30 Cards Games That You Can Play With Your Friends And Family

Let's have some fun with the cards!

Tejal Pruthi

Jun 10, 2021|11 min read


Let’s have some fun with the cards!

Card game's invention is a very good pastime evolution that has happened over the years. The bonds between family members, friends, parents, and all others are beautiful and precious. These bonds grow by spending as much time with each other as possible. 

This generation has created a lot of modern games, but the impact of traditional card games is just different. The quality of the game depends so much on the number of players in the game. 

A person has to use his mind to win. So, it's good brain exercise and fun. 

It is such a difficult task to decide which card game to play. Also, the rules are so forgettable.

Best Cards Games

Here, I have combined a list of all the popular card games, for your fun night, that can be played by any age group easily.

I really wish this will force you to get off your mobile phones and try a hand on the card games. 

1. Rummy

Number of players: 2-8

In this game, the players have to discard the cards sooner than the others. They have to form ‘melds.’ 

Meld is a combination of series of the same values or consecutive values. 

This game is played in many different types in different parts of the world. 

2. Poker

Number of players: 2-10

It is referred to as the bluffing game. The game requires skill and gambling techniques. It is generally played with money. 

The players bet chips on the probability of whether they have the best five poker hand game cards or not. 

The winner is chosen based on ranks.

3. Bluff

Number of players: 4-6

The other name for this card game is the ‘lie detector.’ 

The cards are equally distributed and the rest of the cards are placed in the center with their face-down. The player has to start by placing several face-down cards in the center and has to announce the type and number of cards that he has placed. 

He doesn’t need to say the truth. The next player has to place face-down cards of a bigger value than the previous player. He can lie too. 

At any time between the game, the player who has the turn can say bluff and the previous player has to show off his cards. If he said the truth, the cards have to be picked up by the person who guessed them wrong and if it was actually a bluff, the player has to pick up his cards back. 

The one who discards all the cards first is the winner. 

4. Bridge

Number of players: 4

This game is played in a 2-member partnership. It is a tricky game, so it requires a little time to learn the rules. 

The ace has a higher value and 2 has a lower value. The rank goes in the format from high to low as no Trump – Spade – Heart – Diamond – Club. 

The player has to say a greater number of odds or the same number of odds but of a higher rank along with no trump. 

Two no trumps can call a bid of two in any ranking to be called by the three clubs or any higher rank. 

5. War

Number of players: 2

The cards have to be divided equally among all the players. 

To win, a player has to take over all the cards of the deck. They have to keep all their cards face-down in the center. 

The players turn over the topmost card and the card with a higher value will win that pair and will place both the cards under his pile of cards. 

Continuing this, if the same card appears, the players will have a war. 

Now, both the players will keep 3 face-down cards in the center and after picking the 4th one, whichever player has a higher value of cards, will take all the 10 cards. 

6. Cheat

Number of players: 3-13

This card game is famous with the name ‘I doubt it.’ It is very similar to bluff but without money. 

The winning player has to discard all his cards in the first place. 

The difference is that the one who doubts the lie of the previous player has to pick up all the cards placed in the center if found wrong. 

7. Fan Tan

Number of players: 3-6

Its other name is ‘Sevens.’ The player has to be the first one to play all his cards at once, to win. 

The player has to place a card in the center, if possible. In case he can’t, he has to put one chip into the middle pot and the turn will pass on to the player on his left. 

If a player has won, all the other players have to put the number of chips equal to the number of their remaining cards in the pot. 

The winning player will get the pot. 

8. Knock Out Whist

Number of players: 2-7

This card game is popular with the name ‘Trumps.’ Each player is given 7 cards. 

The remaining cards are placed in the center and the topmost card is turned over to dictate the trump suit of the round. Each player creates his own trick by placing one card in the center. 

All the other players have to have one turn in that trick and then the next player will create the new trick. 

The trump card with the highest rank wins the game. 

9. Memory

Number of players: 2 and more

In this game, all the cards are spread over a large area. Each player has to turn over two cards in one turn and the cards should have the same value. 

It requires a great amount of concentration and observation. 

The player who has the maximum number of card pairs wins. 

10. Gin

Number of players: 2

It is a type of rummy and is known by the name ‘knocking game.’ 

It is different from rummy in a way that the melds have to be kept in hands until the game ends. 

The first player to discard all his cards will show his cards along with dictating the points that are left before combining them. 

11. Casino

Number of players: 2-4

It is referred to as a ‘fishing game.’ Each player gets 4 cards and 4 cards are placed with their face open in the center. 

The players have to capture face-open cards from the center by matching the same cards out of their hands. It varies from one card to several cards. 

The players also have an option of building the cards together which can make a tactical element. 

12. Golf 

Number of players: 2-6

The game is popular with the name ‘Polish Poker.’ In this game, the players have to earn the lowest points within the 9 deals. 

They all have a 3*2 grid of cards that values different points. This game is played in so many different styles in different parts of the world and the most common of them is six-card golf. 

13. President

Number of players: 3-16

It is also known as ‘Scum’ and ‘Asshole’. 

The player has to place more cards in the center than the previous player did and if not more at least as many cards but with a higher value. 

The first player to discard all his cards becomes the winner. 

14. Speed 

Number of players: 2-4

This card game is also referred to as ‘Spit.’ This game is played at a very high speed, as the name suggests. 

It is like a solitaire played in real and not on the computer. The cards have to be built upwards in the center. 

Cards of lower and higher both the values work. To win, the player has to get rid of all his cards before others.

15. Blackjack

Number of players: 1-2

The game is also called ’21.’ It is a famous casino game. It is generally played between the player and a dealer. The player has to compete for the dealer instead of each other. 

The face cards, that is J, Q, K are worth 10 points and the Ace is worth 1 or 11 points (according to the place rule). 

To win, the player should have a total point score more than the dealer. This game can help the children to learn calculations. 

16. Spades

Number of players: 4

It is also known as ‘Call Bridge.’ The game is played in the partnership of 2 members. This card game requires skill. 

The technique of the game is to take the total number of tricks that were bid before the start of the game. 

Spades are the trumps and players bid as many tricks as they think they can win.

17. Pitch

Number of players: 4

Its other name is ‘High Low Jack’ and ‘Setback.’

It is generally played in partnerships but can also be played individually. Each player is given 6 cards and the bidding starts. 

They bid for the high trump, the trick with jack of trumps, the trick with low trump, and the highest total points value. 

18. Ninety-nine

Number of players: 3

This card game requires only 36 cards. Each player has to place three tokens in the center and the dealer will give 3 cards in return. 

Everyone puts their one card down. All the cards have a point value that they have. 

Each player has to put down a card without letting the total points be more than 99.

19. Hearts 

Number of players: 3-7

This is no trump suit in this game. 

The aim while playing this game is to avoid taking tricks with the hearts. It leads to minus points. The Queen of Spades gives a minus 13.

 It is usually played till 100 points. In a general 4-player game, each player gets 13 cards. 

20. Briscola

Number of players: 2-6

While playing this game, the aim is to play tricks from the cards that are in hand, and to win point-scoring cards have to be earned. 

It is generally played with 2 players. Only 40 cards are used in this card game. 

21. Palace

Number of players: 2-6

This game is also called ‘Karma.’ In this game, ‘2’ is a special card as it resets the whole deck. 

Each player gets three face-open cards, three face-down cards along a hand of three cards. 

The first player has to turn over the topmost card of the remaining cards pile. The first player to discard all the cards win. 

22. Go Fish

Number of players: 2-5

There is a special deck of cards that are specially designed for playing Go Fish but it can also be played with a normal cards deck. 

This game has to be played in a clockwise manner and the players have to ask the next player if they have that specific rank card. 

The game requires good concentration and memory. The aim while playing this card game is to collect the highest number sets of four. The one who does wins.

23. Mao

Number of players: 2-7

This game forbids explaining the rules to any of the players. Even the new players are only told that the only rule of this game is not to mention the rules. 

The new players are expected to figure out the rules while playing the game and if someone breaks a rule, they have to pick up a card from the remaining deck. 

This is basically a game of trial and error. To win, the player has to discard all the cards in his hand.

24. GOPS

Number of players: 2

Here comes another bluff game. Another name for this game is ‘Goofspiel.’ 

In this game, the cards are equally divided into four suits with each player getting one of them. Out of these, one suit has to be discarded and all the left cards are placed in the center. The topmost card from the remaining cards is placed in the center face-down. 

Each of the players put on their cards in the center and then open them at the same time. The player with the highest card value gets the center card. 

Each card of the deck has a point value and the player with the highest points win. 

25. Snap

Number of players: 2-8

This game can be played with a dealer only. The dealer gives one face-down card to each player. 

Each player will open the topmost card from their cards and they will make a new pile of cards that is face-open. 

If any two cards form a pair, in any of the face-open pile of cards, the player gets both the piles. 

To win, a player has to win the whole deck of cards. 

26. Old Maid

Number of players: 2-12

Choose a dealer before starting the game. The dealer will remove one queen from the deck to be referred to as Old Maid. 

Then, he distributes the cards. Each player will make pairs of cards they have got, if possible. 

The player who is on the left side of the dealer will choose one random card from each player’s cards. 

Now, if he can form a pair from his cards, he will put that pair in the pair cards pile. 

The winning strategy is to pair up all the cards received and to remove the odd queen by the end. 

27. Solitaire

Number of players: 1

A tableau is set before starting the game. It consists of 7 piles with the first pile having 1 card, the second pile having 2 cards, and so on.

The rest of the cards are placed on the side. The topmost card of all the piles is faced-open. Also, the top 3 cards of the remaining cards are placed face-open. 

The cards have to be stacked up in descending order. You can only use face-open cards. If you are out of options, you can take 7 cards from the remaining pile of cards. 

The player has to make 4 proper stacks of cards. 

28. 500

Number of players: 4

This game requires 43 cards. Each player is given 9 cards in the pair of 3. 

Then, a set of 3 cards is placed in the center. A trick is developed when each player puts a card in the center, turn-wise. 

The one who has the highest value card is the winner of the trick. 

The game has its own score points. There has to be bidding. 

The winning bidder can exchange some cards and can select the trump. 

29. Crazy Eights

Number of players: 2-7 

Each player is given 5 face-down cards by the dealer. The remaining cards are placed in the middle and the topmost card from this pile is opened. 

When opened, the card should be anything other than 8. If it is 8, the game has to be restarted. The players can put a card of the same suit or value over the center card. 

8 is a game-changer here. If a player puts 8 in the middle, he will decide the next suite for the game. 

If a player has no relevant card to place in the center, he will have to pick up a card from the remaining pile. 

The aim is to discard all the cards from the hand at first. 

30. Pinochle

Number of players: 4

This game requires 48 cards to play. Each player is given 12 cards, 3 at a time. All the cards have their point value. 

To win, a player has to make 150 points. 20 is the minimum amount that has to be bid and each player has to bid more than the previous one. 

If all the players pass and don’t make any bid, the player that made the bid wins. The bid winner will place the first card. All the players will have to follow the same card suit and if he can’t he will have to place a trump suit card. 

The winner of the trick will be the player who played the trump card with the highest value. 

So, whenever you are with your friends or cousins next time and don’t have anything to do, try your hands on these amazing card games. 

You won’t ever know how the time passed. It is one of the very good ways to relax with your friends or family. Some of them can even be played alone. 

They are very easy to learn and don’t require many resources, just a deck of cards. 

These games can be more enjoyed with some light music. 

These types of games, especially card games, require a strong memory, concentration, skill and are also thrilling.

Do like and share with your gaming partner to choose a game.

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