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Types of Home Alarm System

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As a homeowner, your primary concern would be the security of your house. Obviously, every homeowner uses the best security system to make their premises safe and free from any burglary. But with a little more caution, you will be able to enhance the security of your house. Did you know that in 2020, around 4.3% of Australian households experienced at least 1 break-in? Around 70.8% of break-ins resulted in the theft of belongings, and sometimes this can lead to confrontation with the preparatory, which can prove fatal. So, why not avoid all this? There are different alarm systems available, and you can pick the best one for your place.

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Home Alarm System to Explore

#1. Electric Current System- The most basic type of alarm system is the electric current system. This is basically used on doors and windows, and the installation is usually done at the time of construction. In this type of system, a low-voltage circuit flows between two connecting points. Any disruption in the flow of the circuit raises the alarm, and the audible beep triggers you about the unwanted entry into the house. This device can also be so loud that the neighbours can also be alarmed, who in turn could take action to protect you.

#2. Wired Alarm System- This type of security system relies on the signals transmitted via a landline phone to the controlling centre. If there is an attempt of burglary, or if someone tries to physically damage the wiring the alarm will automatically be triggered and awaken even the heavy sleepers.

#3. Wireless Alarm System- This is one of the most advanced home alarm systems that run without wire. The transmission is done via radiofrequency transmitters which is now the most commonly used technology by humans. It has a series of sensors that are placed in your premises, and these transmit signals which reach the control panel and trigger the alarm. If you are looking for a wire-free and secured alarm system, this is the best choice. Most of the wireless alarm system comes with a remote access system so that you can control it sitting at your home. You can also integrate this system with other functionalities like light and video surveillance.

#4. Unmonitored Alarm System-This is also known as a local alarm system, and in this case, you usually rely on someone close to your home to alert the authorities. In this case, an audio and visual alarm is triggered whenever there is an intrusion in the premises is seen. This is less costly as compared to the monitored alarm system.

#5. Monitored Alarm System- If you are looking forward to installing the best alarm site for your place, you should add the monitored alarm system. These work round the clock and 356 days a week. The monitored alarm system can be of two types: self-control and company-controlled monitored systems. In the self-control monitored alarm system, you can access the security control from your mobile. Thus, giving you better access to control the security system of your place. The alarm sensors can either be motion sensors, audio sensors, or manual. The monitoring centre will first see if they were actually attempting intrusion in the premises. They will send the intimation to the local authorities.

Having the best alarm working at your place, you will be assured that your house is going to be absolutely safe and free from any burglary attempt. Based on the features and benefits that this alarm system offers, the pricing may vary, and hence, it is important that you must closely assess your requirement before making a decision.


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