25 Champagne Brands That Surely Make Your Celebrations Special

Every special occasion deserves Champagnes!

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Feb 26, 2021|5 min read


Champagne, sparkling wine is the best way to celebrate any festive. The need to load up on bubbly has increased over years with increased quality, taste and aroma. 

Best Champagne Brands
Best Champagne Brands

Be it a birthday, anniversary or a new year party - whatever is the occasion champagne surely adds a glittering light to the occasion. But finding the right flavour of the champagne brand is a difficult task.

Here we help you identify the best champagne brands available in the market for your favourite celebration and their prices too. The guesswork of choosing the right champagne bottle for all celebrations is done by us.

Below mentioned are the 25 best Champagne brands from the best bottles you must try.

1. Dom Perignon Champagne

One of the best Champagne brands, Dom Perignon Champagne was invented by monk Dom Pierre Perignon. The Dom Perignon Champagne is available in two varieties i.e. chardonnay and pinot noir. The Champagne is perfect as a memorable gift. 

Price: Rs. 17,000

2. Laurent Perrier Champagne

This Champagne has a higher price but with it comes better quality. Laurent Perrier Champagne has a rich aroma of ripe red fruit with great freshness. This is one of the Champagne brands that are perfect for A-list aperitifs. 

Price: 4,000 (Approx.)

3. Krug Champagne

This vintage wine is a blend of 47 different wines from 25 different villages and also 10 different vintages. It promises the crunchiness of the nuts which is complemented by the sweetness of honey. It is best suited for Connoisseurs.

Price: Rs. 6,000 (Approx.)

4. Ayala Champagne

Ayala Champagne is known for the elegant and complex notes of fruits and some floral notes. It also has notes of citrus, honey, tropical fruits and some nutty flavours. Ayala Champagne is perfect for every New year celebration.

Price: Rs. 5,500 (Approx.)

5. Taittinger Champagne

Taittinger Champagne is known for its refreshing, fruit-driven bottle of bubbles. The crispy texture of this champagne is well appreciated all over the world. Taittinger Champagne is usually used at parties.

Price:  Rs. 6,000

6. Duval Leroy Champagne

Duval Leroy Champagne is a perfect balance between finesse and power. It has the flavour of dark chocolate with cinnamon and roasted yellow figs. Duval Leroy Champagne is perfect for all parties.

Price: Rs. 5000 ( (Approx.)

7. Pol Roger Champagne 

With honey, mushrooms, brioche and a hint of buttered popcorn, it has an intense, radiant golden colour with traces of warm amber. Get it for your new year celebrations.

Price: Rs 7000 (Approx.)

8. Dom Ruinart Champagne

The taste of coconut, chestnut, and fresh bread comes with aromas of flowers and citrus fruits with an aftertaste of iodized saline and minerals. Perfect Champagne for parties.

Price: Rs. 11,500 (Approx.)

9. Besserat Champagne Cuvée Des Moines

The champagne comes in a clear bottle to show off its light golden colour with exciting tiny streaming bubbles. It has a tangerine scent and perfect for parties around you.

Price: Rs. 9,000 (Approx.)

10. Louis Roederer Champagne

Champagne Louis Roederer is one of the greatest Champagne houses with notes of lemon, lime zest, red apple and almond.

Price: Rs 4000 (Approx.)

11. Moet and Chandon Imperial

With exotic fruitiness  Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial NV's structure is dry and delicate, with notes of lime, rose and smoky aromas. Pair it with a classic roast chicken to take your dinner party.

Price: Rs. 5,000 (Approx.)


With its indented-bubbles on very dark glass, this Champagne immediately resounds with crisp apples and fresh bread. Start your party with PALMES D'OR Champagne 

Price: 16,000 (Approx.)

13. G.H. Mumm Brut Cordon Rouge

This Champagne is almost crunchy in texture and has perfect flavours of white peach, grated ginger, clover honey, and candied lemon zest. The perfect champagne for sipping all day long.

Price: Rs. 3500 (Approx.)

14. Veuve Clicquot

Presented in a strong wooden box and containing a single bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV Champagne, this gift box offers absolutely everything you’re looking for in a romantic moment.

Price: Rs. 5000 (Approx.)

15. Canard-Duchene 

With golden hue and delicate bubbles comes the Canard-Duchene Champagne. It has intense aromas of fresh fruit, typical of Pinot varietals. It is best for a casual toast.

Price: Rs 2500 (Approx.)

16. Chandon Brut

Chandon Brut is a classic expression of signature green apple, pear along citrus notes precede a soft, dry finish. Perfect bubbly for entertaining, sipping and gifting.

Price: Rs 1500 (Approx.)

17.  Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut

Next on our list of Champagne brands is Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut, a delight to taste and smell with a soft note of apple, grapes, cherries and a slight hint of chocolate. Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut is the right champagne to celebrate your promotion.

Price: Rs 3000 (Approx.)

18. Cattier

Cattier is a perfect crystal pink, sparkling champagne. Its first notes are a blend of fruity and floral with an aftertaste of chocolate and berries. 

Price: Rs 3500 (Approx.)

19. Billecart-Salmon

With the great finesse of bubble flow, Billecart-Salmon is a fine straw-gold colour Champagne. It has aromas of apple blossom and ripe pear. 

Price: Rs 3000 (Approx.)

20. Nicolas Feuillatte

This Champagne is a pale straw gold Champagne. Brilliant and crystal clear, revealing delicate bubbles. Fresh white fruit with aromas of juicy pear and apricot. The Champagne is best for family get-togethers.

Price: Rs 2000 (Approx.)

21. Pommery 

Pommery Brut Royal Champagne is available with a touch of fruit with interesting aromatics and a lovely, balanced and refreshing acidity and creamy palate. Perfect wherever strikes your fancy!

Price: Rs 4000 (Approx.)

22. Piper-Heidsieck

The Champagne with fleshy pear, the colour of a golden grape and moist. The finish is usually limited to the flavours of citrus and grapefruit. Best used for parties and new year celebrations.

Price: Rs 3000 (Approx.)

23. Perrier-Jouet

Perrier-Jouet is all known for its elegant and well-balanced cuvées, with the Chardonnay grape at its heart. Perrier-Jouet is the perfect Champagne for all celebrations, especially for proposals.

Price: Rs 4000 (Approx.)

24. Armand de Brignac

With its iconic logo, Armand de Brignac is colloquially known as Ace of Spades Champagne.  This luxury shiny metallic bottle goes well with very fancy parties and celebrations.

Price: Rs 20,000 (Approx.)

25. Lanson

Lanson Champagne is all rich with fresh and crisp along with creamy complexion. Perfect Champagne for valentines or Christmas celebrations. 

Price: Rs 6000 (Approx.)

Best Champagne Brands

Champagne is considered a luxury wine reserved for your favourite celebrations and special events. With an incredible range of champagne, it has played a starring role in all human special occasions.

If you are having a good day or a special occasion, celebrate it with the bubbly fizz and pop a cork with friends and family around. Get the best pick out of all the Champagne brands for your birthday, parties, anniversary or even a family get together celebration.

We have presented you with the 25 best bubbly Champagne brands with their price for you to guide and get a better choice to make your special day more special. Let the celebration be more bubbly and smiley.

Enjoy your sparkling glasses and cheers!

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