20 Dua Lipa Songs That Will Definitely Make You Fall In 'Love’

Swerve to Lipa’s greatest hits.

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Dua Lipa is an English singer and songwriter who started off her journey by signing up with Warner Bros and releasing her very first, a self-titled album named Dua Lipa. From then, her songs have topped the charts. No doubt, Dua has a unique tone.

The slight huskiness in her tone adds magic and exception in her songs. She caught the pace of the growing Hollywood Music industry quickly, thus gaining a huge fandom. Her fandom worldwide is known as ‘Love’.

Not a Love yet? Here are 20 Dua Lipa songs cued up just for you that will make you join the fandom of Dua Lipa and call yourself a Love.

1. New Rules

I gotta tell them to myself
I got new rules; I count 'em

Stand up and push away the one who’s getting on your nerves. First, in the Dua Lipa songs list, this song apprises you about the rules which a girl must follow to eliminate trash away from her life.

2. One Kiss

One kiss is all it takes
Fallin' in love with me

The number one collaboration with DJ Calvin Harris, this song tells how easy(which is not) it is to fall in love with just a kiss.

3. Scared To Be Lonely

Is the only reason you're holding me tonight
'Cause we're scared to be lonely?

This sombre collaboration with DJ Martin Garrix from Dua Lipa songs makes you question your relationships. The lyrics pierce through your heart while you bob your head to the bass of the song.

4. Kiss And Make Up

Put your hands all up on me
Tired of hearing sorry
Kiss and make kiss, kiss and make up

This was the most awaited collaboration of Dua Lipa with the famous K-Pop girl group BlackPink. This worldwide hit makes you want to sort awful things out with your lover because that’s what the lyrics are proclaiming.

5. Be The One

I see the moon, I see the moon, I see the moon
Oh, when you're looking at the sun

This song makes you sway your body with its tropical R&B beat while you relate the lyrics remembering someone special.

6. Idgaf

I cut you off
I’ve been done
’Cause I already cried enough

Here is the track from Dua Lipa songs list which inspires one to forget and ditch the dreadful past of one’s relationship and move on to forge a happy life.

7. Homesick

Here, where the sky's falling
I'm covered in blue

Just the right track to perceive the unique voice of Dua Lipa, this piano ballad makes your heartache, remorse the distance and miss your loved ones.

8. Blow Your Mind

And tonight I'm alive, ain't a dollar sign
Guaranteed, I can blow your mind, mwah

This tropical-beats song from Dua Lipa songs list is absolutely right to play while you are with your girl-gang and care less about what the world says and do your things.

9. Bang Bang

Music played and people sang
Just for me the church bells rang

Originally by Cher, Dua Lipa stowed a new breath into this song by covering the track alongside it’s shady and brooding electronic music.

10. Hotter Than Hell

'Cause we're hot like hell
Does it burn when I'm not there?

This track from Dua Lipa that perfectly sets up your mood to dance when you are remorseful about your relationship.

11. Last Dance

Fatal, this attraction
Yeah, we might end up crashin’
But I’m ready if it happens with you

This song sets up the right mood to sway off lyrically when you are ready to try and see the end of a relationship.

12. Thinking About You

I can't get high, I can't get by, I can't get through
I can't stop thinking 'bout you

This song is the last single from her self-titled album, a song which reminds you of your lost love and the good times.

13. Break My Heart

Am I falling in love
With the one that could break my heart?

It wouldn’t serve right if you don’t put this track in your playlist. This is one of the hits of Dua Lipa from her latest album ‘Future Nostalgia’

14. Don't Start Now

Don't show up, don't come out
Don't start caring about me now

Haters gonna hate. This song brings out the right mood when you can’t care less about your haters.

15. Physical

Common love isn't for us
We created something phenomenal
Don't you agree?

This dance number is my personal favourite by Dua. The song makes you dance like you ain’t got a choice with its terrific music.

16. Levatiting

You want me, I want you, baby
My sugar boo, I'm levitating
The milky way, we're renegading

Set off to the galaxy and dance along by playing this dance number with your friends for a great party night.

17. Hallucinate

I hallucinate when you call my name
Got stars in my eyes

Yet another dance number and one of the hits of Dua Lipa, this song makes you feel like being crazily in love and you can’t stop dancing with ecstasy.

18. Fever

I've got a fever, so can you check?
Hand on my forehead, kiss my neck

A collaboration with the Belgian singer Angele, this English-French lyrical song makes you throw your hands up in the air while you shout the lyrics, French ones especially, with your friends.

19. Electricity

I'ma love you differently
I'll give you Electricity

As the title says, this Dua Lipa song sends electricity through your body and you won’t be able to stop dancing madly like no one’s watching.

20. Swan Song

I, I can't lie
I'm scared to open my eyes
'Cause what if I find nothin' at all?

Calling to an end of the list with this single from the movie Alita: Battle Angel and sung by Dua Lipa, which also made it to the list of hits of Dua Lipa.

Honestly, it was arduous to put selective tracks in this Dua Lipa songs playlist, because there are many hits of Dua Lipa. But I hope this 20 Dua Lipa song list will help you to start preparing a phenomenal playlist.

You can play and set yourself in the right mood with these songs. Needless to say, they will make you enter the ‘Love’ fandom for Dua Lipa!

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