Define love in the era of 21st century.

Niharica Tygai

7 months ago|less than a minute read


L.O.V.E is the most overrated word

Thought of it makes me feel absurd


True love exists, only in historic books

What now matters, are the heroic looks


Trust is a sibling of love

Cannot be bought unlike a dove

It is meant to be earn

And it’s difficult to learn


Love is a magical word

Cannot be understood even by a nerd

It is meant to be pure and selfless

And it’s now played with carelessness


It makes you

Strong enough to move a mountain

Likely enough to bloom a fountain

Bleak enough to lose your fame

Weak enough to bruise your name


Often taken over by lust nowadays

Love was living, you must be careful these days.


Niharica Tygai

Hey, I am Niharica. I love to write poems and often create them when I feel like destressing.



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