Dealing With Failure

Failure is part of Success!

Mayank Singh

6 months ago|1 min read


In today's era of excellence, where everyone wants to do excellent in their career, but somewhere in this race we forget how to deal with failures. In this blog, we learn something about that.

For example many times we came across news of "Student Suicide" which is nothing but a result of failure and a way of dealing with that failure. Most of the suicide cases are of students of the age 18-25 the prime age of learning, doing mistakes, and growing in career, and if one tries something new yes there will be failures but that doesn't mean that the student or that person is unable to do anything in his life. Failure is a part of Success. We have to understand it and take it positively and learn from it, rather than being very demotivated and taking steps like suicide or anything like that.

One most important thing which leads us to this step is "Comparing ourselves with others" Yes comparison is also the key which plays an important role to make one feel dissatisfied and demotivated, Look like every coin has two sides, similarly everything has two faces, one is positive and another is negative, now it's up to us how which face we choose, as I mentioned above comparison if we compare ourselves with others and take it as a challenge this motivates us to do more hard work and be like them with whom we are comparing ourselves, but if on the flip side we take its negative side that leads us to dissatisfaction and demotivation.

So, in conclusion, I must say: Failure is nothing it's just a part of Success, if we're determined enough to do something to achieve the particular thing then we don't need to frighten with the failures, just keep going, keep trying one day everything will surely fall in place, and Learn from your mistakes.


Hi, I'm Mayank Singh. A keen learner and having zeal to work and grow.



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