Budhakki Ka Mela Drives Lucknow People Out Of Homes In Winters

Here are 7 major attractions of the fair.

Yash Srivastava

Dec 24, 2018|4 min read


It’s December and as a Lucknow dweller I cannot miss out writing about Budhakki ka mela, which has gained eyeballs as Lucknow Mahotsav got over. 

Budhakki ka Mela or better known as Ganga Snan Mela colloquially is an annual fair in the city of Lucknow. Starting from the day of Kartik Purnima of every year, the annual fair continues for over a month (approximately 40 days). 

It drives everyone out of their homes, even when the mercury in thermometers is dropping down and fog is making it difficult to see nearby objects. Thousands of people from Lucknow and nearby cities visit the mela.

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People from all walks of life, all age groups, all religions, and all economic sections, reach the spot in huge numbers. There’s not enough place for standing in the Lakshman Mela Ground (Budhakki mela venue), where the fair is set up. 

But what is it that drives people crazy for Budhakki ka mela?

Well, there isn’t just one thing. It has swings, snacks, sweaters, shawls, crockery, jewelry, and much more to shop (and also bargain!). Besides, it is put up on the bank of river Gomati. This adds more to the glamour of mela.

Let us have a look at the many things that make Budhakki ka mela special:

1. Swings – 

Budhakki ka mela attracts kids, and by way of them, their parents towards itself because of the variety of swings it has. There are giant wheels, Columbus, mini train (to travel on muddy track), water boats (to row in an artificial pond), break dance, etc. to lure kids (and even adults) into having fun. The best part is tickets are very affordable, between 30 rupees and 50 rupees. 

2. Sweet Dishes – 

Diabetes patients should avoid passing by the street of food stalls with numerous sweet dishes while strolling in Budhakki ka mela. The fragrance spreads in the surrounding area and tempts people. Halwa paratha is a must have a thing at Budhakki ka mela.

3. Glassware, Crockery & Utensils – 

This is one section at Budakki ka mela, women die for. Authentic, sophisticated and inexpensive kitchen items are the most sought-after products at Budakki ka mela. Shopkeepers from all Khurja district of Uttar Pradesh set up these stalls. And their items are really phenomenal. 

4. Bangles, Hair Accessories & Jewelry – 

Boards with the title – ‘har maal 10 rupay’ are hanging on several stalls. You know what they are selling? Hair accessories and some jewelry items. From stones to metallic and wooden jewelry – you will find them all at Budhakki ka mela.

5. Apparels and Footwear – 

Budhakki ka mela also has a lot of readymade garments, sweaters, and jackets on sale. Besides these, it also has some designer footwear available at wholesale rate. You can buy 5 pairs of shoes in 1000 rupees here!

6. Handicrafts & Decorative Items – 

The ethnic and cultural fair promotes products from all over Uttar Pradesh. You will find plenty of handicrafts and decorative items on sale. These are special and extraordinary at the same time.

7. Camel Ride – 

Things always look charming from a height. Camel ride can be one way by which you can see the entire mela in one glance. But be careful as you climb up the camel’s back, and stroll the annual fair in Lucknow. 

Symbol of Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb

As a part of age-old cultural heritage, Budhakki ka mela is also withstanding the test of time and surviving the changed attitude of people towards traditions. However, there is one more amazing thing about this mela – display of Hindu Muslim unity. 

Most of the shopkeepers are Muslims, even when the mela is set up after a Hindu ritual – Kartik Snan. Additionally, shoppers are also a mix of all religions! This is what the culture of Awadh is known for.

Must visit before it ends on Jan 10th

While it has so much to offer, there is no entry ticket. You just need to pay for the items you buy. And you can find everything in the range of Rupees 5 to Rupees 2000. 

The last day for Budhakki ka mela is 10th January of the coming year. If you have plans, fulfill them before 10th of January 2019.


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