11 Election Tricks, Techniques and Tactics For 2019 General Elections

Bik gayi hain ye Gormint

Abhudai Pal

Abhudai Pal

Feb 26|6 min read

"Politician and Diapers Must Be Changed Often And For The Same Reason" - Mark Twain

The diaper moment is close for Indian Politics as we are heading closer to the 2019 General Election.

The foul smell of Modi government in the form of demonetization, confusing GST, possessiveness towards cows, atrocities on Dalits and Minorities, loan reimbursements of farmers, etc. has polluted the social and economic fabric of India.  

As the 2019 General Election is approaching, the hearts of people in power and opposition are pumping more blood. Someone will definitely win and someone (Gathbandhan) will definitely lose. 

But the theatrics performed by Politicians, which India will experience in upcoming months are masterpieces. They are definitely going to entertain the whole country. Here are some expected acts:

  • Politicians bullying each other
  • Politicians using swear words in public to gain applaud
  • Politicians showering new names on existing leaders
  • Politicians using cheap and disgusting statements
  • Politicians making fake promises, and so on.

And while all this staged at various places, the notion of politics with morality will be buried deep.

Power corrupts individuals

Power has its own deliciousness. Anyone, who has tasted power, never wants to give up his powers willingly.  He or she will make all efforts to stay in power. 

The race to hold the highest office of Power in India is back. After 5 years of BJP, once again parties are planning their election campaign strategies and plots, to make the voters vote in their favor. 

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them 

The citizens all over the world are fooled by politicians, especially during the election. In fact, making a fool out of others is synonymous with the ability to be an effective leader. 

11 Election Tricks, Techniques, and Tactics

Let’s see some tricks, techniques, and tactics used by Indian Political Parties, to make a good impression in the election campaigns. Be ready to experience this again.

1) Lies about the opposition – 

The congress will call RAFALE deal a scam. BJP will remind people of Scams in UPA-II i.e. 2G-Spectrum, Coalgate, CWG etc. The funny part is that none of the scams are proved in the Court, but the leaders will call each of the following deals a SCAM that too with 100% conviction. The ability to tell and spread lies by leaders is an art which needs to be taught in MBAs especially to marketing students. Listen to 2019 election speeches very lightly.

2) Hawabaazi on the stage – 

This is similar to the fake promises made by BJP in 2014. The legacy to spread lies will be forwarded. In 2014, then Gujarat C.M promised to Indian citizens to transfer 25 lacks in every bank account and providing 2 crore jobs annually. Also that the perpetrators of black money will be punished. Results are before us. People losing jobs, bank accounts emptied due to inflation and black money giants have successfully left the nation and gifted more white elephants to the banking system. Let’s wait to see for some more Hawabazzi from our leaders in the 2019 election season!!

3) Populist Budget for farmers –

Just before the election, the government tries to woo farmers whom they failed to provide a valid MSP. They offer them a meager 500rs monthly. But a landless farmer who cultivates on other’s land won’t get anything. I wonder the one who holds land is poorer than the landless farmer, that’s why Modi govt gave money to a farmer with land and not to a landless farmer. 2019 election speeches will highlight this too.

4) Instilling Hatredness – 

Once again, few more statements in other forms, our leaders will issue. The smartest will assign the caste to GOD and some will again give statements of “Kabristaan and Shamshaan”.  Some will say, “Remove the police and we will show who we are” in their 2019 election speeches. Every party will try to appease religion vote bank, ASLI HINDU definition will be moulded in the fashion which provides them largest vote share. 

5) Reminding people of atrocities – 

BJP will remind people of emergency and Congress will remind people of 2002. The wounds and memories of the violence will be repealed. 1975, 1984, 2002, Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur, etc. will be reminded, but who will remind what, depends on the party line. One who is alleged of Gujarat riots will remind people of the 1984 riots. This has already happened but hopes to listen to it once more. It is a perfect instance of Pot calling the kettle black.

6) Perfect Focus on Past – 

BJP will tell people, how Mr. Nehru didn’t make Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel the P.M. and discuss their love towards Sardar Patel, instilled in form of the statue. Congress will loudly proclaim that BJP is of RSS, who doesn’t want Britishers to vacate India. In some states, the past will be forgotten to save their political presence in the region. This is a prominent trick for 2019 general elections.

7) Illogical & Unofficial Data Presentation – 

The PM of India is PM because the official body Election commission noticed his party winning. But our existing PM says, Drivers, Mechanics, Peons, and private sector Jobs, are also counted as employment. A data which can be believed only for a BHAKT, just before the 2019 general elections.  I believe, if an engineer is working at a meager salary of 10,000 per month, should be considered unemployed. He is unemployed because a peon in government office receives 20000rs per month in beginning.

8) Manipulative Songs and Slogans – 

Some creative slogans will spread. A huge amount of money will be spent on Advertising of those slogans. Like the previous time general elections were held, the slogans – “Abki Baar Modi Sarkar”, “Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi”, “Congress ka haath aam aadmi ke saath”, came. This year also, 2019 slogans will be shown to you via several forms of communication. A fake slogan successfully run by Congress for 2019 election is “Chowkidaar Chor Hain”.

9) Films made on Terrorist Attacks & Combats – 

This is the latest election trick, which BJP has used for its campaign in 2019 general elections only. They have reached people’s mind via entertainment and are capturing their attention well. The list of election movies 2019 - Accidental Prime Minister, URI Attack, 72 Hours, and Thackery, which released just a few months before the election – are nothing but a 2019 election campaigning strategy.

10) Purchasing horses against bribe – 

In many states, various forms of bribe are given to convince people to vote.  This is a common election trick in rural areas. Bicycles, Blankets, Hand pumps, Food grains, money in envelopes, health covers, and even liquor is given to people so that they vote a particular party. Let us wait and watch what is given this year.

11) Content made viral through Social Media – 

The most viral trick for election campaigns is posters and videos circulated over social media. They reach each and every person in the target list in comparatively very less time. Almost every political party has now become very active on social media for the same reason. In fact, you will see many more twitter wars coming up!

In this whole election campaigning, little truth sneaks out. It’s your responsibility, as a voter, to choose the best among the worst. 

There is no reason why you should get convinced by marketing gimmicks. 

All you need to remember is that our country’s diapers deserve a change now. 

Abhudai Pal

Writing is liberation from preconceived notions to me. It’s a medium where I am completely who I want to be. Countable words in English language and meaningful arrangements of words, makes me and my writing thought provoking. You can decide the rest for yourself.