17 Life Lessons To Learn From Advertisements Before You Die

17 Life Lessons To Learn From Advertisements Before You Die

Fear the questions you will have to answer in hell !!!

February 12, 2018

Article By- FT Crew

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Most of the time homemakers and kids are watching the television while proficient lads like us are watching YouTube and Netflix. The content served by each of them might be different but advertisements are an integral part of all.

10% of the total time that we spend in watching belong to advertisements only. We have a lot of conclusions from these advertisements. Feeding Trends R&D team has listed them for you.

1. If you've got a beautiful wife or daughter at home, then make sure your neighbor doesn't use a deodorant in your absence. Especially if the guy's name is Kunal.

2. Your complexion is more important than your qualifications. You can get any job if you are of fair complexion. Also, guys prefer girls whose face shine like LED bulbs as their life partner.

3. If there is no salt in your kitchen you may very well use your toothpaste while cooking. Even lack of other spices can be compensated with the toothpaste.

4. Every oral care brand is No.1 and recommended by most of the dentists across the world! They might not say it to their patients, but they say it on national television.

5. If your daughter is not eager to get married just yet, take her on a trip to a jewelry store. She will be convinced to tie the knot.

6. Cold drinks cure all kinds of phobias. You will be close to a superman if you drink them regularly!! Also in some cases, you will have to do random stunts to even grab a bottle of cola.

7. All soaps kill 99.99% of germs. You sing aloud while bathing with them. Rest 0.01% are legends. They are 'Sharma Ji ka Beta' of germ world.

8. Bacardi, Blenders Pride, Royal Stag, etc. are famous music labels. Also, men will always be men. The most innocent of them all.

9. You cannot be an expert unless you wear a white laboratory coat. Wearing spectacles is an added advantage. Having a stethoscope hanging around your neck will complete your look.

10. There are few questions in life which you should better leave unasked and unanswered, especially those related to candies like 'Chloromint' and 'Melody'.

11. You can always avoid conversations with relatives and strangers by replying 'Fogg' when they ask 'Kya Chal Raha hai?'. It even works in summers.

12. There are people who will make you think about a cellular service or hotel booking website by their sheer capability to annoy you everytime they come on screen.

13. You can be judged about your place of origin based on the slangs you use. 'Bhains Ki Aankh' is peculiar to Delhi and 'Waat Lag Gayi' belongs to Mumbai. Be careful.

14. Every washing powder has lemon extracts. You can use it to prepare 'sharbat' besides removing the stains. You will regret not seeing this shade of white, even though you are washing colored clothes.

15. You can join Baba Ramdev to be the next Baba Man of India. Swadeshi is no longer the dream of Mahatma Gandhi. Break the glass windows of your limits and jump out. Hai Mumkin!

16. If you want a good sleep, make your baby is wearing pampers. Disturbances in your sleep are proportional to the absorbing capacity of the nappies you use for your kid.

17. MutualFundInvestmentsAreSubjectToMarketRisks. PleaseReadTheOfferDocumentCarefullyBeforeInvesting.

Make sure you incorporate these life lessons in your life before you die so that you so can answer the questions in hell better.

Thank us later!

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