Energy within ourselves.


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The energy within ourselves.

Life is run on a different processor to us.

We aren’t the body, the mind is processed into the matrix and there we build our life.

Life is created from an aspect of life.

What changes the aspect, is the aspect you project.

The mind is capable of creating any aspect of life, that can be created with the mind, like the weather is a good example.

Your mind is split in parts, you’re able to use these parts to see without eyes and have knowledge, without reason but believing.

With some parts, you can create movement in another, that makes a situation be clear.

With belief you can create anything and everything, and as you create, magic will become real.

There’s guidelines but it’s just guidance to keep it real.

To state again, the world is an entity all of its own, life is built in freedom but certain individuals are built like pillars holding up a building, these individuals carry keys to certain boxes, where knowledge is unlocked, and like a paper plane thrown straight at its target, their mission will be clear, but these individuals will move through the shadows drawing no more attention than required.

I am a human bein,G with no doors locked, I stand at the tip of life where knowledge is built.

Every living force on earth or through this life in presence is gifted exactly the same.

The mechanics you use, will dictate your force.

How you choose to split the one, will dictate how you’re arranged. I acknowledge that 1 and 1000000 are the same, only the aspect changes.

The distance between you and what you see, will be the distance you create.

Find where ease, is free and capture it.

Remember the laws you built as a child and use them.

Write down everything, because when you can’t remember, reading is as good as creating.

Offer your knowledge to anyone who would want to put your beliefs to believe.

What you need, to be strong, will always be there if you’re strong enough to move it.

Don’t sell your time to TV , you’ll loose more than time.

Use your words like colours and shades, understanding how shade works is important. Shade refers to how your words are received, through your meaning and genuinity.

Your actions should directly reflect the actions you wish to receive and you should always want to receive nature so caring, it brings tears to your eyes.

Not always what you see, is the motion, accept that.

Build everything you can, build just to build, make just to make.

Fix what you can and aim to fix more.

If you plan, plan with destination, when you follow your plan follow it to where you need to go.

Accept that you are just a man, and be a man, offer your hands to make light work but always remember your surroundings are created in the mind.

The world may be a separate organism but it lives within you, the master processor is on the same machine.

After seeking your worst, make your point of not falling that far again, build nets, to catch you along your way. Build nets, with pure love, go out and shine with so much light, even the sun will be blinded, and build a net.

Offer what you have, you’ll get it back tenfold, to the genuinity it was given.

Don’t wait till your pockets are full to give, unless you’re giving it all away.

Remember, this world is a separate living organism that has been here from day one, god put the birds in the trees and, the bees on the flowers, god created the heaven and the earth, he gave his creation of life steps, so there would one day be a somewhere to be home,

Life is created in the moments that are lived.

Understanding how the moment is built, can help you see further.

In a moment, life is created and every part of that moment, is created in the same moment, so time does not exist in the moment, while we stand on the side of life where we’re projecting from.

We can explain like this, if you walk into a shop and seek to buy something, that means that everything in that aspect of what goes through your hand, was created in that moment.

You have to either buy something or be given it, for it to exist, meaning that, nothing exists until you own it, and if you create distance between something you’ve owned, you lose it.

When you buy something or are given something, what you’re actually receiving, is the code to create that.

Unless you have the code, it doesn’t exist.

Code can only be transferred through gesture.

Give your guidance away at every chance you get.

Life is a mirror, where the sight it reflects, is what you are as life, but the actions are a replication of your own.

So give twice and expect once.

Always walk further than you need to, once you try so hard, trying fades to action and actions pushes further, see what you have to jump high for and you’ll get taller within.

It’s okay to stub your toe, accept that entropy is at work, and while you’re comfortable in the dirt, that’s the entropy fading the energy down, to where it’s cleaned, cause you gotta remember that light, is coded for each scene and needs to be washed.

Accept what can’t be changed, and know that some places are where we stand up and become a better version of ourselves.


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