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Nov 29, 2020|9 min read


Be it any time of the day, we Indians never get tired of shopping. Whether we have to shop for our daily basic needs, or we have to dazzle a wedding or a festive celebration, we always have to shop for the trendiest collection which can make us look better from the rest, and can even glorify our Instagram Profiles!!

But Shopping can be costly, and there would be no doubt in saying that you can spend half of your monthly salary on it if you don’t visit the right places to have the best experience in shopping.

Thus, we bring to you the list of 35 Delhi Bazaars that will call you up every Sunday morning for a Budget-Friendly shopping session.

1) Sarojini Nagar Market

Well, how can we not start the list with one of the most famous markets of India, even called SN by Delhiites. Named after the famous women freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu, this Delhi Bazaar is located in Sarojini Nagar of the South West Delhi. The Delhi market is famous for its trendy collection of clothes, accessories, and anything you name. The price range of the Market starts from 30rs and can go up till the rate you bargain with the Shopkeeper!!

2) Karol Bagh Main Market

Want to wear Branded Clothes without cutting your expenses? Then, Karol Bagh Main Market is waiting for you with open arms! Located in Karol Bagh of the West-Delhi, the market offers you an exclusive variety of clothes that look much better than the clothes you watch through the glass panes in malls!! Famous for its denim collection, in particular, this bazaar will not turn out to be a disappointment for you!

3) Palika Bazaar

This Delhi Bazaar is an underground market located between the inner and outer circle of Connaught Place, Delhi, India. Palika Bazaar has 380 numbered shops selling a diverse range of items. The market is dominated by clothing items and electronic items. You will find the items in a reasonable price range!!

4) Bengali Market

This Delhi shopping place is one of the most popular markets in Delhi, which is located at the Todarmal Road Area, Mandi House. The market is famous for its great variety of street foods and even has some of the best restaurants that should be visited by food lovers! The street food available in the market never compromises with its quality and is served at the best rates across India.

5) Paharganj Bazaar

A bazaar that is famous for its huge variety of Leather Shoes, Bags, Earrings, or any other accessory which will help you in glamming up your look. The market is located in Paharganj and will provide you with some of the best rates on items that you love!!

6) Dilli Haat

Located near INA market in Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi, this shopping place is enough to make you familiar with craft across India and along with an open-air food plaza. Run by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation, this Delhi Bazaar requires you to pay an entry-amount and then makes you feel at home!

7) Khan Market

Named in honour of freedom fighter Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan, this Delhi Bazaar is located near India Gate and is surrounded by residential complexes. It is famous for food like hot kebabs and is a retail market for lighting fixtures on the ground floor. There are several bookstores in the market that provide books by your favorite authors! The Khan Market is a little expensive if compared to the other markets as it deals with the retail prices.

8) Chandni Chowk

Talking of markets and not including Chandni Chowk Market would be counted as sin! This Delhi bazaar has some of the best festive and wedding collections and that is why people from all across India try their best to visit this market. 

Name the Paranthe Wali Gali or the famous shops you wanted to visit will be there waiting for you! Located in North Delhi, the market provides you with the best items in the price range you have been looking for!

9) Janpath Market

A Delhi Shopping Place, which spreads through a large area, is undoubtedly one of the most visited markets of India. Janpath Market is located in Connaught Place at the Janpath Rd. People frequently visit this market to shop for all kinds of items at a reasonable price.

10) Shankar Market

This Delhi Bazaar is also situated at Connaught Place and is easily accessible. The market is famous for its fabric and cloth lines and is even a warm place for all book lovers. Buy your fabric pieces and get them stitched by the tailor right there! 

11) Sundar Nagar Market

If you are looking for Indian and Nepali handicrafts, antique-style homewares & furniture, plus tea shops then this Delhi bazaar is open just for you! Located in Sundar Nagar, this market provides you items in the best price range.

12) Lajpat Nagar (Central Market)

This Delhi Shopping Place is a popular destination and is known for the garments and textiles which are sold there. The market is located at Mata Naina Devi Marg, which falls under the South Delhi constituency. This Delhi market is even famous for its finger-licking food and is available at cheap prices!

13) Phool Mandi (Flower Market)

A Delhi Bazaar which is made for people who are fond of flowers and their fragrance. The market has a wide variety of flowers, from all over the world which will leave you fascinated! The flowers are available at wholesale rates at the market located in the Gazipur Region of Delhi.

14) Chor Bazaar (Thieves Market)

A shopping place where you would get stolen items at a very cheap rate, and in the best quality as well. Chor Bazaar which is located at Raj Ghat is just a few miles away from the Chandni Chowk Market. The market is usually best to visit on Sundays between 4:00 am -11:00 am.

15) Meena Bazaar

This Delhi Bazaar was built in the 1970s. This Bazaar in Delhi is worth a visit. It comprises a whole range of shops selling paans, burqas (veils worn by Muslim women), caps, and pictures of famous Islamic religious places.  Located near Jama Masjid, Meena Bazaar is one of the biggest markets in Delhi.

16) Gaffar Market

This Delhi shopping Place, which is famous as one of Asia's biggest electronics markets, is also famous for unlocking cell phones usually bought from abroad. Located in Karol Bagh, this bazaar provides you with every electronic device hovering your mind at the best rates!

17) Matka Market

Located near Sarojini Nagar Bus Depot, This Delhi Bazaar is an earning place for potters who live on this street and sell different items like blue Jaipuri pots and vases, diyas, terracotta lamps, and black Manipuri matkas too. The market is open till 3:00 am and the best home decor items are available here at a reasonable price range!

18) Connaught Place

One of the Best Shopping Places in Delhi is the Connaught Place Market. This market is a mixture of local and high-profile shopkeepers. A place that has all your favorite brand stores and great food is located near Rajiv Chowk metro station. This is a major shopping, nightlife, and tourist destination in New Delhi. It was designed by Robert Tor Russell. 

19) South-Extension

This Market in Delhi is one of the most looked upon markets of Delhi. The place is divided into two blocks which are situated on either side of the ring road. This bazaar is easily accessible from all parts of Delhi. The market comprises different branded outlets and small shops which will provide you with the best collection of festive and wedding wear.

20) Nehru Place

This shopping Place in Delhi works as the IT hub. Famous for all kinds of devices related to IT, this market in Delhi provides you with the best price ranges available. If you are looking forward to buying new laptops, pen drives or anything just visit this market and you will find it all!

21) Sunday Second-Hand Book Market

A market in Daryaganj which opens up early morning with the best variety of Second-Hand books in very good condition. If you ever want to buy your favorite books at a cheap rate, then visit this early morning market!

22) Dariba Kalan

A Delhi Market which is 350 years old from the Mughal Era, is still considered to be the best place to buy silver and gold jewelry. The kinds of collections you will witness here are hard to find anywhere else! Located at the Kinari Bazaar Road, this market is one of the most visited markets in the festive season!

23) Monastery Bazaar

Monastery market located in Ladakh Budh Vihar Colony is a Delhi Bazaar which provides you with the best quality garments in an affordable price range. This place is a must-visit to complete your Delhi Shopping Experience.

24) Kinari Bazaar

Want to be a Fashion designer or want to start your boutique to be a master of your skills? Then, this bazaar is a must-visit for you!! The market has all kinds of cloth fabrics and garments at wholesale rates! Making it the least expensive market! Located at Chandni Chowk, this place is even famous for its wide range of Restaurants!

25) Kucha Choudhary Market

Kucha Choudhary Market also is known as the photo market is every photographer’s dream destination to find every type of camera (vintage, DSLR, or Polaroid) and essential accessory that you would need to showcase your skills in photography. Located at Chandni Chowk, this market was built in the mid-1970s.

26) Bhagirath Palace

A Delhi Bazaar that is famous for its lights, lamps, and any decorative item which will sparkle up your home in Diwali. Just get ready to book a metro seat and get off to the Chandni Chowk Metro station to buy these items at wholesale rates!

27) Khari Baoli

Khari Baoli is a street market in Delhi, which is known for its wholesale grocery and Asia's largest wholesale spice market selling all kinds of spices, nuts, herbs, and food products like rice and tea. Visit this market near the Red Fort to spice up your food!

28) Banjara Market

A market located in the Delhi-NCR region is one of the cheapest markets for your lovely home decor items. Bookmark this shopping place and make your house look like your dream house!

29) Sadar Bazaar

This market in Delhi is the largest wholesale market of household items in Delhi. This is a crowded market which is mostly for retail buyers trying to start their shop. A market that is located near the Kashmiri Gate Metro station is the most visited in Delhi.

30) Daryaganj Book Market

Daryaganj Book Market is a book market in Delhi, which will provide you with the best range of books, whether it is a school book or is a book of your interest. You will get them all in this market. This book market will provide you with books of the best quality and in the best price ranges!

31) Kamla Nagar Market

Located in Old Delhi, this Delhi Bazaar is where the locals shop for everyday goods including bangles, stationery, clothes, and household items. This market is famous for its mehndi artist and is frequently visited during the wedding season!

32) Greater Kailash Market

This shopping place in Delhi is divided into two blocks Gk1 and Gk2 providing you with the best showrooms and retail shops. If you want to shop for luxurious items in a high budget range then you need to visit this place without any further delay!

33) Panchkuian Marg

Want to buy the best furniture and avoid buying them online? Then visit this Delhi Bazaar to buy the furniture depending upon your choices and needs at an affordable price range. Located in Paharganj, this place will fill your heart with the new furniture smell!

34) Jwala Heri

This Shopping Place in Delhi will provide you with all the essential items needed for any occasion. This market is for the locals and will make your jaw drops when you hear the cheap rates! This market is located in Paschim Vihar and is even famous for its great taste in food!

35) Chawri Bazaar

Chawri Bazar is a wholesale market of brass, copper, and paper products. It was the first wholesale market of Old Delhi and lies to the west of Jama Masjid in Delhi. This Delhi Bazaar was the first wholesale market and continues to be on the top since day one!

Whether you are a visitor to Delhi or live in Delhi these Shopping places are a must to visit. Be it the festive season or the shopping which we do for our daily needs, all these shops will never fail to impress you!!

Plan a budget-friendly visit to these places according to your bucket list and explore these famous shopping places.

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