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We can't talk about intimacy without talking about safety. Intimacy is a part of life we should all be able to enjoy without stressing over the possibility of harm—and that's why it's so essential to be prepared before getting down and dirty.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to the ultimate sex safety kit. This kit contains everything you need for a stress-free and safe night in—allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment, free from worry.

We believe that being fully prepared for intimate moments is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure. From condoms and lubes to pH-balancing wipes and soaps, we'll show you what should be included in your sex safety kit, as well as how to use them for maximum pleasure with minimum risk.

Complete Sex Safety Kit for Stress-Free Intimacy | Royal Intimacy

What Is Included in the Sex Safety Kit?

You may be wondering, what exactly should I include in this sex safety kit? Don't worry; it's easier than you think! A basic sex safety kit should include anything and everything that makes you feel safe and stress-free during intimate moments.

For instance, you'll want to make sure to include the following essentials:

  • Condoms:

Condoms are the first and most important item to have handy for any kind of sexual activity. They don't just prevent pregnancy; they also reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

  • Lube:

Lube can help make things feel more enjoyable and prevent any friction or discomfort. Look for water-based lube since it's easier to clean up.

  • Clean-Up Supplies:

Sex can get messy! So be sure to have some body-safe wipes or cloths nearby in case of any spills or messes that need cleaning up. For added convenience, you can also find disposable underpads to absorb fluids and protect beds or other surfaces.

Condoms and Their Importance

When it comes to sex safety, condoms, and protection are a must. Condoms are the only type of contraception that offers protection from both pregnancy and many sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

  • When used correctly and consistently, condoms are an excellent method for preventing pregnancy and protecting sexual partners from STIs. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colors, flavors, and textures—so there's something for everyone!

  • Using condoms correctly is crucial for their effectiveness. Make sure you're using the right size—if the condom is too small or too big, it won't adequately protect you. Be sure to also check the expiration date on any package of condoms that you purchase before using them.

  • It's also important to use a new condom every single time—and never with oil-based lubricants like lotion or petroleum jelly, as they can damage the latex material of standard condoms.

Instead, opt for a water-based lubricant specially designed for use with latex condoms.

Lubrication Products for Safe Sex Practices

Now that we have condoms, dental dams, and gloves covered, let's talk about another important step in sex safety: lube! Not only can it make your experience more comfortable, but it can also help prevent unwanted changes to the pH balance of your vagina and reduce friction that can cause microscopic tears in the skin.

Complete Sex Safety Kit for Stress-Free Intimacy | Royal Intimacy

Types of Lubes

When you're choosing a lubricant, be sure to go for one that's appropriate for whatever sex act you're engaging in. Here are some of the most common options:

  • Water-based lubricants:

These are very popular because they're easy to find and often free from irritation. They tend to last a bit longer than other kinds, but they may need more frequent reapplication during extended play sessions.

  • Silicone-based lubricants:

These have a slicker feel than water-based lubricants, making them great for anal sex or any other kind of play that involves friction. However, these are not compatible with silicone toys and may damage them over time.

  • Oil-based lubricants:

For those looking for something really long-lasting and luxurious, oil-based lubes are probably the way to go. Just be sure not to use oil-based lubes with latex condoms, as the oil weakens the latex and makes it more prone to breakage.

In addition, if you want an extra sensation boost during your play session opt for flavored lube or warming/cooling lubes! No matter which kind of lube you settle on. Be sure to include it in your safe sex kit—you never know when it might come in handy.

The Role of Contraception in Safe Sex

You already know how important it is to practice safe sex, so why not take it one step further and put together your own sex safety kit? One of the essential items in a sex safety kit is contraception. It's an easy way to make sure you both stay protected from unwanted pregnancy or STIs like HIV, gonorrhea, herpes, and chlamydia.

When choosing contraception for your sex kit bundle, you have a few options. Some of the most popular types are:

  • Condoms. Available in different sizes and textures for added pleasure. Condoms are one of the best ways to reduce the risk of contracting an STD. They typically come in boxes with several condoms inside, making it easy to store them away until needed.

  • Birth control pills or patches. These provide protection against pregnancy but do not protect against STDs. Make sure you and your partner discuss any potential side effects before using this form of contraception to ensure that it's right for you both.

  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs). This type of contraceptive is inserted into the uterus and can last up to 5 or 10 years, depending on the type chosen. They are perfect as a long-term form of contraception that also offers protection against STIs.

Whether you're going about building your own sex safety kit or just looking for supplies for a romantic evening between two consenting adults, make sure you're taking all necessary precautions when it comes to preventing pregnancy and reducing the risk of contracting an STD.