Design And Manufacturing Process Of Lingerie

Detailed overview of lingerie making.

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Lingerie Design and Manufacturing


Lingerie design isn't exactly rocket science, but it's close. No, I'm not kidding! As previously said, we employ pricey and advanced technology to tailor your perfect lingerie.

Stitching a bra requires zigzag lockstitch, pattern tacking, single needle stitch, double-needle stitch, and a separate machine for creating bra straps.


We use first-quality components in making your bra. Unlike other apparel, it requires more than 20 components to craft a bra.

Laborers with Specialized Skills

The lingerie industry requires a certain set of skills. We require a large number of staff for everything from planning to putting microscopic parts together. Furthermore, certain bras necessitate years of creation and study.

Our staff of talented designers is well-versed in your specifications as well as current trends. As a result, we frequently come up with new patterns when designing various lingerie styles.

A bra is made up of many different fabrics and pieces, such as the clasp, band, apex, wing, slider, and ring. Cutting the designs also needs extreme precision and focus.

Raw Materials 

Because materials play such an important role in creating comfort, picking the right lingerie fabrics is crucial. Low-quality materials can lead to a variety of skin issues. We employ high-end feather-like textiles that feel like a second skin. All of our fabrics are of the highest quality, including cotton, nylon, polyester, and lace.


There are at least six band sizes and about 15-20 cup sizes available in bras. Every band size has a matching cup size, and vice versa. A heat machine is used to mould the bra cups into a natural breast shape.


Lingerie is a long-lasting product. As a result, we conduct extensive testing before to releasing a product. Testing entails determining the product's durability as well as the product's quality.


We divide your underwear by style, size, and cup size once it has been constructed. Before our goods reach you, we additionally perform a last quality check.

Packaging That Is Unobtrusive

Shyaway recognizes the importance of discretion, thus we supply you with discreet packaging. All of our products are packaged in plain cardboard boxes with no outside labels or invoicing information.

Here are a few more lingerie business facts to consider:

All phases of the manufacturing process are monitored for quality.

Furthermore, size lingerie necessitates unique patterns, construction, and additional fabrics.

Designer lingerie costs more than conventional bras because they take more attention, labor, and time.

Bridal underwear is pricey, with mulberry silk and satin blend fabrics being used.

Every piece of Shyaway lingerie is expertly crafted by skilled professionals.

Not all bra bras are created in the same way. Many processes and steps are skipped in the production of low-cost bras. We hope you now understand why a bra is so pricey!


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