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The Joys Of Having A Cat

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The Joys Of Having A Cat

Having a cat as a pet is a source of unconditional love and companionship. A feline friend can give relief from stress and anxiety and improve your heart health. Friendship with a cat is an exceptionally satisfying relationship. A cat has the potential to soothe your nervous system and provide prompt vent for fun and play. Although cats have liberty to scavenge and explore their food , they are also loving and caring with their owners and people they trust. Most cats often love to curl up in your lap . This warm act can cause an immediate release of all happy neurotransmitters in your brain, allowing you to be pacified without being overstressed. Only cat owners can tell you the burst of happiness they feel in the company of their loving furry friend.

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Here are some of the reasons as why cats are my favorite pets .

1. Cute And Adorable 
Cats are super cute and adorable pets. Their soft black or white fur is very soft to touch. Their blue eyes are fascinating.

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2. Smart And Intelligent 
Cats are very intelligent and smart. Whatever they learn. They remember it throughout their life. Cats are quite smart. They recognize their names and your voice, and they are highly curious , which is a sign of intelligence. They also can be trained easily. Cats have complex brains, good short-term memory, and high emotional intelligence which make them incredibly smart creatures.


It may come as a surprise to learn that your little cat’s brain structure is about 90 percent similar to yours.


3.Softer And Cleaner
As compared to other pet animals, cats are so good at keeping themselves clean, they love to groom themselves and you have to bathe them rarely. They are softer than other animals.

Cats spend much of their time (actually nearly 25 per cent of their waking hours) licking themselves. It is estimated that on an average, a cat spends nearly 2.5 hours licking its fur every day.

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4.Cats Are Quiet and Friendly

Cats mews are always adorable, even the loudest mews are much quieter than most barks. Your neighbor will never complain about your cat meowing too much. Such cute little sounds can never be annoying. Cats are very friendly and one of the best companions in terms of pet animals.

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5.Cats Are Easily Maintained
Cats are self-sufficient than other pets. There is no need to take them outside , in bathroom and exercise walks. Cats also learn quickly and require less training than other pets. Cats need love and attention but do not need undivided attention like dogs.

6.The Best Guards
Cats are the best guards. They protect you and your belongings. You can leave them at home alone without being much cautious as they don’t destroy or harm any thing. People keep cats in their homes to control the growth of mice.

Photo by H Liu on Unsplash

To conclude my article i must say

Happiness is having a cat as a friend


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