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Hello everyone!

I’m back with another amazing set of crime series listicles for you. Series are playing an important role in people’s lives in recent years. It has reached a new rage among the youngsters. It is a kind of relaxation to many and also an addiction to few. They make you feel all kinds of emotions like happiness, sadness, overwhelmed, excitement, surprise, shock, scared, and many more. And of course, a perfect way to relax from the busy is to play a long-awaited series, grab your snacks, plug in the charger, and binge-watch. 

Also, there are many other genres like Rom-Com, Crime, Thriller, Fantasy, Legal, Medical, etc. This listicle here has the 34 best crime series for you. If you are a crime thriller fan you will love all of them. 

Open your OTT platforms as well, and just keep adding all of them to your watchlist. 

1 . Money Heist 

Directed by Alex Pina, it has 5 seasons. One of the most successful crime dramas with tremendous followers on its page. It is a Spanish heist crime drama. It was released on 2nd May 2017 and the last episode of the series was aired on 3rd December 2020. You can watch it on Netflix. 

2 . Peaky blinders 

Peaky blinders was directed by Steven knight. It was first aired on 13th September 2013 and has made it till the 5th season successfully with its amazing plot. Can be watched on Netflix and BBC iplayer. 

3 . True detective 

An English-based crime series with 3 seasons directed by three different people. It was released on 12th January 2014. You can binge-watch it on Hotstar. 

4 . The mentalist 

The mentalist is a crime thriller with police procedurals and a lot of action involved. It is directed by Bruno Heller, has 7 seasons. The first episode was aired on 23rd September 2008 on Hotstar. 

5 . Dexter 

A psychological crime thriller blended with dark mystery has 8 seasons in total. Directed by James Manos Jr, released on 1st October 2006 on Voot. 

6 . FBI 

This crime series was directed by **** Wolf and Craig Turk. It was first released on 25th September 2018 on Voot and has 4 seasons. 

7 . Mind hunter 

Mind hunter has 2 seasons which was directed by Joe Penhall. It was released on 13th October 2017. The OTT platform to watch it is Netflix.  

8 . Delhi crimes 

An Indian crime drama series was released on 22nd March 2019. It has 7 episodes and one season, you can watch it on Netflix. It was directed by Richie Mehta. 

9 . Breathe: into the shadows 

Another Indian crime drama series with 12 episodes originally released in Hindi. It was released on 10th July 2020 on amazon prime. 

10 . Aranyak 

Aranyak was released on 10th December 2021. It has 8 episodes in the season. It was directed by Vinay Waikul. Can be binge-watched on Netflix. 

11 . Mirzapur 

 Mirzapur an Indian crime series has 2 seasons and was first released on 16ht November 2018. It was directed by 3 different directors Karan Anshuman, Gurmeet Singh, Mihir Desai. It can be watched on Amazon Prime. 

12 . Border town 

It is a Finnish series, shot in Finland. It has 3 seasons and 31 episodes on Netflix. It was released on 16th October 2016. It was directed by Miikko Oikkonen, Jyri Kahonen, Juuso Syrja, Marko Makilaakso, Jussi Hiltunen. 

13 . SOKO Munchen 

This series is a german based police procedural with 46 seasons. The first episode was aired on 2nd January 1978. Directed by Dieter Schenk. 

14 . Criminal: Germany

It is again a police procedural series in german. It has 1 season with only 3 episodes, the first episode was first aired on 20th September 2019. Directed on Oliver Hirschbeigel and stream it on Netflix. 

15 . Dark woods 

Dark woods are available on amazon prime. It has 1 season with 6 episodes. Released on 25th November 2020 and directed by Sven Bohse. 

16 . Fatma 

Fatma is a Turkish series released on 27th April 2021. It consists of 6 episodes in one season. Watch it on Netflix. 

17 . Giri \ Haji

Julian Falino and Ben Chessell directed the series. It has one season with 8 episodes and was released on 17th October 2017, in both Japanese and English languages. It is available on Netflix.

18 . Memorist 

It is Korean series a mixture of mystery, fantasy, and crime. It has 16 episodes and one season. It was released on 11th March 2020 and was made from “ Memorist” by Jae hoo. Can watch it on Viki Rakuten website or app. 

19 . He is psychometric

This series is a blend of crime, thriller, and fantasy. Starring a K-pop boy band member as the lead, directed by Kim Byung Soo. It was released on 11th March 2019. It has 16 episodes with one season. Available on Viki Rakuten website and app. 

20 . S.W.A.T

SWAT has 5 seasons with 100 episodes, which was first released on 2nd November 2017. Directed by Clark Johnson. Benny Boom. Can be watched on Amazon Prime. 

21 . Vagabond 

This action crime thriller is a Korean series. It was released on 20th September 2019, directed by Yoon In Sik, and can be watched on Netflix. 

22 . Law school 

It is a legal drama involving a crime scene on Netflix. It was released on 14th April 2021. Directed by Kim Seok Yoon. 

23 . The devil judge 

The devil judge was released on 3rd July 2021 on Netflix and other ott platforms like Viki Rakuten. It is directed by Choi Jung Gyu, it has 16 episodes. 

24 . Flower of evil 

This is a crime suspense melodrama, directed by Kim Cheol Kyu. Available on Netflix and Viki Rakuten. 

25 . Sherlock 

Sherlock is a crime mystery with 3 seasons. It was released on 25th July 2010 on Amazon Prime. 

26 . Taxi driver 

It is directed by Park Joon woo and has 1 season with 16 episodes. It was released on 9th April 2021 on amazon prime and Viki Rakuten. 

27 . Tell me what you saw 

It is a crime thriller k-drama with 16 episodes. Kim Sang-hoon is the director of the series. It was released on 1st February 2020. Available on Viki Rakuten website and app. 

28 . Mouse 

This series was released on 3rd March 2020. It was directed by Choi Joon bae and Kang Cheol woo. It has 20 episodes and is full of suspense. Can watch it on Viki Rakuten website and app. 

29 . The Penthouse: War in life  

It has 3 seasons each directed by 3 different directors Joo Dong-min, Park Bo Ram, and Park soojin. It is a crime thriller suspense drama. Available on Viki Rakuten. 

30 . Vincenzo 

A crime mafia series with dark comedy. It has 20 episodes, released on 20th February 2021. It is directed by Kim Heewon. Available on Netflix. 

31 . Sisyphus 

It has 16 episodes, directed by Jin Hyuk. It was released on 17th February 2021. Can be watched on Netflix. 

32 . Extracurricular

A teen crime drama, with 10 episodes. Kim Jim min directed the drama. It was first released on 29th April 2020. 

33 . My name

It is a crime, action, noir, and thriller. It has 8 episodes, directed by Kim JIn min. And it was released on 15th October 2021. 

34 . Voice 

Voice is a crime thriller with 4 seasons and a total of 58 episodes. It was released on 17th January 2017 on Netflix. Directed by 5 different directors, Kim Hong sun, Kim Sang-hoon, Lee Seung-Yeong, Nam Ki-hoon, and Shin Yong hee. 

They are all just brilliantly directed and scripted only for crime lovers. My watchlist has many from this list and I am definitely going to watch all of them. I hope you also got a collection to add to your watchlist. And I’m sure they will not disappoint you.

Also, make sure to call over your friends home and have fun.

Have a great time! Adios Amigos.




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