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Learn how you can monetize the content you write

How does Feeding Trends Partner Earn?
Through Ads.

Earning has never been this easy

  • No Technology knowledge required: Self Served Auto Ads, Optimized by AI for maximum monetization (auto ads Placement, ads type, ads personalization)

How to become Feeding Trends Partner?


Apply once you met the eligibility criteria


Get Accepted, to get Earning Tab


Start Earning


Get Paid, when you want

Eligibility Criteria


Published 10+ Content

You must publish at least 10 Articles to apply to the Feeding Trends Partner Program.


Stay Active

You should publish at least once every 3 months to keep earning.

What else the creator can do to optimize the earnings?

Know how Feeding Trends helps passionate writers to reach people around the world globally through creator tools.

Just a Few Guidelines

Original work, please.

The writing and images you share should be your own (or used with permission or citation)

Quality over clickbait

Our readers seek depth and informative information. We recommend sharing your best knowledge instead of clickbait.

No, advertising

No advertising, please. Make sure your posts don’t sell other products and features or include requests for donations.

FAQ about Feeding Trends Partner Program

Do I need to pay for this?

How much will I make under the Feeding Trends Partner Program?

Do I need to place Ads or codes of my own like in WordPress?

What topics should I post?

Will I start earning from the very first month?