Cute, Unique Ways To Confess To Your Crush!

Confessing can be hard! Spice it up!



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I Have a "Crush" on You!

Pun Intended ;)

There are many ways to take advantage of this fruity soda! One way, as shown in the picture above, is to write over the can/bottle and just give it to your crush! Give it to them in person, to show them you are confident and comfortable around them! Another way is to bring the pun to action! Pull them aside and place the soda on their shoulder/ head, and watch as they realize what's happening! If they don't like orange? Don't worry! Crush has created a variety of flavors, and it would be extra special if you can find out which kind they like best!

Fortune Cookie!

A Tasty Suprise!

While this may seem complex, it's actually not that hard! If you've ever had a fortune cookie, you know that there is a small gap, which you can use to remove the message and replace it with your confession, without breaking the cookie! If you use this method, make sure the offer doesn't seem suspicious. Try to have multiple to give out to friends, and make sure you give your crush the right one!

LGBTQ+ Edition!


This one is perfect for anyone with a homosexual crush! For example, if you are a girl who is in the closet, and you have a crush on a girl, tell them how they made you LGBTQ+, like "Why did you make me a lesbian?" Or, "Now I'm gay because of you!" This will hopefully not only let them know about your feelings but will also make them feel very significant!

Just Tell Them!!!

Simple, but effective with some tweaks!

Now, this alone may not be memorable, but there are many ways to add color to a simple sentence!

  • Setting! Take your crush somewhere nice and exciting, so they'll remember this day.

  • Lighting! There's something about the night sky, broken by a single candle that just makes everything more romantic :).

  • Mood! Confessing out of the blue can lead to a negative reaction, prepare! You'll get a better response if your crush is happy and comfortable, compared to angry or reluctant!

  • Timing! This means a lot! If you're going to take them on a date to confess, confessing too early might risk an awkward rest of the date if they say no, but if you confess too late, their response might be cut off if the date ends!

The End!

I hope you found this useful! Comment if you used any of these! How did it turn out?



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