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To be in the writing contest or not?

Victoria Mineva

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Today, I want to tell a story about creative writing contests. Last year I had returned to the original creative writing goal that I’ve been neglecting for a long time.

The reasons are many. The catalyst, as always, in my life was the broken heart and the sadness I have felt.

It is a well-known fact that the greatest changes, masterpieces, etc come from the feeling of emptiness and unappreciation by the closest-to-heart persons in people’s lives.

Starting November, I participate monthly between 5 and 10 contests for creative writing. I seek appreciation of my work from the readers, not my pockets. My creative writing goal has always been to inspire people to change their lives for the better and become the best versions of themselves.

I have been in a lot of depressive situations. I have been so many times lonely and alone physically and mentally that I can’t count anymore. I do not want to do it or create a pitiful image.

But, the sure thing is I know very well what it’s like to have no one to talk to or listen to.

However, why do I keep going to participate in writing contests since I do not win them?

My reasons are these:



*Imagination improvement

Challenge is the thing that makes my blood boil, and I want to prove myself in my eyes the best possible I can. I compete daily with myself. That builds my character and makes me close to the perfection I look for in what I do.

There is one more thing — I am all in everything I do. My passion for writing knows no limits since I started to write, and tell stories to my child.

If I win a contest someday, I will be grateful.

But, the journey and adrenaline are more important to me.

The challenge creates me also a feeling for goal following. It makes me focused and not distracted to lie on the bed or watch TV or do some things that give me not much value in my personal life.

Exploration of different genres always shows you the place you best fit in. I wrote Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Journal, Essay, etc., to find I am best in Poetry and Flash fiction. I love flash fiction because it says too much with a few words and can be interpreted differently by the readers based on their moral values. I continue to explore daily and monthly. Last month I found a curious prose poetry competition I joined immediately- Descant Poetry. I needed to write 750 words of prose poetry.

Sunspot Lit with 100 words of flash fiction story became my favorite place to be.

It is great to have an exact count of words, people think more and are disciplined to write their best.

I was very excited when I wrote these words because they made my mind clear, disciplined, and more imaginative.

Creativity in everything people do is a must.

Imagination improvement is the best tool every creative writer of fictions or novels needs. I have started a novel for supernatural dark fantasy heroes, and I imagine every character, story, place of living, etc.

My participation in Fantasy, Mystery, and Dark fantasy writing competitions gave me a clear picture of what the world should look like in these stories. Thanks to them, I could understand better the scenario of these genres.
Before I start writing for a concrete contest, I research what I should write. It is the basis of every writer that wants to improve.

Usually, the writing contests are won by well-established authors in the field, but it is a great experience to know more about the difference between genres’ landscapes.

In the end, is it worth participating in a Writing Contest?
Yes, it is, if people want to become serious as creative writers and want to improve in this field. If the creative writers of fiction, novels, and poetry want to build a reputation and write a book, it is worth it. When someone’s name is in a won writing contest, that strengthens readers’ base. Self-publishing or traditional publishing here is another story I will tell some other time.
It is not worth it if people want to become social media influencers or bloggers. For those who look only to fill their pockets by writing, or is better to say blogging is not worth it. There is no guaranteed win in the contest and the money.
Thank you for reading. I hope I gave you something useful to think about.


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