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Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, going by the stage name Cardi B, is an American rapper and actress who rose to fame by starring in the TV series ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ for 2 years, from 2015 to 2017.

While being on the show, she started her career as a rapper and released two mixtapes, Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 and 2, after which she left the show permanently to pursue a full-time career as a rapper back in 2017.

Her debut studio album, Invasion of Privacy which was released in 2018, earned her a Grammy and broke several records. She got hold of several positions as the first and only female rapper.

To pay a tribute to her works, today we have compiled some Cardi B songs which perfectly exhibit the pieces of art by the female rap artist.

1. WAP

WAP | Cardi B Songs

"Switch my wig
Make him feel like he cheating
Put him on his knees
Give him something to believe in"

Starting off our list of Cardi B songs with one of her most famous songs. Cardi collaborated with rapper Megan Thee Stallion, the duos’ first collaboration, to produce this sexy lyrical track that puts the spotlight on female empowerment and sexual liberation. The song gained 1st position on Billboard’s hit list.

2. Up

"I could make the party hot
I could make ya body rock"

This song from our Cardi B songs list is another major hit after her song WAP that accentuates what Cardi B has got.

3. Please Me

Please Me | Cardi B Songs

"Please me, baby
Turn around and just tease me, baby
You know what I want and what I need, baby"

Cardi B jumped into collaboration with Bruno Mars for this super hit song that talks about sexual pleasures and needs. The lyrics and the name of the song say it all.

4. Press

"Ding dong
Must be that whip that I ordered
And a new crib for my daughter"

As we can acknowledge from the name of this song from Cardi B songs, Cardi B aims at the media and her haters around her through this hit track.

5. Ring

"And you ain't hit me up in a while
Actin' like you don't know what number to dial"

This song from our list of Cardi B songs sees Cardi B and Kehlani team up. Lyrically, the song expresses the doubts of the singers about their respective partner’s interests.

6. Money

"I was born to flex
Diamonds on my neck"

The lyrics of this song from Cardi B songs tell the success story of Cardi B and about her motherhood.

7. Girls

"I put this MAC on your lips, so pucker up
We ain't never heard of you 'cause you ain't done enough"

In this song from our Cardi B songs list, Cardi B joined the team of Rita Ora, Charli XCX, and Bebe Rexha and released this song that addresses bisexuality, self-love, and women empowerment.

8. Girls Like You (Remix)

Girls Like You (Remix) | Cardi B Songs

"Not too long ago, I was dancing for dollars
Know it's really real if I let you meet my mama"

We don’t need to introduce you to this hit track as you may have already vibed and danced to this Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B bop. The song pays a tribute to all the girls out there.

9. Taki Taki

"He said he really wanna see me more
I said we should have a date, where? At the Lamborghini store"

This reggaeton influenced dance number, vocals given by Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Ozuna, is a super hit track by DJ Snake that talks about dancing, teasing and love.

10. South Of The Border

South Of The Border | Cardi B Songs

"You never live till you risk your life
You wanna shine, you gotta get more ice
Am I your lover or I'm just your vice?
A little crazy but I'm just your type"

This bop by Ed Sheeran ft. Camilo Cabello and Cardi B from our list of Cardi B songs lyrically are asking their lover to run away with them for a romantic trip past the United States.

11. Bodak Yellow

"I don't dance now, I make money moves
Say I don't gotta dance, I make money moves"

Before all this fame as a rapper and actress, Cardi B used to work as a stripper. In Bodak Yellow, she brings up her past and how she went from a stripper to a successful rapper with notable works.

12. I Like It

"I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks
I like going to the jeweler, I put rocks all in my watch"

Having the Latin grooves that will leave you grooving to this collaborative piece, Cardi B with Bad Bunny and J Balvin flaunts her Latin heritage and sings about all the things that she wants in this song.

13. Finesse (Remix)

Finesse (Remix) | Cardi B Songs

"Drop top Porsche, Rollie' on my wrist
Diamonds up and down my chain
Cardi B, straight stuntin', can't tell me nothing'
Bossed up and I changed the game"

Another Bruno ft. Cardi B song from our Cardi B songs list, this song was on 3rd position in Billboard’s Hot 100. The song will surely make you groove and dance to it that speaks about the skyrocket fame and relationship of the stars.

14. Rumours

"Spending' all your time tryna break a woman down
Realer shit is going' on, baby, take a look around"

'Rumours' is the first collaborative song between Lizzo and Cardi B which sings about self-love. The collaboration is a recent one.

15. Writing On The Wall

Writing On The Wall | Cardi B Songs

"I done got hot, dawg, realize she ain't catchin' up
Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Balenciaga, I got Margiela, ah
Standing' ovation, the broad of the nation
Me and babe racin' Wraiths, we're adjacent"

Cardi B, with Rvssian and Post Malone, joined in this French Montana’s masterpiece which sings about having true commitments in a relationship.

16. Foreva

"Why you always tryna run and hide
Always have my name up in your mouth you outta line"

Foreva is another hit from Cardi B songs from her promo mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol.1.

17. Washpoppin'

"Now give me all that money you be spending on your chick
Now give me all that money you be spending on your kid
Now give me all that money you been stacking for your rent nigga"

In this hit track, Cardi B sings about her days when she was a stripper, all the struggles she faced and yet the benefits she got.

18. Pull Up

Pull Up | Cardi B Songs

"Ain't no backing' down, prepared to shake, you better pull up on me
Now you wanna be my friend, no you ain't safe, you better pull up, homie"

This track from Cardi B songs is from her promo mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 2.

19. Lick

"Look at me, look at me
They ain't like me before, now they booking' me"

Cardi B songs aim at the haters and talk about the luxurious lifestyle of the rapper.

20. Bartier Cardi

Bartier Cardi | Cardi B Songs

"Who flies as a Martian?
Who fleek in the cut?
Who got the bricks in the truck?"

Cardi B never stays back when it comes to showing off her riches and lavish lifestyle through her songs, and this song also from our list of Cardi B songs speaks about the wealthy habits of Cardi B and 21 Savage, who gave his vocals in it.

21. Twerk

"Yeah, I see you show dat
But is you 'gon throw dat
If you 'won't let me hold dat
You know where the door at"

The name of the song says it all. This song that does booty shaking and female empowerment from Cardi B songs sees City Girls and Cardi B team-up.

22. La Modelo

"For me to think that you are the one for me
Left your baby mom, now Cardi's your wife-to-be"

Another song in Cardi B songs where Ozuna and Cardi B shook hands to write a track, this dance number will never fail to spark the electric within you for dancing.

23. Wild Side

"I'm ready to pull up on you
I'm ready to do what I do
Baby, what do you wanna do?
Shoot your shot 'cause I'm bulletproof"

Wild Side marks the first collaboration between Cardi B and Normani.

24. Heaven On My Mind

"This love is problematic
Your love makes me an addict
For you babe"

Cardi B agreed to collaborate with Josh X for this romantic song which sings about falling for a girl and giving her the life that she deserves.

25. She a Bad One (Remix)

"Told me always call her nasty, Ms. Jackson
Everything designer, she with the fashion"

Red Cafe and Cardi B collaborated on this underrated piece of music.

26. Dinero

Dinero | Cardi B Songs

"They gon' do what I say so, Cardi B and J. Lo
Talk behind my back, but never up in my face, though"

Jenifer Lopez teamed with Cardi B and DJ Khaled to write this song about wanting lots of money to spend on things.

27. Me Gusta (Remix)

"A mi me gusta
Every time you look at me that way
A mi me gusta"

Anitta called up Cardi B and 24k Golden’s vocals for the remix of Me Gusta which is a total hit.

28. MotorSport

"Fix all your fears, then get at me
Hit so many donuts on them backstreets
Sit so high in the nosebleeds
Feel like I can fly, yeah"

Migos put up the rivalries together, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, in this track by them, where the trios rap about their wealth and the female rappers rap about their competition.

29. Be Careful

"I wanna get married, like the Currys, Steph and Ayesha shit
But we more like Belly, Tommy, and Keisha shit
Gave you TLC, you wanna creep and shit
Poured out my whole heart to a piece of shit"

Cardi B targets her lover for cheating on her with other women with this hit song and third single from her album Invasion of Privacy.

30. Red Barz

Red Barz | Cardi B Songs

"I swear to God, they ain't wanna see me leave the club
Got up on my shit and now they scared to show me, love"

Concluding our Cardi B songs list with another masterpiece by Cardi that was a total hit after its release.

That’s the end of our list of Cardi B songs.

Cardi’s outspoken and explicit lyrics and unique style gained her lots of praises, excluding the haters here. She has broken several records as a female rapper which is a lifetime achievement for her.

Which of the Cardi B songs have you already heard and vibed to? Which one are your favorites? Let us know and keep vibing to the top female rapper.

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