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Shriyanshi Agrawal

Nov 21, 2020|8 min read


Many students dream to study abroad whether for their under graduation, post-graduation or P.hD. This is because most of them want to widen their scopes and learn new things in this wide world. 

Education in foreign countries seems to offer better infrastructure and scope in different fields. It gives better opportunities to students but the luxury to study in foreign countries lies with few due to the high fees which most of the families can't afford.

To all the ones who are worried about their education, here is some good news for you. There are few countries that offer free education in the world, which offer good education with only your cost of living. No tuition fees even for International students.

Do check out this list of the countries offering free education to students - 

1) Germany

Germany as a county has a lot to offer to you. It is considered one of the best free education countries for Indian students to want to have further education in a foreign country. In 2014, Germany’s 16 states removed tuition fees for undergraduate students, thus only a small amount of money is required as administration cost along with your living cost. Also, there are many universities here which offer education in English thus making it a favourable choice.

2) Norway

Norway is a country which made a policy to remove tuition fees from colleges for their as well as International students to increase the enrollment of students in Universities. Though the tuition fees are zero, the cost of living can be a little higher here. Also if you plan to study in Norway one must know their language as most colleges offer education in Norwegian language only.

3) Sweden 

Sweden is a country that offers free education to its students as well as European students, though non-European need to pay some amount of fees. Here for bachelor’s and master’s, a small amount of money is required, but for PhD students it's free. Also for your research years, you will make a specified amount. Though here a large number of people speak English which makes it a preferable choice.

4) Austria

Austria is a country with free education for European students while non-Europeans need to pay a nominal amount during their admission in the universities. Though the main language is German, few courses are taught in English. The cost of living depends on the area, like Vienna can be a little costly.

5) Finland

Final is another amazing country with free education for European students while for non - European students, they have to pay tuition fees. But for master programmes, students can prefer Finland as it has started offering many courses in English to attract many international students. The cost of living in Pori, Lappeenranta and Tampere is certainly less and affordable.

6) Czech Republic

Law in this country allows education in the state and public institutions to be free of cost for students of all nationalities but one has to pay if they want to study in a foreign language other than their own that is Czech. Though a good point here is that the cost of living is low and they offer many cultural and other activities to let you increase your extracurricular activities. It is one of the many countries that offer free education to students.

7) France

This country is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in terms of view, though it seems that in terms of education too it has a lot to offer. It offers many courses to be taught in English thus it is a preferable country for further study, also the cost of living is comparatively low in France as compared to other countries in Europe. Though from autumn 2019, the French government has made it clear that international students need to pay for tuition fees in colleges.

8) Belgium 

Next on our list of countries with free education is Belgium. Both the cost of living and tuition fees in Belgium is low for European students but non- European need to pay a higher amount as compared to them. Though French and Dutch are the main languages but few courses are offered in the English language too making it favourable for International students.

9) Greece

Greece is a country which is known for the low cost of living and offers free education at bachelor level of education. Though for most master’s level colleges, one has to pay some nominal fees. Many universities prefer french and German for the medium of instruction but there are few who teach in English.

10) Spain

European students can study free of cost in Spain by choosing a Spanish university. Though non-Europeans need to pay a certain amount but it is affordable. The medium of instruction is mostly Spanish so it is better to learn the language to better enjoy the culture and education in this country. All in all, Spain is among the most loved countries that offer free education.

11) Argentina

In Argentina, most of the public universities offer free education for all which are mostly funded by the Ministry of Education of this country. Though this country has an affordable cost of living, the medium of language is Spanish so students must learn this language to be able to study. If you have plans to study abroad, Argentina is one of the best countries with free education.

12) Brazil

Brazil is an amazing country that offers free education to both its students as well; as International ones. Education is free up to postgraduate level thus it is a favourable place for the students looking forward to studying bachelor and master degree from foreign countries. They are offered to study in English though they are taught Portuguese 2- 3 times a week.

13) Cuba

Cuba is one of the best countries which always offered free education to students at the university level. Just the cost of books is what you need to afford and the cost of living too is low. As this country is slowly opening in the economy thus most citizens are learning English and in universities too, it is a medium of instruction.

14) Denmark

Higher education in Denmark is free for EU, EEA and students going for an exchange programme, whereas other students need to pay a nominal amount of fee. Also, many scholarships and grants are offered by the government and universities here thus it may be easier to study in this country.

15) Hungary

Hungry is a country that offers free education is becoming a popular spot for international students dreaming to have further education in a foreign country as the tuition fees are minimal. Also, the scholarship that is offered covers medical insurance, tuition fees, housing allowance and a monthly stipend thus reducing the burden lit.

16) Turkey

Turkey is good for academically excellent students as it requires you to have a good GPA, high TOEFL or IELTS result in English. The courses are offered at relatively low cost in the Turkish language whereas a little more is added if one wants to study the same course in English. The cost of living depends on the country where you prefer to study and may range from low to high accordingly. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Turkey is one of the best countries with free education.

17) Uruguay

Uruguay too offers higher education at low cost for International students too. Thus showing a high literacy rate as education in schools is also free of cost. The medium of instruction is mainly Spanish but few offer in English and Portuguese too. Hence, it is also noted among the various countries with free education.

This completes the list of various countries that offer free education or at least offer nominal amounts of fees for registration only thus allowing many students to aspire and complete their dream of studying abroad. 

These countries have a different flavour of culture and language making it a favourable choice to learn new skills and walk in this wide world with the people of different cultures and languages.

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