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Having your separate room is one thing but decorating it like an indie aesthetic room is another. And we can bet that the happiness you get from the latter is not a common one. You want every corner & piece of your room to be a personalized one with indie décor because, after all, it makes you feel more comfortable, happy, and hugged by someone you adore.

Do you also often daydream about indie aesthetic room décor ideas? Or, perhaps, of having just an indie room wall?

If you nodded in agreement, then you have landed on the right spot.

Here you’ll find aesthetic indie room décor ideas that are easy and light on your pocket!

So, let’s get to work to create your own aesthetic indie room.

1.    What is aesthetic décor? This Magical Rainbow Is The Answer!

First of all, aesthetic indie room décor ideas demand having products at hand that are in line with how you want things to turn out to be. These fun products let you create your own wonder world within the premises of your room.

Now that you know how important it is to have essentials right next to you, let’s do some magic for your indie room wall and see how you perceive aesthetic décor.

You can pick one or either of the space projector lamp & rainbow night lights to fit in your favorite corner of the room and create a space that feels like either you’re riding on rainbows or floating freely in


Room wall


2.    Time For An Aesthetic Indie Room Door

That plain room door doesn’t match your indie décor at all, right?

This is why it’s time to revamp it a bit to fit your indie aesthetic room décor ideas.

If you’ve got a variety of paints & brushes at your hand, half of your problem is already solved.

Paint your door like rays of sunshine & make it a part of your aesthetics.

P.S: if this seemed a bit tiring to you, try cutting different posters of flowers, clouds, etc., & paste them all over the door.

3.    Indie Room Posters To Paste On Walls

How many posters are considered too much for an aesthetic indie room? Well, there is no such thing as too many posters!

So grab, get print, or cut every poster you love from the bottom core of your heart & paste them all around your room’s walls.


Image Source

4.    Let Your Stickers Rescue Your Indie Room Décor Ideas

Too Bad if your sticker pack is lying under the pile of your books in one of your drawers.

Bring them back to life to create your indie room aesthetic.

You can decorate your book rack, boundaries of your windows, and the wall area right in front of your study desk

In short, you can paste your stickers anywhere you want and improve the visual impressions of your surroundings.

5.    Indie Aesthetic Room Décor Ideas For Plant Lovers

If you love having plants all over your favorite spaces in the house, then here you have one of the indie room décor ideas to satisfy your love of the plants.

Buy easily available leaf vines from the market and decorate the walls of your room or the borders of the room and bathroom’s door.

This will not only match your indie vibe but also keep up with the love you have for plants.


Image Source

6.    Time For Some Craft For Your Aesthetic Indie Room

If you’re running out of decoration pieces for your study table or bookrack, then no worries because you can create your own, and that too an aesthetic one!

To create your own indie room aesthetic, take a square-shaped glass that you can get from spare picture frames, a paintbrush or paint pen, and a print of your favorite Spotify song.

All you got to do is put that printed poster under the glass, trace the poster on the glass with either a paintbrush or paint pen, and your favorite Spotify song is ready to be displayed in your room.


Image Source

7.    Indie Room Wall For Your Polaroids

If you love polaroids as much as we do, then get ready to display them in your aesthetic indie room.

For this, you need some woolen thread, a bunch of polaroid photos, some glue, and hooks on the wall to display your polaroids.

Once collected all the essentials, create your own wall hanging like given below.


Image Source

8.    Let Your Inner Artist Do Its Wonders For Your Indie Décor

Kill the shyness that has been holding you back from displaying your canvas masterpieces on your wall.

For aesthetic indie room décor ideas, let your inner artist show what it’s truly capable of.

Create new canvas paintings of clouds, flowers, sky, or whatever your imagination likes, and then fill one of your room walls with all of them.

9.    Have Yarn Art For Your Indie Aesthetic Room

If one of the aesthetic indie room décor ideas mentioned above, like Spotify glass art, seemed a bit tiresome, you will absolutely love this idea.

For this, you’ll have to collect a square-shaped frame (or any other available in your home), some woolen thread, fabric glue, & a canvas that matches the size of your frame.

All you need is to write your name with woolen thread on the canvas & then glue that canvas to the frame just like we attach pictures & your yarn art is ready!

10.           Spruce Up Your Room Ceiling With Indie Décor

For your indie aesthetic room décor ideas, try spiral toys as an art installation in your room’s ceiling.

Such toys are readily available in the market, light on your pocket & definitely match your indie room vibe just like your blue out o grey hair!

Final Thoughts:

At times it does feel like you might not be able to turn your wildest imaginations into reality. But hopefully, you would bust these thoughts easily with the aesthetic indie room décor ideas presented to you above.

Got any comments or suggestions to make? Drop them below because we love to hear from you!


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