33 Car Brands In India That Will Want You To Own One

Vroom vroom into the list of brands!

Kavya Dharshini

Dec 23, 2020|9 min read


More than a luxury thing, cars have become the essentials of a family. When you wish to take a night drive with music, accommodative family ride, picnic ride with the sunroof open, long self-drive instead of bus ticket costs and for even terrain rides, cars are indeed needed!

Thinking about cars with just four wheels and a roof doesn’t matter to be an apt one for you while the brand speaks a lot! So, the first aspect of a car is its brand that defines its standard, quality and features that make a car different from the other in as many ways as possible. 

A developing country like ours drags new affordable car brands in with captivating features every other day. This elevates the standards of Indian cars and hence is India’s development. 

Here’s a list of 33 car brands available in India.

1. Maruti - Suzuki 

Maruti - suzuki is obvious as an Indian name, founded by the Government of India in 1982. This automobile manufacturer is India limited with more than 50% of the ownership is shared by Japanese automotive - Suzuki Motor Corporation. 

This car brand is the most common and opted since decades ago starting from Maruti 800 to Brezza. There is a wide range of models for varied purposes like SUVs, sedans, vans and hatchbacks. 

2. Hyundai 

Hyundai automotive manufacturer, a South Korean car brand entered India in 1996. This is again a common Indian car brand that owns its initial letter “H” as its logo. 

The logo describes the two sides of the market, the one half of the logo represents the company individual and the other denotes the customer, wherein both seem to be shaking hands with satisfaction. 

The popular Creta, i10, Venue models fall under this brand having exceptional features. The new Genesis is a luxury brand of Hyundai comparable to the classy BMW and Mercedes. 

3. Kia

Kia Motors is one among the trending car brands in India. It is the subsidiary of Hyundai Motors Company. This Indian car brand entered India last year (2019) with the global midsize SUV Seltos debut. 

Over a year, it has gained great attention and so has become the fastest car manufacturer. The latest models include Seltos, Sonet, Carnival.

4. Honda 

Honda Motor Company is an automobile, motorcycle and power equipment manufacturer based in Japan. This world’s largest two-wheeler producer has a wide range of cars in India including sedan, hatchbacks and SUVs. 

This Indian car brand includes various models like Honda City, Amaze, Jazz. 

5. Tata 

Tata Motors is a multinational automotive manufacturer based in Mumbai, India. Started as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company, Tata Motors has come a long way to position itself as the biggest car brands of India. 

Founded by J.R.D. Tata, this firm has Jaguar, Land Rover and more as its subsidiaries. This Indian car brand satisfies many purposes such as passenger, commercial and defence as well. 

6. Land Rover 

Land Rover manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover is a subsidiary of Tata Motors in India since 2008. This car brand enlists a variety of luxury and compact SUVs in India. 

The Indian cars made by Land Rover include the defender, discovery and range rover families. There is a special charm for these Indian cars among the people.

7. Jaguar 

Jaguar is one of the most wanted luxurious cars of all time! Being a subsidiary of Tata Motors, this luxurious Indian car brand has been seeing its increasing pace every year for its classy and innovative features. 

The Indian cars made by Jaguar have a logo consisting of a pouncing Jaguar. In India, Jaguar is available in Sedan, sports and SUV models. This beast brand comes out with vivid colours and provides online booking services too.

8. Toyota 

Toyota Motor Corporation is again a Japanese automotive manufacturer, founded in 1937. As of 2019, it was the tenth-largest company in the world by revenue. As one of the biggest car brands in India, it has Lexus as its subsidiary. 

In India, there are seven models in the market inclusive of Fortuner, Innova Crysta and Glanza. The awaited cars of Toyota are new Fortuner and Yaris expected in 2021. The Indian cars made by Toyota will surely take you places!

9. Lexus 

Lexus is a luxury division of Toyota automotive and is based in Japan. It is the best-seller in Japan and tenth-largest among Japanese brands worldwide. 

This car brand is best known for its luxurious features that lay a parade of luxury Sedans, performance cars, SUVs and hybrids. Ranging from compact, mid-sized to fully luxurious models, Lexus India is developing upon its production.

10. Ford 

Have you come across Henry Ford in Social Science? Yes! He founded this huge car brand. Ford is an American multinational automotive company having its luxury Lincoln division. 

This car brand avails a wide range of models in different segments such as SUVs and hatchbacks. Most popular cars in India are the stylish Figo, Ecosport that are affordable.  

11. Volkswagen 

Volkswagen is a German automotive manufacturer originated from the parent organisation called Volkswagen Group. It has been the largest selling automotive firm in 2016 and 2017. This is now India’s one of the most wanted car brands. 

Volkswagen moves further as its logo “Go Further” emphasizes, with a range of well known models such as Polo, Vento, T-Roc. 

12. Porsche 

Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG or Porsche AG is another sporty grandeur that is a German automotive manufacturer since 1931. 

Rooted at Volkswagen group, Porsche car brand in India has been gaining the market exponentially for its high performance and quality. Porsche shows high expertise in the motorsports field too.

13. Renault 

Amid the dominating ownership of Japanese and western firms, Renault is a French multinational automaker, founded more than a century back. 

This car brand plays a major role in the motorsport sectors of rallying and Formula 1. It has also contributed to computer graphics via car body modelling methods using mathematical curves. 

A broad silver diamond is its logo. In India, it is headquartered in Mumbai with a range of three models in the market - Kwid, SUV duster and MPV Triber. 

14. Nissan 

Having Renault as its parent organisation, Nissan is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer that has the luxury subsidiary called Infiniti.

This car brand avails updated passengers, commercial, SUV, sports models in India. The latest models of Nissan are Nissan GT - R and Nissan Kicks.

15. Datsun 

When talking about Nissan, Datsun comes along in your mind as they are kith and kin. This car brand produces cars with modern design and cutting - edge technologies. 

Datsun cars are affordable, compact and comfortable which suits Indians economy wise.

16. Mahindra 

Mahindra is an Indian vehicle manufacturer founded in 1945. It has gained more popularity across many countries working on tractor manufacturing, finance and electric vehicle manufacturing. 

As one of the top car brands in India, this car brand aims at urbanisation, mobility and farm technologies on the whole. Covering a range of commercial, SUV, passenger and many models of cars, Mahindra excels in motorsports too.

17. Skoda 

Skoda, Simply Clever, is one of the upcoming biggest car brands in India. Based in the Czech Republic, Skoda car brand comes up with various models with innovative technological aspects. Its logo denotes a winged arrow symbol. 

The notable Skoda India models are Rapid, Octavia, Superb and Karoq. The Indian cars made by Skoda are a class apart in our society.

18. Morris Garages 

Morris Garages is an innovative and technologically updated car brand that has placed its foot in India recently. Many advanced smart technologies are incorporated in MG cars to assist the user in all possible ways like voice assistant, autonomous, live navigation and remote vehicle control. 

The models in the current Indian market are MG Hector, MG ZS EV, MG Hector Plus and MG Gloster. You would love to drive one of these Morris Garages Indian cars.

19. Fiat 

Fiat is well known and one of the oldest car brands in India. Fiat is an Italian automotive manufacturer and is a subsidiary of FCA Italy. Now, it is jointly run by Tata and Fiat automobiles. 

In India, it is the ninth largest selling manufacturer and Among various models, Linea and Punto are famous cars in India. 

20. Jeep 

Jeep is an Italian - American automotive manufacturer, a subsidiary of FCA automobiles. This car brand is one among developing car brands in India. 

It owns an exclusive list of SUVs among which Compass, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler are prominent models available in India. Jeep’s Indian cars attract eyeballs even today!

21. Isuzu 

Isuzu is a vehicle and diesel engine manufacturer based in Japan since 1916. This upcoming car brand in India majorly produces Isuzu D-Max and Isuzu MU-X.

22. Force Motors

Force is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Pune, India. The Indian cars made by Force Motors might not have been popular but they are usually revolutionising the automobile industry in India.

Initiated with the production of tempos and hanseats in the late 1980s the graph of development of this car brand seems exponential in derivative of full-fledged automotive production in India. 

23. Volvo 

Volvo is a Swedish automotive car brand based in Sweden. With advanced features and smart technologies, it evolves as one of the biggest car brands in India. 

It lays a range of models including SUVs, Wagons, Crossovers and Sedans.

24. Maserati 

Who wouldn’t love to own a Maserati? Maserati finds its root to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as its parent organisation, founded in 1914 and based in Italy. 

This luxury car brand is expensive considering its quality, process of manufacturing, speed and premium look that are worth its cost.

The trident logo car is sold for a starting price of 1.35 Cr in India. There are five classy variants available in the Indian market namely Quattroporte, Levante, Gran Turismo etc. 

25. Audi 

Audi has been one of the dream cars of every car lover! Spread wide across many countries, Audi is an automotive manufacturer pointing to Volkswagen Group. 

Its subsidiary list includes well-spoken brands like Lamborghini, Ducati. This Germany based car brand in India exhibits electromobility automobiles and sports models besides luxurious and classy models like A6, A8 etc. 

26. Lamborghini 

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A looks up to its parent organisation Audi, based in Italy. It is an established luxury car brand familiar to its sports and SUV models. The vibrant bull adorns the logo with the tagline “expect the unexpected”.  

27. BMW

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or BMW is a fascinating and one of the most celebrated car brands in India. Rolls - Royce is one of its subsidiaries. 

It all started in 2007 in India and the manufacturing plant is based in Chennai. A series of cars in every model is available in the Indian market including the famous X, GT series. 

28. Mercedes - Benz 

Mercedes Benz is a German automotive manufacturer and a subsidiary of Daimler AG. This luxurious car brand in India was founded in 1994. A wide range of models line up to show off its performance, sporty qualities to mark its luxurious standards. 

Its innovative features include electric mobility, intelligence drive assistance system, Mercedes me connect and MBUX multimedia system. 

29. Mitsubishi 

Mitsubishi is also a Japanese automotive manufacturer which hit sixth-largest position in Japan and ninth-largest in the world in the production sector. Its parent organisations include Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance and Mitsubishi Group. 

This car brand shows up a logo with three red diamonds in a triangular form. Notable Pajero and the motorsport Ralliart are its subsidiaries. In India, Mitsubishi is best chosen for its fuel efficiency and SUVs performance with advanced technologies incorporated.

30. Mini 

This compact luxury motorsport intrigues the customers with its well-designed interiors and performance. Mini formerly is a British automotive but has been owned by BMW since 2000. Though mini is compact and small in size, it ensures comfortability and high quality. 

This five-seater car brand in India is upcoming with different models inclusive of Mini 3-door hatch, Mini Convertible, Mini Clubman and Mini Countryman.

31. Rolls - Royce 

I know you were waiting for this masterpiece! The name is as classy as its cars emanating royalty along with quality performance. Rolls-Royce is a century-old British luxury car manufacturer that emerged from BMW AG. 

Rolls-Royce units that have come out in India are small in number as it needs a class and status to own though! But worth the expense. Besides car production, this car brand in India provides aerospace, defence and power system products too.

32. Bugatti 

Like Rolls-Royce, Bugatti is also found in small numbers in India. Bugatti is another luxurious sports car that shows excellent speed and performance along with innovative technologies embedded in. 

Automobile Ettore Bugatti is a French automaker that ensures products with super sports capacity. Cristiano Ronaldo owns the world’s costliest car with Rs.75Cr from Bugatti - La Voiture Noire!

Bugatti in India is rare and starts with 20 crore rupees approx. There are merely three Indians who own Bugatti and this speaks its opulence. The upcoming Bugatti models in India are Bugatti Chiron and Bugatti Divo. 

33. Aston - Martin 

Aston Martin is another luxurious limited edition car manufacturer owned by the British since 1913. Do you know? Ranveer Singh owns an Aston Martin car.

This sports luxury car brand in India foresees the launch of DBX, DBS Superleggera models. Aston Martin is simply astonishing for its sportive mileage, power and torque.

Now it's done with all 33 car brands in India which cumulatively raises our economy and pushes forward to be a developed country. I know now you will want to vroom out!

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