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Every day in every way I imagine myself, I’m met the next day with the idea I imagined myself from. My imagination paints a path through life that is held together in the bonds of life created in the eyes of God. I’m an image that God watches into the creation of life. I walk through my day with the strength I build in myself and these strengths are held together in the vision of what God sees for me. The possibilities of life have all the capableness you arouse of yourself. Our body is our temple to this life where our minds are our prayer in our temple. We conquer anything we can hold prayer for long enough that our God sees this through us, creating the experience we live.

God has the vision of a conscious effort. The conscious efforts you make, are the efforts that God sees through. Every person is themselves an image of God and the collection of Gods creates a larger moving force of consciousness in life. When we attract ourselves to each other, we expand the vision of God and commit our actions towards what we find strength in. Every person is themselves a want of their minds to further their bodies into a life that is surrounded with options of actions, that trigger reaction in imagination. We find our thoughts opening up when we are captured in thought. The further we travel in a thought, the more powerful the thought becomes. When we hold our actions responsible for completing actions that make us capable of creating a deeper thought towards what we originally imagined, we give ourselves more strength. A muscle grows with continued thought of growth and will grow as large as your imagination holds the image of growth towards. What the mind holds, is what is being created by life from the equalled action of imagination.

The whole is equal to its parts. The imagination of life is equal to the imagination of the person and will create anything the imagination of the person holds in thought through broadening thought; while the energy used in the creation is contributed by the actions of the person.

The imagination of a group is equal to the imagination that life reflects back from the group. The depth of one’s imagination is equal to the depth of perspective. The depth of perspective is created by the points of feeling used through the creation of the depth of perspective.

Nothing happens without thought and even when things seem to appear out of nowhere, these are created no different than a tree growing. The perspective you see of things is so that you can find a building in your thoughts so that you have something to go after. If nothing is made to look easy, you wouldn’t push as hard at first. You should start every process knowing that it grows where you place attention. You can create only what you focus on and it is always best to narrow your focus. Use the idea that a person can travel the world with a dream of creating something worth sharing and keep this idea while you create things worth sharing. You create what you can imagine and you’re never further away from the number of steps you believe are required to complete the task.

You scale life when you learn knowledge that moves you up the ladder and instead of finding roadblocks that others may come against, you find it possible to scale right over these because you chose to seek knowledge that made this kind of movement a possibility.

Knowledge acts like a rain cloud where rain is needed and a drought where none is learned. Knowledge acts like a bridge where the gap is questions that are unscalable. Knowledge is a boat on the ocean where the waves and wind are the facts you sail to. Life is a question and you create the answers when you paint in knowledge. The moon answers the earth with a pull of attention, while the earth answers the moon in personality through the currents of the ocean and the weather it gets to witness. Every process of life is the answer to another process or the question of a process. Every step a person takes leads him to where he goes and each step you take is guided by what you feel. Creating feelings creates the ability to fill the process with more actions that lead to the success of what you held feelings towards.

If you imagine that life around you is an era where no one could read, yet you were the one that could read and wright. You could then be able to create new lessons that everyone could implement into their life so that they could create fuller more vibrant imaginations of their lives. The person that carries an umbrella where no one thought it was going to rain, is the person who could read and write. Understanding that knowledge is the rain and your question is an umbrella, gives you the ability to ask the right questions. If you can find the strength to carry the umbrella, you will then find it raining when you get where you’re going. Belief starts in our own actions and is carried forward by life’s response, which creates an equal action.

“God gives life and life gives you,”- I

The imagination of life becomes more vibrant when you learn the power of thought and then direct these thoughts towards what changes you wish to make. The mind has an eye in the vision of life, to where you can grow this vision by how much belief you carry within your own sight. When you fill your actions with motivation, life rewards you with a growth of belief. The more belief you give, the more you shall receive. Belief works like the perspective of a drawing. Set a point of perspective and then work from this perspective, to be able to create anything within that perspective.

Imagination always reflects the imagination it wishes to imagine, but it needs to be stimulated with actions by the user. Imagine you can and you’ve already created the framework into the imagination of life. You build on this framework with the actions that lead you across your bridge when you fill your thoughts with enough actions that lead you to take action.

The mind who first is the seed of a bamboo plant builds strengths where no other watches, till time comes forth to free your strengths of ableness on your world that surrounds you.

The mind that conquers his acts that lead to the creation of the life he wishes to live, is the man who does not fold his opportunities, but rather unfolds every opportunity so that no opportunity is missed.

Your life is a collection of your habits, where your habits are where you stored your thought processes. With every thought you see that leads you towards an outcome, you create more images. What you create in your physical world, you create in your mental world, it takes committed action to your course of actions, just the same as a hiker climbing a mountain. The knowledge you learn is what gives your ideas their elevation in your life and the way you use this knowledge is how you’re drawn forward.

Knowledge is the most powerful tool a mind can hold. The correct knowledge in the mind is equivalent to a person holding the correct key for a door. We have the power of life when we use the knowledge that life is powered with. We direct our thoughts like a torch in the night and when we take action that lead us to keep looking. We build street lights into the imagination of life where others may choose to also venture when we create a way. The more roads we can walk and create litten areas, the more the imagination understands itself and like driving down the road and seeing everything for the first time while creating a roadmap in your mind. Your journey grows at the pace you’re willing to imagine. The imagination is held back only by the knowledge you hold, the more knowledge you hold of your journey eventually becomes like going from writing your map, to then having a map written out, to eventually having google maps and everything surrounding you.

Knowledge is the keys to the kingdom you’re imagining. Knowledge is the rain on a country where many plants live. Knowledge keeps gravity in check. Knowledge is the framework of imagination and the universe is a thought process held together by the knowledge gathered in that thought process. Knowledge is closer than question. You’re always hungry before you go looking for food. Knowledge holds together every book that’s ever been written. Knowledge will guide you no matter what you learn, so learning what you choose will guide knowledge to create a path of knowledge that directs your thoughts to keep searching for more knowledge. You have the keys to the kingdom you’re willing to create the right keys to.

We fashion the right keys when we ask the right questions. We are a continued thought process of ourselves, the thoughts that lead us towards other thoughts are where we become the idea of the thoughts we keep repeating. We are always moving through time and space at light speed and the light you shine into the knowledge you capture becomes the answers you speak. Your answers guide you to ask new questions so that your answers lead you to reflect on new questions. Like a forest growing, every ray of light is an answer of light and every drop of water is a question of thirst.

We are held back only by our ability to ask questions, when we find a path that leads us to ask the right question, we fill a hunger in our wants to further ourselves. We are led to the correct questions when we create the right strengths to hold the answers we’re given.


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