27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

Mayank Dimri
Jan 7, 2022 11 min read

Charlize Theron is a South African-American celebrity who first appeared in the 1995 film 'Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest.' Her first dialogue-driven part was in the 1996 film '2 Days in the Valley.' She's made a name for herself as a phenomenal actor with a distinctive look. She is a woman with a diverse variety and a long history of dedication to her job. Charlize Theron is evolving into a mature woman, much like aged wine. She's been in the industry for two decades and has a long list of Charlize Theron movies to her credit.

She was the first South African actress to win the 'Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as a serial killer (Aileen Wuornos) in the 2003 movie 'Monster'. Her performance was said to be one of the finest ever in cinematic history.

A dynamic artist who has distinguished herself in a range of genres, encompassing tragedy, thriller, humor, and much more, Theron is the full package, and audiences have gotten extremely fascinated with her abilities as a performer – particularly in recent years. In her diversified journey, Charlize Theron has been in several excellent films. It's apparent that as Theron continues to demonstrate herself as a top-tier talent, she'll only develop and dazzle with her abilities.

So here are we presenting you the index of 27 Charlize Theron Movies. These all 27 Charlize Theron Movies will give limelight to her versatile career.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

The film is slated to launch in 2015, and it is directed by George Miller. This film takes place in a post-apocalyptic wilderness. 

Eternal Joe, a tyrant ruler, regulates the supply of water and imprisons wilderness dwellers inside his stronghold, the Citadel. Max, a freshly caught wanderer, unwillingly joins the rebel fighter Imperator Furiosa in a prison escape to transport the warlord's 5 women to the 'Green Place.'

Genres Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Thriller

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

2. Monster

This 2003 year-released Movie is considered one of the finest Charlize Theron Movies. The film depicts the narrative of Aileen Lee Wuornos, a sidewalk call girl. 

When one of her clients, Vincent Corey, viciously assaults Aileen. She murders him in self-defense and resolves to leave the brothel business. When society rejects her, she returns to prostitution. She begins mercilessly murdering her customers until she is apprehended and condemned to death.

The movie was directed by one of the finest directors of the time Patty Jenkins.

Genres Thriller, Drama, Biography, Crime

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

3. Hancock

John Hancock is an inebriated, fumbling superhero who, despite his good intentions, causes more problems than help by utilizing his talents irresponsibly. After rescuing PR professional Ray, he assists him in improving his brand persona and gaining fame, but Ray's wife is displeased that her husband has taken Hancock home.

Along with will Smith on the side, this movie turns out to be among the successful Charlize Theron Movies.

Genres Sci-Fi, Crime, Action, Drama

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

4. The Italian Job

The film was released in 2003. F. Gary Gray created this outstanding movie in the list of Charlize Theron movies.

The plot works as A band of robbers commanded by John Bridger robs the Italian mafia of $35 million in gold bullion. One of the groupmates, however, cheats the others and flees with the gold, assuming the others are dying. Another squad member, Charlie Croker, reconfigures the squad a year later to exact revenge on the deceiver.

Genres Crime, Action, Thriller

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

5. North Country

The film was released in 2005. Niki Caro directed this magnificent film in the Charlize Theron movies. The story follows Aimes, a loser who walks away from her marriage after years of sexual abuse and exploitation. Despite her father's objections, she begins working in a mine to assist her two children.

Genres Drama

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

6. In the Valley of Elah

This film premiered in the year 2007 under the close supervision of Paul Haggis.

The plot continues after Mike Deerfield, a veteran who came back from Iraq, suddenly disappears. Hank, his dad, searches for answers as to what happened to his kid. Mike's burnt and mutilated body was recovered later. 

With the help of police investigator Emily Sanders and a little support from the army, Hank discovers the shocking truth.

Genres Crime, Mystery, Drama, Thriller

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

7. Sweet November

Under the capable direction of Pat O'Connor, this film possesses one of the strongest storylines among Charlize Theron's movies.

The plot thickens as a marketing executive meets a woman who appears to be unlike anyone he has ever met before. She is a bohemian by temperament, with a new partner every season, and he moved in with her at her request. 

In November, while living peacefully with her, he finds love with her and asks her to marry him, unaware that she has a mystery of her own that prohibits her from building a long-term engagement.

Genres Drama, Romance

8. Snow White and the Huntsman

Ravenna, a great witch, seduces King Magnus to become his wife, but murders him on the occasion of their marriage to gain power and enslaves his princess, Snow White. 

The future queen tries to flee, but Ravenna dispatches a huntsman to bring her back since the future queen is the secret to her life and is predestined to dethrone Ravenna.

Genres Drama, Fantasy, Action, Adventure

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

9. Head in the Clouds

In the year 2004, John Duigan directed this magnificent masterpiece of filmmaking. Gilda is a photographer living in Paris with her pals Guy and Mia. When the Second World War breaks out, however, their bond is shattered when Mia and Guy start to fight for Spain.

Genres War, Drama, Romance

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

10. Bombshell

Charlize Theron continues to add phenomenal movies to her list of best Charlize Theron movies over time.

Gretchen Carlson decided to sue Fox News after becoming sick of her boss's sexual assault. Her daring inspires several other powerful and determined women to take risks with their jobs, resulting in a freedom struggle.

Genres Biography, Drama

11. The Burning Plain

Guillermo Arriaga directed this motion picture, which became one of the finest works in the Charlize Theron Movies catalog.

The video portrays the reality of Sylvia, who acts as an optimistic restaurant manager while concealing her depression and thoughts of suicide. The movie then transports us to the old days, when Mariana, a little girl, seeks to understand why her mom began having affairs.

Genres Drama, Romance, Crime

12. The Old Guard

Someone may have learned about the identity of a group of eternal warriors who also have the power to cure themselves. They strive to keep their independence, as a newcomer is suddenly revealed.

Genres Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller

13. A Million Ways to Die in the West

This American romantic drama, which stars Seth MacFarlane, Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, and Neil Patrick Harris, tells the tale of Albert Stark, a jilted sheep farmer who finds bravery in battle after being supported by the pistol-wielding, gorgeous Anna.

Genres Western, Romance, Comedy

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

14. Trapped

The film is directed by Luis Mandoki. This is one of the most admired screenplays in the Charlize Theron Movies catalog.A prominent doctor and his lady attempt to save their baby girl, who has been abducted for unspecified reasons by a mysterious figure. It soon becomes clear that the abductors have ties to the doctor's history.

Genres Crime, Action, Drama, Thriller

15. The Huntsman: Winter's War

This magnificent film in the Charlize Theron Movies list was directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan.

In the second installment of the popular series, Ravenna, the villainous Empress, betrays her sibling, Freya, and murders her child, revealing Freya's dormant authority to influence ice. Freya, unaware of the reality, creates a new realm for herself, abducting and training kids as her huntsmen. 

When she tries to prevent two of them, Sara and Eric, from infatuation, the facts come out, and Ravenna is reincarnated.

Genres Adventure, Drama, Action, Fantasy

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

16. Young Adult

Mavis Gray, a drunken young adult novel franchise author, decided to go back to Mercury, her hometown. There you will meet with her high school darling. Soon, she gets to know that he is married with a child, and she wishes to reconcile with him. 

Due to unusual occurrences, she reconnects with high school classmate Matt Freehauf and is eventually ready to move on.

Jason Reitman is the director of the picture.

Genres Comedy, Drama

17. Mighty Joe Young

This magnificent film is part of the Charlize Theron Movies catalog. directed by Ron Underwood. 

Jill Young's best friend is Joe, a famed fifteen-foot tall mountain gorilla, who is Jill's best mate, and the two grow into adults alongside. Gregg O'Hara, a naturalist, ultimately transports Joe to a wildlife refuge in California. They are, however, clueless that a hunter is attempting to apprehend Joe.

Genres Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Family

18. Dark Places

This amazing masterpiece in the Charlize Theron Movies collection was created by Gilles Paquet-Brenner.

Libby Day was only 8 years old when her mom and siblings were tortured and killed on their Kansas farm. Many Years later, she investigates the same. She found the possibility that her brother, whom she had assumed was responsible, was not.

19. Æon Flux

This sci-fi movie in the list of Charlize Theron Movies is directed by one of the renowned directors Karyn Kusama.

After a breakout of a dangerous virus. All the survivors come together under one shelter. Bregna is a futuristic city occupied by the Congress of Scientists in 2415. Æon Flux, an agent required by an underground rebel organization. She was assigned the mission to kill Trevor. In the further screenplay, she faces a dilemma after discovering a secret.

Genres Action, Sci-Fi

20. The Astronaut's Wife

This science-fiction mystery follows two NASA astronauts as they attempt to rebuild a spacecraft in orbit and are confronted with an accident. Even though they have returned safely, they have undergone significant psychological alterations as they progressively retreat into a deep, dark universe.

Rand Ravich is the director of this fine movie in the catalog of Charlize Theron Movies.

Genres Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

21. The Cider House Rules

Orphan Homer Wells is raised in a Maine orphanage by Dr. Wilbur Larch, who conducts illegal abortions on demand for patients in need. Homer quits the orphanage when he becomes skilled in labor and delivery responsibilities because he disagrees with Larch on abortions but soon begins to rethink his decisions after starting work at an apple orchard.

Lasse Hallström directed the masterpiece among Charlize Theron's movies in 1999.

Genres Drama, Romance

22. The Fate of the Furious

This multi-staring movie is not bound to any introductions. The movie is directed by F. Gary Gray. This is also among the most successful Charlize Theron movies.

The plot works as Dominic Toretto and the rest of the squad are enjoying a stress-free life. One day, Cipher, a cyber-terrorist, shatters their calm. Dom's ex-partner Elena and their son were captured by Cipher. 

Cipher tried to blackmail Dom into exposing his squad. To save Don and defeat Cipher, the squad must join forces with Deckard Shaw and Hobbs.

Genres Adventure, Crime, Thriller, Action

23. The Legend of Bagger Vance

The Legend of Bagger Vance is a tale of Captain Junuh encountering a mystery golfing caddle who instructs him the technique of achieving the flawless stroke, as well as the significance of making sense in one's life.

In the year 2000, Robert Redford directed the film.

Genres Fantasy, Drama, Sport

24. Atomic Blonde

The action thriller Atomic Blonde was presented in 2017. David Leitch directed the film. During the Cold War, it chronicles the story of a secret MI6 spy assigned to Berlin. The agent was on a mission to investigate the assassination of a fellow agent and recover a stolen list containing the identities of other outstanding covert agents.

Genres Action, Thriller, Mystery

25. The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers is a biography romantic comedy-drama film that depicts the life of Peter Sellers, an emotionally detached man who grew up with an oppressive mom. 

He has to deal with several issues in his existence. Soon, He realizes his knack for humor, and the story proceeds.

This film was directed by one of the greatest directors Stephen Hopkins.

Genres Comedy, Biography, Drama, Romance

26. Battle in Seattle

Stuart Townsend directed this masterpiece. The plot progresses as inhabitants of Seattle explode in rioting and march in the streets in outrage as a high-profile conference is scheduled to be held at the W.T.Organization.

This is one of the most intensely insane movies in the catalog of Charlize Theron Movies.

Genres Action, Drama

27. Sleepwalking

Joleen's husband was imprisoned for cannabis possession. Thereafter, Joleen Reedy (Charlize Theron) and her 11-year-old baby girl, Tara (AnnaSophia Robb), take shelter with Joleen's wandering brother, James (Nick Stahl). 

Joleen soon leaves with a trucker. James alone finds himself not able to satisfy his obligations. Due to the careless behavior of James, child protective services took away Tara. 

When Child Protective Services takes her away, James kidnaps Tara from a residential care facility. The two journey from California to Utah, where his alcoholic father (Dennis Hopper) resides.

Genres Drama

27 Charlize Theron Movies That Are Worth To Watch

So here is the end of the dynamic list of Charlize Theron Movies. The index contains the finest Charlize Theron Movies. These all movies are my personal favorite. The versatility and dynamic character of Charlize Theron can be seen in these Charlize Theron Movies.

Please let us know in the comment box about your favorite Charlize Theron Movies.