5 Pandemic Weddings of 2020 Which Proved Love Is Beyond All Obstacles

Love knows no boundary! Not even covid!

Abha Patel

Dec 16, 2020|3 min read


We all want to make our wedding memorable. Pre-wedding shoots, destination weddings and a lot of other things make sure nothing is left out in Indian weddings. We do every possible thing to make our partner and loved one feel special on the day of the wedding.

Marriage is a sacred bond of love that is pre-defined by God, and when we love someone we go to limits to do anything as possible. Having found true love, who would wish to not marry him or her and spend a beautiful life?

The year 2020 is unique. Social distancing, lockdown, no touching, mask all-around, keep sanitizer bottles with you - people adapted new ways to do the things. The year 2020 became unique in all aspects and it is unique for love as well. 

People may not have done pre-wedding shoots or destination weddings due to the restrictions, but they found out the way to make it memorable and special. Yes, they found out ways to make it full of love for their loved ones.

Here are 5 Indian weddings that showed us Love can overcome any obstacle and love knows no boundaries: 

1- For the Haldi Ceremony, relatives followed social distancing and used rollers to do the Haldi. It is the most amazing, fun-filled and memorable Indian wedding we have seen till now.

Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me sohneya! What a lovely way to avoid touching one another and preventing the spread of Covid-19.

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2- For their wedding, this Indian origin UK Couple arranged a drive-in ceremony. More than 250 guests watched this couple getting married through their cars. This Indian wedding giving the royal feels in Covid-19 is the most lovely and beautiful thing to witness.

As only 15 people were allowed to attend the wedding in England, this was a very innovative way to throw the wedding party. And of course, only Indians are capable of this kind of jugaad.

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3- This Indian wedding was a creative one. The couple used the stick as chopsticks to complete the varmala ceremony.

4- In this Indian wedding, the bride and groom took Covid-19 pledge in the mandap. SP Manikant Mishra from Uttrakhand made them and their relatives take the pledge for prevention of Covid-19.

The SP of the area made sure the bride and groom feel the responsibility of getting married and saving the world! Maybe this was their wedding gift.

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5- This Indian Wedding of a Tamil couple was hosted virtually and they got the food delivered at the doorstep of their guests. 

What's in there to bring everyone together in a digital era? Let everyone be at home and enjoy the yummy food. The couple really went on the right path.

pandemic weddings, weddings in covid period, unusual weddings, indian weddingslink

More such creative Indian weddings took place in the pandemic. Let us know about them in the comment section below. Share the stories of #LoveBeyondAllObstacle. 

Share this with your friends who are getting married now and let them know we want something memorable like this. Stay safe and well.

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