12 Effective And Proven Ways To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination Kills Productivity!

Tushar Sahu

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Do you procrastinate? Like others, are you also suffering through the impact of one of the most dangerous enemies of the people these days i.e. Procrastination?

You might not want to procrastinate, but then also you procrastinate. Even if you follow a strict schedule or routine, procrastination might ruin all of your plans. Well, you are not only the one who is suffering through it. It impacted almost everyone in the world, irrespective of age group.

The level of people procrastinating these days is way more than they used to do a few years back. One of the biggest reasons people procrastinate is the lockdown due to pandemics. Being at home during pandemics has made almost everyone a lazy being.

Every problem has a solution. To be productive and to avoid procrastination, here we come with an article ‘12 Effective And Proven Ways To Stop Procrastinating For Better Productivity.' Not only one or two, but you will also get the 12 Best Ways To Stop Procrastinating.

These mentioned Ways To Stop Procrastinating will not be my techniques or ideas; it will be the discoveries and proven ways of great scientists and researchers. In addition, the most successful personalities worldwide adapted these techniques in their routines. You can also be a step ahead in your life by applying these Ways To Stop Procrastinating in your daily lives.

Let us begin the list of ‘12 Best And Effective Ways To Stop Procrastinating For Better Productivity.’


1) Break Tasks Into Steps


This one from Ways To Stop Procrastinating tells that you should break your tasks into steps. It makes the job simpler. Suppose you want to revise the whole syllabus thoroughly. Instead of just revising the complete syllabus, you can divide the syllabus into many parts. Then you can have a look at the syllabus portion-wise.


2) Keep The Task Small


This technique from the Ways To Stop Procrastinating is interlinked to the previous one. Keeping the task small will not let boredom interfere with your work. You will be more likely to get the work done if it is simple and small. After accomplishing a task, you will feel motivated to work even more.


3) Set The Bar Low

Setting the bar low means keeping the expectations lower than your potential. It is a human tendency that when one achieves more than his/her expectation, he/she get delighted. It eventually helps in increasing the confidence level. Doing this will increase your desire to focus more on your work.


4) Make A Work Progress Journal

Having a work progress journal will let you know the accomplished and pending tasks in an organized way. Journal will also remind you of the tasks you have to finish, but you have not worked on that yet. Almost every successful person globally implements this way from Ways To Stop Procrastinating.


5) Prioritize The Worst Tasks

If you finish the tasks you like to do, then after finishing that, you are not likely to work on the tasks that you do not have the interest to do. But if you follow the other way around, the results will be in your favor. If you prioritize the worst or complicated tasks, you will enjoy working on straightforward tasks.


6) Reward Yourself


Rewarding yourself is also one of the Most Effective Ways To Stop Procrastinating. When you set any rewards for the completion of any specific task, the probability of succeeding you in that task will drastically increase. It is one of the principles to form any habit mentioned in one of the bestseller books ‘ATOMIC HABITS’.


7) Feed Your Body


A vehicle requires fuel from time to time to work efficiently and effectively. A good diet will help you to maintain positivity in your mind. Taking proper supplements according to your work and profession will also help you to increase your productivity.


8) Choose Your Hard Days


Hard days seem terrible, but if you do work properly, you will appreciate those days for your success. In order to avoid laziness, you can opt for one or two days in a week where you will work much more than an ordinary day. This thing from Ways To Stop Procrastination will help you to finish your work even when you do not have any interest in working.


9) Plan According To Your Personality

Ways To Stop Procrastinating here tells you to plan according to your personality. Everyone is unique in themselves and is different from everyone. Some might be early birds, while others are night owls. Some might be introverts, while others are extroverts. So, instead of copying any other people's routine, you should make yourself based on who you are and what you like.


10) Set Deadlines


Setting deadlines is one of the Best Ways To Stop Procrastinating. You might be aware of Parkinson's law. If you allow 2 hours for an ordinary task, you might consume whole two hours for that task. But if you give only 30 minutes for that task, there are chances that you might finish that task in 30 minutes itself. The less time you give to yourself for any task, the less you will procrastinate.


11) Remove Digital Distractions

Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are the best friends of delaying work. These things catch the attention too frequently and make you engaged in themselves for hours. These types of situations are challenging to overcome. But you can make a distance with your mobile phones while working for a specific purpose. Once your work is finished, you can use your phone for a short time as your reward.


12) Just Get Going


Sometimes even after following all of the above Ways To Stop Procrastinating, you do not find any motivation to work. There also comes the time when even after having intentions to work, you fail to initiate the work that you are willing to do. In such cases, you just have to work. Even if you are not productive, or not able to concentrate properly, you have to work. Situations will be alright after some time.


That is all about ‘12 Effective And Proven Ways To Stop Procrastinating For Better Productivity’ which might help you in many ways if you implement these Ways To Stop Procrastinating in your daily lives.

Procrastination is one of the reasons for failure in any field, whether it be an exam, any contest, etc. Procrastination is your sweet enemy, that seems nice, but simultaneously makes you lazy and unproductive. The more you procrastinate, the more you lose the battle.

These Ways To Stop Procrastinating are not straightforward as it seems to be. But believe, planting these ways in your habits can exponentially your chances of getting success in your field. In addition, these Ways To Stop Procrastinating are also effective in avoiding depression and loneliness that are too common at a young age these days.

These ways will help you to be engaged in your work. It eventually helps you to avoid unnecessary stress and overthinking. That is all for the Ways To Stop Procrastinating, wish to see you soon.


Tushar Sahu




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