30 Ed Sheeran Songs To Find Pleasure

I'm in love with the shape of you!

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Songs and their melodies leave an imprint on our hearts forever. Be it a toddler or an old person everyone connects to music very quickly. From lullabies to songs of different genres, we find calm in the chaos. 

There is a song for every mood. It is also scientifically proven that music is a great peace giver to our disturbed souls. 

Today this article brings you, Edward Christopher Sheeran. Edward Christopher Sheeran means our favorite Ed Sheeran. 

Ed Sheeran is a singer, songwriter, record producer, musician, and actor. 

So let us begin with the list of 30 Ed Sheeran songs and spread magic through his voice.

1. Shape of You:

Shape of You | Ed Sheeran Songs

The moment we say, Ed Sheeran, the song that pops up in our head is Shape of you. From the day this Ed Sheeran song has gone on air everyone has set their ringtone to this tune. 

This song has won many prestigious awards. It also won the Grammy award for Best Pop Solo Performance 2018.

The song goes:

'I am in love with your body
Every day discovering something brand new
I am in love with the Shape of you.'

2. Perfect:

Perfect | Ed Sheeran Songs

As the song's name suggests, this Ed Sheeran melody is indeed perfect. Perfect made its place in the nominations of the Billboard Music Award for Top Selling Song 2018. 

Ed Sheeran wrote this melody for his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn. Cherry is also Ed Sheeran's old school friend.

Sheeran sings:

'Baby, I am dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling you, look perfect tonight!'

3. Thinking Out Loud:

We often listen to people promising each other to grow old together. Ed Sheeran sings the same in Thinking Out Loud. Thinking out Loud won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year 2016. 

He sings:

'So, honey, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I am thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are.'

4. Castle on the Hill:

Castle on The Hill is one of the best Ed Sheeran songs. The song is about him growing up and some unforgettable moments. 

This song is of the pop genre. 

Sheeran remembers:

'I am on my way
Driving at 90 down those country lanes
Singing to "Tiny Dancer"
And I miss the way you make me feel, and it is real
We watched the sunset over the castle on the Hill
Over the Castle on the Hill.'

5. The A:Team: 

In a radio interview for Absolute Radio, Ed Sheeran explains his song The A: Team. He says that a girl is an inspiration for this Ed Sheeran song

He sings:

And they say

'She is in the ClassA: Team
Stuck in her daydream
Been this way since 18
But lately, her face seems
Slowly sinking, wasting
Crumbling like pastries
And they scream
The worst things in life come free to us.'

6. Photograph:

Photograph | Ed Sheeran Songs

The song portrays the beautiful journey of Ed Sheeran.

The photograph has won the British Video of the Year 2016 and the iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Lyrics 2016.

Ed Sheeran sings:

'We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And time's forever frozen, still'

7. Galway Girl:

Galway Girl is an Ed Sheeran song from the album Divide. It is a pop song.

Sheeran sings:

'You know, she played the fiddle in an Irish band
But she fell in love with an English man
Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand
Said, "Baby, I just want to dance"
With my pretty little Galway Girl.' 

8. I Don’t Care:

I Don't Care | Ed Sheeran Songs

I Don't Care is an Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's song. I Don't Care also made its place in 2019's MTV Video Music Award for the Best Song of the Summer nominations. 

They sing:

'Cause I don't care when I'm with my baby, yeah
All the bad things disappear
And you're making me feel like maybe I am somebody
I can deal with the bad nights
When I'm with my baby, yeah.'

9. Sing:

This Ed Sheeran song has won many awards. It has won MTV Video Music Award for Best Male Video 2014 and Teen Choice Award for Choice Single: Male Artist 2014.

Ed Sheeran sings:

'If you love me
Come on, get involved
Feel it rushing through you
From your head to toe
Oh-oh, ooh-ooh, Sing!'

10. Lego House:

Lego House is Ed Sheeran's emotional song. It seems he is trying to save a relationship from breaking. He sings by mending all the broken pieces and starting everything all over again.

Few lines: 

'I'm gonna pick up the pieces
And build a Lego house
When things go wrong, we can knock it down.'

11. Beautiful People:

Khalid is the featured artist in this Ed Sheeran song. The song is about being beautiful from the inside out and not pretending to be good and beautiful. 

They sing:

'You look stunning, dear
So don't ask that question here
This is my only fear, that we become (hey)
Beautiful people.'

12. All of the Stars:

All of the Stars | Ed Sheeran Songs

This Ed Sheeran song is from the very heart-touching movie The Fault in our Stars. Hazel is gazing at the stars when Augustus, the apple of her eye, her love, passes away. A heart: wrenching film and song.

Sheeran makes us emotional by singing:

'So, open your eyes and see
The way our horizons meet
And all of the lights will lead
Into the night with me
And I know these scars will bleed
But both of our hearts believe
All of these stars will guide us home.'

13. Don’t:

Don't is Ed Sheeran's song that made its place in three award nominations MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography 2015, MTV Video Music Award for Best Editing 2015, and Teen Choice Award for Choice Music – Break-Up Song 2015. 

'Don't fuck with my love
That heart is so cold
All over my home
I don't wanna know that, babe
Don't fuck with my love
I told her she knows
Take aim and reload
I don't wanna know that, babe.'

14. Bloodstream:

Bloodstream | Ed Sheeran Songs

Bloodstream got nominated for two awards: the Brit Award for British Single with Mastercard 2016 and the BBC Music Award for Song of the Year 2015. Ed Sheeran sings about the drug experience through this song. 

The song goes: 

'This is how it ends
I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream
Fading out again
I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream
So tell me when it kicks in 
Well, tell when it kicks in.'

15. Take me back to London:

Take me back to London is a song that Sheeran and Stormzy sing to recollect the memories of their home city London. 

Stormzy is a featured artist in this Ed Sheeran song.

They recall:

'Jet-plane headed up to the sky
Spread wings in the clouds, getting high
We ain't hit a rave in a while
So take me back to London.'

16. Happier:

Happier | Ed Sheeran Songs

Ed Sheeran expresses the pain of a guy who watches his ex-girlfriend move on with someone else in this Ed Sheeran song. He sings that, yes, I have hurt you as no one did but, no one can love you the way I do. 

Sheeran wants her to be happier. 

He sings:

'Cause baby, you look happier, you do
My friends told me one day I'll feel it too
And until then I'll smile to hide the truth
But I know I was happier with you.'

17. Put it all on Me:

Ella Mai is a featured artist in this Ed Sheeran song. The beautiful bond of two lovers through this melody portrays itself. 

'Hey, baby, we can dance slowly
My darlin', I'll be all you need, you need
I know it hasn't been your day or week, or week, or week
So put it all on me
Oh my darling, put your worries on me
Can't judge me 'cause I feel the same thing
And I'm here for whenever you need, you need, 
To put it all on me.'

18. I See Fire:

I See Fire, another Ed Sheeran song made its place in several award nominations like the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media, the World Music Award for World’s Best Song, the World Music Award for World’s Best Video, and the Satellite Award for Best Original Song.

The song goes:

'Now I see fire
Inside the mountain
And I see fire
Burning the trees
And I see fire
Hollowing souls
And I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And I hope that you remember me.'

19. Supermarket Flowers:

This Ed Sheeran song is from Ed Sheeran's album Divide. Many people think that Ed Sheeran sings this song for his mother. But Ed Sheeran revealed that it was for his grandmother who passed away when they worked for the Divide album. He says hence they wrote this song as a tribute.

He passionately sings:

'So I'll sing Hallelujah
You were an angel in the shape of my mum
When I fell down you'd be there holding me up
Spread your wings as you go
And when God takes you back we'll say Hallelujah
You're home!'

20. South of the Border:

Cardi B and Camila Cabello are the featured artists in this Ed Sheeran song. It is a pop song. Everyone has grooves on the beats of this song since 2019.

They sing:

'Jump in that water, be free
Come South of the border with me
Jump in that water, be free
Come South of the border with me.'

21. Give me Love:

Give me Love | Ed Sheeran Songs

A lingerie company Victoria's Secret uses this Ed Sheeran song for their Love is Heavenly commercial. Michael Bay directed this commercial.

The song goes:

'Give me love like never before
'Cause lately I've been craving more
And it's been a while but I still feel the same
Maybe I should let you go
You know I'll fight my corner
And that tonight I'll call ya
After my blood is drowning in alcohol
No, I just wanna hold ya.'

22. Afterglow:

Afterglow is a recent Ed Sheeran song. After an 18 month break, Ed Sheeran returns to the music world with this magical song. 

Sheeran sings: 

'We were love drunk, waiting on a miracle
Tryna find ourselves in the winter snow
So alone in love like the world had disappeared
Oh, I won't be silent and I won't let go
I will hold on tighter 'til the afterglow
And we'll burn so bright 'til the darkness softly clears.'

23. Bad Habits:

Bad Habits | Ed Sheeran Songs

After Afterglow, Sheeran releases another phenomenal Ed Sheeran song. Bad Habits was recently released. 

'My bad habits lead to wide eyes starin' at space
And I know I'll lose control of the things that I say
Yeah, I was lookin' for a way out, now I can't escape
Nothin' happens after two, it's truе, it's true
My bad habits lead to you.'

24. Tenerife Sea:

Sheeran wrote this song at 2013's Grammy awards. During a Live Session on BBC Radio 1 with Zane Lowe, Sheeran reveals that this song takes inspiration from a picture in a Thomas Cook package holiday brochure showing blue sea. 

The song goes:

'I'm so in love
So in love
So in love
So in love
You look so beautiful in this light
Your silhouette over me
The way it brings out the blue in your eyes
Is the Tenerife sea.'

25. Dive:

Dive is an Ed Sheeran song from Ed Sheeran's album Divide. Sheeran says that all the love songs in this album are for his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn. They started dating in 2015.

He sings:

'So don't call me baby
Unless you mean it
Don't tell me you need me
If you don't believe it
So let me know the truth
Before I dive right into you.'

26. Kiss Me:

Kiss Me | Ed Sheeran Songs

The video of this Ed Sheeran song is very heart-warming and pleasant. Ed Sheeran's vocals create magic altogether.

The song goes:

'And with a feeling, I'll forget
I'm in love now
Kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved.'

27. One:

Sheeran has written this song for his former girlfriend. This was the last song he wrote for Alice. He sings that we remain friends, even after we part ways.

The lyrics are:

'All my senses come to life
While I'm stumbling home as drunk as I
Have ever been and I'll never leave again
'Cause you are the only one
And all my friends have gone to find
Another place to let their hearts collide
Just promise me, you'll never leave again
'Cause you are the only one.'

28. Eraser:

Eraser | Ed Sheeran Songs

Eraser is from the Divide album. Since 2017 erasers have been pleasing our ears. 

Ed Sheeran sings:

'I'm well aware of certain things that can destroy a man like me
But with that said give me one more, higher
Another one to take the sting away
I am happy on my own, so here I'll stay
Save your lovin' arms for a rainy day
And I'll find comfort in my pain, eraser.'

29. How would you feel:

How would you feel | Ed Sheeran Songs

How would you feel is also from the album Divide. This Ed Sheeran song is a sonnet for Sheeran's girlfriend Cherry, who is now his wife. 

He sings lovingly: 

'How would you feel, if I told you I loved you?
It's just something that I want to do
I'll be taking my time, spending my life
Falling deeper in love with you
So tell me that you love me too.'

30. Best Part Of Me:

Best Part Of Me | Ed Sheeran Songs

The best part of me bagged its place in the nominations for awards like the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album, the Juno Award for International Album of the Year, the ARIA Music Award for Best International Artist, and the People's Choice Award for Favorite Album. All for the year 2020. 

He sings: 

'Baby, the best part of me is you
Lately, everything is making sense too
Oh, baby, I am so in love with you.'

With this, we end this Ed Sheeran journey of magical songs. Ed Sheeran's songs never fail to amuse us with his deep lyrics and vocals. Indeed his songs are award-winning and a blessing for our ears. 

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