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Burmese Ruby or Old Burma ruby or the Pigeon Blood Ruby is one of the Rubies' most valuable and rare members. This beautiful gemstone belongs to the Corundum family, known for its reddish gems. This guide will help you get an insight into this attractive Burmese Ruby. 

• Origin (different places where it is found)

The Burmese Ruby originated from Burma, one of the South East Asian countries (now known as Myanmar). But Though there are other locations for the production of Burmese Ruby or Pigeon blood Ruby, Myanmar remains the principal pays extractor on the list. The Burmese Ruby is mined from Thailand, Pailin, Cambodia, India, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Nepal, Vietnam, etc.

• History of the stone

The Burmese Ruby has been significantly being resourced since 600 AD. These Rubies were traded along China’s North Silk Road in 200 BC. The noblemen used it to decorate their armor and give it more protection. Apart from its use in Ornamentation, it was used to make the first working laser back in 1960. It is also said that the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan offered an entire city in exchange for a sizable Ruby. 

• Chemical and Physical Properties

The Burmese Ruby or Pigeon Blood Ruby is one of the rarest Rubies. These Rubies are the most rigid and most resistant to acids. The member family Corundum showcases the characters of the family. Another quality of this gemstone is that it resists tarnishing. 

• 4 C's - Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight

The Burmese Ruby mostly has a flat tubular hexagonal or Elongated cut as it enhances the gem's shape. The Burmese Ruby has a beautiful variety of red colors like red, blood red, vivid red, pigeon blood red, and pinkish red. These Rubies are generally transparent. The Burmese Ruby has a minimum weight of 1 carat and can go up to above 25 carats

• Spiritual Meaning

The fiery red gemstone is considered a form of nobility as it is known as the stone of kings and the queen of stones. It is used as a talisman of passion, prosperity, and protection. Its glowing red symbolizes the sun. It was also worn as an amulet or charm to cast away the plague.

• Benefits of wearing

Wearing the Burmese Ruby is found to be beneficial in many ways. It stimulates the base Chakra and increases vitality and life force energy. It also helps in clearing the mind, increasing concentration and motivation. It also boosts the sense of power. It increases desire and sexual energy. 

• Who Should Wear

The Burmese Ruby is very fruitful for the people for whom the sun is beneficial. It is considered to go well for the people with Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Scorpio as zodiac signs. Although it is a positive mineral, it can cause adverse effects on the Pisces, Capricorn, and Virgo zodiac signs. 

• Price

The Burmese Ruby can cost anywhere between 450 rs/- per carat to 2,00,000 rs/- per carat. The price of the Ruby varies depending on its size, carat, and color.



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