25 Drinking Games That You Can Play At Party With Your Friends

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Apr 20, 2021|9 min read


Partying is the mainspring for everyone when we get weekends at leisure or go on a vacation, or just want to ditch the time and have some fun. Bombastic music, oodles of conversations, and pretty dancing lights are the primes of a party to meter it up. But when it comes to making the party on fleek, you can play drinking games.

What’s finer than playing some drinking games with your homies while you are at a party? Just sitting around at the party with nothing to do or no games to play and just take small sips from your glass is pretty boring. Tossing off those kicky drinks with some fun teamed with it, this is all that a party means.

Drinking Games

Drinking games are the facile ones to play at your parties. You have got everything - right people and right drinks, loads of cups, the right mood. Drinking games trigger the experience of drinking. 

You don’t need to stand around a corner and quaff down the contents from your cup when you have those fun-filled drinking games which can put on some piquancy to your time as well as your drinks.

The drinking games we have lined up for you to play at your parties never fail to elate a party.

1. Freeze or Drink

Starting our drinking games list with this game, all you have to do is pick someone as your Mister Freeze, and the person will freeze at one place at any given moment in the party. The people who will notice Mister Freeze will do the same. The last person to notice Mister Freeze should chug one beer. Someone new is chosen to be Mister Freeze to start the game again.

2. Name Game

This drinking game checks how swift can you think. You and your friends have to pop up with famous personalities’ names, living or dead, using the first letter of the surname of the previous name said. Anyone who doesn’t come up with a name in the given time will have to sip a drink.

3. Beer Roulette

In this game, one of the players is called on to fetch beer cans peer with the number of people playing the game. This player will strenuously shake a beer can without showing it to any other players. 

Then after mixing the can with the rest of the cans, the player will hand the cans out to the other players. Whoever gets spritzed by the fizz on opening has to gulp down their entire beer.

4. Are You A Match?

This game from our drinking games is good for the friends to play who know each other fairly. All you need to do is to sit with a drink and anyone who is chosen as the game master will ask the others a set of not-too personal questions. 

If a player thinks he/she is as the question asked, they shall raise their glass in the air, and if an individual thinks the other person is as the question, they shall place their glass down. If the answers are the same, the pair wins. But, if the answers are different, both individuals in the pair need to chug their drink.

5. Sixes

In this game from our list of drinking games, you’ll need dice and six different-sized cups, all of them filled with drinks up to the brim. Each cup is corresponding with a number on the die. Players shall roll the die, and then have to drink the entire cup which they’ll get according to the number on their die.

6. Flip Cup

A team game from our drinking games list, two teams should be formed to play the flip cup. Each team standing on either side of the table gets their cups filled with drink and on the count of three, they should finish their cups and place them face down on the edge of the table. 

Now the entertaining part is that they have to flip their empty cup by flicking its rim using only thumb and forefinger. The team whose cup alights face up on the table without falling wins the game.

7. The Sculptor

This is a funny game and you’ll surely have great fun while playing it. The players must take a sip of their drink and then stand up still. One person is chosen as the Sculptor whose job is to move between the players and change their positions by moving their limbs or head in such a way that the player faces difficulty in holding on to their pose. 

Anyone who breaks down from their pose or moves loses the game. The last player standing still wins it. The winner shall give punishment to the other players.

8. Buzz

To play this drinking game from our drinking games, everyone needs to pay heed and work on math. Players take turns in counting, starting from 1. Whenever a player lands on a number that is divisible by seven, they must say ‘buzz’. If the player doesn’t say it, they need to drink. Also, if a player says it by mistake, they need to drink too.

9. Loosen Words

In this drinking game, players need to think fast. Get a deck of cards and choose a card from it and show it to a player. The player needs to think of words as many as the number of the playing card and that starts with the same letter. The person who fails to think shall chug down their drink.

10. Two Truths, One Lie

This one is really an interesting game from our drinking games list. The player beginning the game shall claim three points about themself, out of which one will be a lie and the other two would be truths. Other players have to guess the lie out. Those who will fail to point out the lie shall drink.

11. Bite the Bag

Check how strong your teeth are while playing this drinking game. You will have to place a paper bag on the floor. Every player by taking turns has to try and pick up the paper bag using only their mouth. Using any other body part is a penalty. 

The one who fails to pick the bag up should chug down their glass. An inch from the paper bag should be torn off after every round.

12. Draw to Score

Gather some sheets of paper and pen or pencil to play this game from our list of drinking games. Write out a list of topics and under the topics write down the items related to it. Make 2 teams. 

The first player from both teams will be given the same word to draw, and they must do it for their respective team members for them to guess. The team who is slow at guessing has to chug down drinks.

13. Beer Pong

Beer pong is one of the common drinking games one can find at drinking parties, and also in the list of drinking games. Beer pong, a stack of ping pong balls, and 20 cups are needed to play. 10 cups should be set up on either side of the table forming a triangle shape and filled half with beer. 

The aim is to toss a ball into one of the cups, and if successfully done, the opponent shall drink from the cup.

14. Attached at the Hip

All you need to do is jot body parts on pieces of paper and put them together after folding them. Everyone must be part of a pair to play this drinking game from our drinking games list. 

The pairs will pick up the folded papers and then they have to ensure that the body parts written in the papers are attached as long as it is possible. If someone separates, they take down a drink.

15. Flip, Sip, or Strip

This game from our drinking games uses a coin to proceed. Each player takes turns to flip the coin and has to guess whether the coin will show head or tail. If their guess is correct, the coin is passed to their left, otherwise, it is passed to their right and they have to drink or take off an item of clothing

16. Never Have I Ever

One of the games from our drinking games which are fun-filled and a casket opener of the secrets of your friends, the rule of this game is very simple as such. A player has to share something that they have never done before and the other players who have done it will take a sip of their drink.

17. Bob

An excellent game from our drinking games that requisites no set-up, the sole rule of this game is that you must add ‘Bob’ to anyone's name whenever you address them. If you fail to do it, you need to take down a drink. This game seems quite easy, but you’ll slip at least once and will miss adding ‘Bob’ while playing.

18. Fuzzy Duck

In this game, everyone has got to sit during a circle. One of the players will kick the game off by saying “fuzzy duck”. The next player then will say “ducky fuzz”. This will go on till one of the players hinders, and they will have to take a drink. At any point, any player can alter the direction of the game by saying something else.

19. Roxanne

This one is very simple to play from our list of drinking games but needs quite a lot of attention. All you have to do is play the song ‘Roxanne’ by The Police, and pay attention to the word Roxanne. Every time the word comes, the players need to take sips from their drink. This game can also be played by playing songs with repeated words.

20. Mr. and Mrs. Drinking Game

This game is again more fun to play with those people who know each other very well. Two players must stand with their backs facing each other. The group will ask the pair random questions to which one of them will be the answer. If a person from the pair thinks the question pertains to them, they drink.

21. Enemies

A game from our drinking games which involves cards, take a pack of cards and deal one to each player with cards faced down. The first player shall place their card at the center of the table with its face down only, and say the name of any person from the group. 

Then the player shall upend the card and the selected person must drink for as many seconds as the number of the card.

22. Beer Blow

Don’t let your breath go away while playing this from our drinking games. Take a pack of cards and place it on top of an empty bottle or cup. Players shall take turns to blow cards from the deck of cards. Touching the cards is a penalty. The player who blows the last remaining card shall take a beer.

23. High or Low

This drinking game from our drinking games list again entails cards. Jumble a deck of cards, dispensing a card with its face down to a player. The player has to guess if it’s high or low. If they are right, deal them another card. 

If they get their three guesses right in a row, they get the choice to continue guessing or passing it to the next player. But if the guess is wrong, they need to drink to the value of the card. Like for Jacks, Queens, and Kings, the value is 10 and for Aces, it’s 11.

24. Paranoia

In this game, the players convene in a circle. Anyone from the group will commence the game by whispering a question to the next player at their either side and the answer to the question must be about someone from the players. 

The receiver would point out the player who they think the answer is. If the player being pointed out or the other players want to know the question, they have to take a drink.

25. Where's the Water?

Winding our list of drinking games with this one, here in this game you need to arrange various glasses and fill some with drinks and others with water. Each player has to take turns in picking glass and drink the content and then saying ‘mmm, water!’ in their most cogent voice. 

If someone calls them out and says they’re lying and is right, then the player has to take another glass. But if the one who pointed out turns out to be wrong, then they need to take the shot.

Nothing makes parties congenial and indelible than these entertaining drinking games. You have the excuse also to drink loads and loads and get yourself drunk(but not too much) by playing these drinking games. 

You shape bonds over beers with your friends and create lots of memories. And of course, these drinking games also keep the party alive. The excitement all of these deinking games bring is not explainable.

We hope our list of drinking games will help you to host a grand party with your homies and have unlimited fun.

So have you decided yet which of the drinking games you are going to play at your next party?

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