for short term fun, takes the long-term fun from their life. Those who think taking drugs helps them to cope up with anxiety, the NCRB report of 2014 estimates 3747 suicide cases of drug addicts. Every day, around 10 people commit suicide in INDIA because of addiction to drugs or Alcohol.

I have seen career of students devastated, family fights, broken marriages, domestic-violence, joblessness in my atmosphere, because of mere addiction. Your life could be challenged by DRUG ADDICTION.

Drugs, Addict, LSD, Yoga, Consciousness, Meditation,fast food

Andar da kutta ajj kadiye
Agg duniya petrol chal suttiye
Powder ki line ka rakhega kaun hisaab

You certainly don’t need DRUGS for letting out the DOG within you. You just need a FRIEND who has the amazing capacity to handle the DOG within you.

Drugs, Addict, LSD, Yoga, Consciousness, Meditation,fast food

You always have a choice between DRUGS and FRIEND. Make a wise choice!

Abhudai Pal

Writing is liberation from preconceived notions to me. It’s a medium where I am completely who I want to be. Countable words in English language and meaningful arrangements of words, makes me and my writing thought provoking. You can decide the rest for yourself.