30 Shayaris On Bachpan That Describe The Childhood Beautifully

Moving back to ‘Bachpan’

Sonam Ghaengat

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Bachpan or Childhood is a beautiful part of every person’s life. The best phase of a person’s life is said to be his childhood. Childhood is the phase where no worries and tensions could bother a person. He just feels the best time in which he holds the best memories when he was carefree and free from all tensions and stress. 

The burden of responsibilities stays away from a person in his childhood. Also in this phase of life, a person creates numerous beautiful memories such as school, lunchbox, tiny fights with friends, unlimited fun in the playground, and many more. 

A kid is the happiest person on the earth and this is so true because he has nothing to bother himself. He can be happy with just a toy or chocolates. We can do so in our childhood because we have no expectations and no responsibilities. We all are so lucky to live such an amazing life with beautiful childhood memories. 

A kid can do whatever he wants to do hence he lives so happily. Also, there is no other best way to represent the beauty of something except shayaris. We can easily and smoothly present the whole childhood with the shayaris as there is no other best way than shayaris to explain the beauty of a thing.  

Here I have mentioned the bachpan Shayaris that present a beautiful image of childhood. To remind that amazing time of life once again have a glance at these shayaris that I have listed here.

1. “Na kuch pa lene ki chaah thi, na kuch kho jaane ka dar tha, vo bachpan bhi ek khubsurat sa safar tha.”

Bachpan Shayaris | Childhood Shayaris

Starting our list of bachpan shayaris with this beautiful Shayari. A kid neither wants to get something nor has fear of losing anything he just enjoys his beautiful time of life, his childhood.

2. “Bachpan ki bato me bhale hi jhuth hota tha par fir bhi bade sache hote the hum.”

In childhood, we used to tell lies but still, our hearts and soul remain genuine. A kid is the most genuine and real among all humans on the earth.

3. “Na Kuchh Paana tha Na Kuchh Khona tha, Bas Apni Hi Dhun par sawar hona tha vo bachpan kyu itna nirala tha”

In our childhood we don’t have any fear, any desire, we just love to live in our dream world. Being a child we don’t need to run away after the things as we used to do after entering our adulthood.

4. “Hum taiyar hai apni kaagaz ki kashti lekar koi bachpan ki vo barish to lekar aae.”

Bachpan Shayaris | Childhood Shayaris

The list of beautiful bachpan Shayaris is incomplete without this one. The best memory of almost every person’s life is floating a paper boat in the rain. We are urging to bring back that rain of childhood because we are ready with our paper boats to have fun once again.

5. “Chalo aj bachpan ka koi khel khele, muddaton bad bina bat muskurane ka dil kar raha hain.”

When we were children we used to laugh without any reason and I think that was the most beautiful thing and one can be happiest while playing his childhood’s game. This is why I have mentioned this Shayari in the list of beautiful bachpan Shayaris.

6. “Dekho ye aam ped se khud hi girne lage hain, lagta hai inhe toddne vala bachpan na raha ab.”

Bachpan Shayaris | Childhood Shayaris

In the old times, children eagerly wait for the mango season to pluck the mangoes from the trees and that gave them heavenly fun and happiness. By the time the things get changed and no one is there to pluck those mangoes.

7. “Ab ye chehra bachpan ki tarah bewajah nahi muskurata, shayad upar wala bhi samajhdar ho gaya hume jawan banate banate.”

Moving forward in the list of bachpan Shayaris with this one. Once we become adults, we cannot become children again because of the lack of innocence and carefreeness in us. God has perfectly shaped the circle of life and he must become mature while shaping our life, post-childhood or bachpan.

8. “Vo bachpan tha jab rat se pehle suhani sham thi, ye jawani hai jaha din ke bad andheri raat hai.”

The next on the list of bachpan Shayaris is this one. Roaming on the streets and having fun whole the day and evening, it was only possible when we were children but now we only start the day and end up it with a night without having an evening.

9. “Kaha gayi vo bachpan ki ameeri, jab choti choti khushiyo ki keemat bas beparwah si harkate thi.”

The list of bachpan Shayaris has another beautiful Shayari. All those carefree acts of a kid give him that adorable smile and immense happiness. Their foolish acts can make them the happiest. They can be happy with just a simple gesture towards them.

10. “Vo bhaari sa school bag ab bahut halka sa lagta hai in zimmedariyo ke bojh ke aage.”

Bachpan Shayaris | Childhood Shayaris

The list of bachpan Shayaris cannot be completed without this. No doubt that we feel so stressed in completing our responsibilities but there was a time when we get tired just because of the weight of our school bag.

11. “Children never say, I had a bad day, can we talk? They only say, “Will you play with me?”

Yes, because the ultimate remedy of all the sorrows of children is playing. Their sadness can vanish just by playing with their toy.  The kid is happiest while playing and having fun. Playing a game can vanish all their sadness.

12. “Yaad aata hai wo bachpan jab khushiyo ki paribhasha kuch esi hoti thi, titliyo ko pakadna taare todne jitni khushi deta tha.”

True words! In the list of bachpan Shayaris, as the happiness one can have by getting the moon and stars, a kid can get just by catching a butterfly. The children's desires are not that much big but still fulfilling these desires can give them abounded joy.

13. “Na rone ki wajah thi, na hasne ka bahana tha, kyun ho gaye hum bade, kitna khubsurat vo bachpan ka zamana tha."

Bachpan Shayaris | Childhood Shayaris

Another one in our list of bachpan Shayaris that beautifully describes childhood. A kid cries for silly reasons and can laugh for the same reason that has made him cry a minute ago and that is the most beautiful thing about childhood.

14. “Itni chahat kisi cheez ko pane ki ni hoti jitni bachpan ki vo purani tasveere dekh kar bachpan me vapis jane ki hoti hai.”

The old pictures of our childhood are the real asset of life because earning money and being successful are not enough to give us such happiness that our childhood days can give. This is why we would love to go back to our childhood days.

15. “Hothon par vo pyari si muskaan aur kandho par vo bhari sa basta tha, vo sukoon bhara jamana bada hi sasta tha.”

In our bachpan or childhood, we only have the burden of our school bag and also at that time, all the things were so cheap than today’s world. In short, there was peace and serenity in the world, and people value people rather than non-living things.

16. “Vo shararati si laparwah si nasamajh si hasi hamare hothon par aaj bhi jhalakti hai jab jhaakte hai bachpan ki un purani tasveero me.”

Moving forward in our list of beautiful bachpan Shayaris with this because whenever we peep into our old childhood pictures our innocent smile reflects beautifully from those pictures and that is enough to lighten up our mood.

17. “Vo bachpan bada kamaal ka tha jaha na kal ki fikr thi na aaj ka thikaana tha.”

Bachpan Shayaris | Childhood Shayaris

A kid never feels worried about his today and he never thinks about his tomorrow. He just lives in the moment he is having. This is why this cute bachpan Shayari has been added to our list.

18. “Jab rote rote has dete the vo bachpan tha, aj haste haste ro dete hai ye jawaani hai.”

This beautiful bachpan Shayari is about the children's tendency to laugh for seconds and to also cry at the very same moment. A kid used to do this but an adult person has so much emotional stuff inside him this is why he becomes sad even after a laugh.

19. “You can’t get such happiness and joy in riding an actual boat that you can get from the paper boats in your childhood.”

This is so true because the innocence of a kid turns into smartness when we become adults. As a kid, we can feel immense happiness and joy in floating paper boats in the rain rather than riding an actual boat after being an adult.

20. “That is our childhood’s bag that keeps all the adorable memories but still not hurts our back.”

The bag of childhood is the bag full of memories, feelings, emotions, and fun one can never be hurt by carrying it. This is why we have mentioned this bachpan Shayari here in our list.

21. “A child could eat, run, laugh and cry, it is only their innocence that can make you for them, die.”

Another beautiful bachpan Shayari is here. A child’s innocence is the thing that can make us love them with our whole hearts. Whenever we are around a kid, we can be happiest.

22. “Nasamajh the fir bhi ache the, koi lauta de vo din jab hum bacche the.”

Bachpan Shayaris | Childhood Shayaris

This bachpan Shayari has well fitted in the current scenario where we want to go back to our bachpan or childhood. We were naughty and stupid in our childhood but were too good because of our innocent and pure hearts. That is why we want those days to be back in our life.

23. “Bachpan ki vo meethi si baatein aur yaadein, unki barabari kaha kisi mithai ki mithas kar payegi.”

So true! In our list of bachpan Shayaris. Nothing is sweeter than the sweet childhood memories. Those memories just give us happiness and we can’t resist ourselves by recalling them.

24. “Vo bachpan tha jab rote bahut the par khush the, Ye jawani hai jab rote kam hai par dukhi hai.”

Yes being a kid it was so easy for us to cry over little things in front of people but as an adult, we can’t do this. No matter how sad and tired we are of our lives but still, we cannot cry our hearts out. This is why it has been included here in our bachpan Shayaris list.

25. “Barish me bheegne ka dar note se bhari jeb valo ko hota hai, Baccha to sikko se bhari jeb lekar Barish me bheegta hai.”

Another well-mentioned Shayari is on our list of beautiful bachpan Shayaris. A pocket full of notes can stop you from enjoying the rain, but a person with a pocket full of coins can easily do this.

26. “Ae zindagi lauta de hamare bachpan ke vo din jahan na koi zaroorat thin aur na koi zaroori tha.”

Bachpan Shayaris | Childhood Shayaris

Shayari's list should include this one. Extremely astonishing time of life, the bachpan or childhood. The most important thing to be asked from life to bring back is the old childhood days when we were too good to live life with zero expectations from anyone.

27. “Fikr se bhi azaadi hoti thi, khushiyaa ikatthi hoti thi, Vo bhi kya din the jab hamari garmiyo ki chutthiya hoti thi.”

Summer vacations are the best part of every person’s childhood or bachpan. Every child eagerly waits for the summer vacations to enjoy these days by spending more time playing and having fun. The list of beautiful bachpan Shayaris will be incomplete without such shayaris.

28. “Jab umra ne talaashi li to kuch lamhe mile, kuch gham bhare the kuch namm the, bas kuch khubsurat lamhe mile vo bachpan ke the.”

Bachpan Shayaris | Childhood Shayaris

Moving forward in the list of beautiful bachpan Shayari with another one. The best time the best memories and the best funny moments, one can only have in his childhood. This is why these days are said to be a collection of good times.

29. “Vo waqt bhi kamaal tha jab zindagi me sirf nadaniyo ki jagah thi, vo daur bhi kamaal tha jab Zindagi me sirf sukoon ki jagah thi.”

Moving ahead in our list with this one. In our life’s part where we all have acted most stupidly but still loves to be like that is the time when we were a kid. There was peace and sanity that we all are looking for our whole life.

30. “Bachpan ka vo toota khilona use tab bhi rualta tha vo use aj bhi rulata hai, bas ye fark hi hai umra ka jo hume bacche se bada banata hai.”

Bachpan Shayaris | Childhood Shayaris

The last one on our list of bachpan Shayaris is this beautiful one. It has been mentioned here because as a kid we cried because that toy was broken now we feel to cry because we can’t play with it at this stage of life.

So we have reached here by reading all these beautiful bachpan Shayaris. Childhood always has a reserved place in our life that cherishes our whole life. Those little moments have a deep and impactful space in our lives. 

Our diary of childhood has included thousands of memories that we could not stop ourselves from recalling. An adult is never satisfied with his life but on the other hand, a child got satisfied and happy with small and little things. Every person becomes a boring version of his childhood. 

The best time where we used to climb on trees, roam around the colonies, eat each other’s lunchbox, save our pocket money to buy gifts for our parents, cry for our toy, ride a roller coaster, and numerous other memories that still bring a beautiful smile on our face.

So if you want to feel the beauty of childhood once again then you should read it out. It will surely take you on a different ride of childhood where you can once again feel your ‘Bachpan’.

It is a bye for now till then happy surfing!


Sonam Ghaengat

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