7 Different Types of Happiness That Make Your Pursuit Worthy

Hey, you. Be happy, okay?

Nashrah Ansari

Mar 3, 2021|6 min read


The term happiness understood by all gives a reasonably clear idea that it is a positive emotion and satisfaction with life. It is better to give than to receive-The venerable aphorism is outfitted into our heads. But there is a more profound truth behind the truism. Happiness is the consequence of what you do and how you behave.

Different types of Happiness
Different types of Happiness

To feel happy, you have to "do" content. Happiness is a choice, and the happiest people are the ones who make others happy. Everyone wants to be happy. Nearly everything people do, whether it's working, marrying, running, or even eating, is done with an overarching purpose: To feel happier.

The experience of "happiness" can take many sorts and spring from various behaviors and life circumstances. Happiness is a complex concept that cannot be pinned down to a precise dimension. 

Lucky for you, researchers can now help you find what different types of happiness you are experiencing, each of which represents different aspects of the positive emotions you strive for as human beings.

Here, we've listed 7 different types of happiness that make your pursuit worthy. They are as follows:-

1) Joy

Joy is when you win a hard-fought competition, you finally accomplish a project you've wanted to or times when you double over in uncontrollable laughter when someone relates a hilarious story. Joy makes you feel great about yourself, makes you feel confident, assertive, capable, loved, and fulfilled.

The feeling of joy is fleeting Joy is present at the moment. It is possible to feel joy despite grief or uncertainty. Happiness can be found in many things. It transforms tough times into blessings and turns heartache into gratitude. 

It brings meaning to life and often will drive you to live for others, to do your best work, and give generously. There are all good reasons to experience more joy in our lives and don't ever let those reasons end.

2) Love 

Second, on the list of different types of happiness is Love- which means other things to different people. Still, a wholesome, reciprocated love with another person seems to be the fundamental predictor of happiness. Here, we are not just talking about romantic love – it means to love with friends and family, as well as partners. When you're in love, you're blissfully happy all the time.

In fairy tales, lasting love just happens. All around the world, songs are written about it, art is done around it, and love is the glue that generally holds us all together. But practically, healthy habits in love are what build happiness over the long haul. 

Love is a subset of happiness—a subcategory. You love yourselves and other people because it makes you happy. If you want to be loved and happy, you have to love yourself and be happy by yourself first.

3) Contentment 

The Secret of Happiness is Contentment-which means a state of happiness or satisfaction. It isn’t a matter of being content with your situation in life. It’s a matter of being satisfied with what you have. Contentment not only holds the power to make you happy, but it will transform your life in many ways.

Despite the circumstances counting your blessings and focusing on the good things in life, neglect the one bad thing that has happened and stop making it the center of your attention. You have the power over the situation, so always remember to stir life towards contentment, and you will indeed find happiness along the way.

4) Optimism 

Winston Churchill once said, "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." Optimism is a type of happiness that reflects the belief that events or experiences' outcomes will generally be positive. The key to attaining happiness is to have an optimistic approach to life, as optimism reflects hope and faith, helping people believe that this world is the right place.

Achieving happiness is possible only when you disapprove of pessimism to overhaul your mental space. Optimistic people tend to lead a happy, successful life and make better things happen in your life.  Even the law of attraction works based on optimism. It affects happiness and is nothing but a state of mind and an emotional state which can only be achieved with a positive outlook towards life.

5) Gratitude

Gratitude creates positive emotions, like different types of happiness: joy, love, and contentment, it can undo the hold of negative emotions. It goes hand in hand with mindfulness in its focus on the present and gratefulness for what we have now, rather than wanting more and more. 

Researchers in Positive Psychology have found that gratitude and happiness are always strongly correlated. It is strongly and consistently associated with greater satisfaction. Studies show that if you express gratitude, it raises your happiness by 25%. 

When you feel and express gratitude, it helps turn your mental focus to positive thoughts, which compensates the brain's natural tendency to focus on intimidations, problems, and negative aspects of life. Gratitude creates positive emotions, undoing the negative emotion like stress and anxiety in the process, broadening your mind, and creating positive cycles of thinking and behaving in healthy, positive ways.

6) Excitement 

Excitement can be anything from about a new job or moving to a different place and motivates you to work harder and channel that positive energy into more constructive activity. Excitement is fleeting. It dissipates rather quickly and can turn into ennui. It sometimes acts as a motivating factor, and excitement often leads people to likely make a decision. Even a bad one as excitement leads to impulsivity.

When you are excited, your emotions become more powerful and can affect your decision-making abilities. Excitement isn't too difficult to come by, either, so this is an easy one to pursue. Take on new hobbies, Keep a bucket list. Be excited to travel to new places, try new food but overall, try to be excited about life.

7) Pride

Last on the list of different types of happiness is pride. Yes. Pride and happiness go hand in hand. You can take pride in your work and your family, your home and yourself, and in anything you put effort, attention, and love into. It is a positive feeling in reaction to a joyous event.

You're quite familiar with the old adage, "Pride comes before a fall." Many people think that pride includes arrogance. I'm not assuming pride isn't problematic in some respects or in some situations, but pride can sometimes be a virtue. 

Being prideful doesn't mean you're better than others because you have accomplished certain things in life, but it's just that you are a better version of yourself, and you proudly and gratefully own up to that fact.

Stay Happy
Stay Happy

Happiness is being contented with your life. It can be found in simple pleasures of life— sitting under a tree, enjoying a cup of tea, celebrating coworkers' birthdays, enjoying a healthy relationship, giving and receiving happiness without torment, and living your life with meaningful purpose.

There may be different types of happiness that will make your pursuit worthy, and you will experience it on different life levels, but the important thing is to be happy and content. Do not feel entitled or register those small annoyances along the way and be not stingy with your HAPPINESS!

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