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Jan 2, 2021|8 min read


Actor Brad Pitt has an undeniable charm that is impossible to miss. His great selection at scripts and his unique acting skills have pushed him to the top. He received various awards and Oscar nominations as an actor. A list of his greatest works, collection of Brad Pitt movies will leave you in admiration. However, the beginning of his career did not come easy. He proved to be more than his debonair looks that made girls swoon. 

He started off by working small jobs while playing minor roles in movies. Soon he started getting positive reviews and gaining popularity. Recently after that, he appeared in a blockbuster hit in which he played a small role. Although some movies drastically flopped, Pitt moved his way up to become one of the most critically and commercially successful actors. Some of Brad Pitt’s movies have touched heights but getting there wasn’t easy.

Pitt is also known for his keen interest in businesses. He also has a good eye for film making. He started his own film production company along with other producers. His journey throughout, as an actor and producer (for which he won an Oscar) has been a roller-coaster ride giving us the best of Brad Pitt Movies but with all the ups and downs he is still one of the best actors of Hollywood. 

A list of all the Brad Pitt’s Best movies you must watch: 

1. World War Z

This movie by Brad Pitt is simply put, a blast. And if you haven’t watched you must do that right away. Pitt’s acting has taken the movie to a reality that touches the viewer’s heart. It’s a typical apocalypse horror movie with a zombie story. A zombie pandemic. 

His skills are shown as an action hero investigator fighting the zombies. The movie was a large hit and a famous blockbuster. It was one of the most successful movies of Brad Pitt, breaking the records of his previous movies.

2. Seven Years in Tibet

This is an ambitious and beautiful movie about an adventurous movie. The movie briefly outlines the life of Dalai Lama in his 7 years in Tibet. It becomes a story of wisdom and grace, a movie that was designed to touch hearts. It is one of the most emotional and heartfelt movies of Brad Pitt.

3. Ad Astra

In this movie of Brad Pitt, the protagonist is set on a mission in outer space to find a truth he’s been seeking. The mystery involves his father but most importantly, it threatens the universe. His character is emotionless in his movie and showing emotions are much easier than not showing any and Pitt gave an excellent performance.

4. Fight Club

“The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!” These lines are instilled in the hearts of every true fan. And if you haven’t watched this movie you definitely should. 

No one can talk about Brad Pitt’s movies without mentioning the fight club. It is an icon. This masterpiece is one of the best movies of Brad Pitt. Pitt’s performance in The fight club was raw and full of essenance. The transformation was exemplary. 

5. Fury

Fury is a Brad Pitt movie with a mission, the theme of war with a blend of action and thriller. It was released in 2014. It was nominated in the Critic’s Choice movie award for the best action film. 

6. Allied

Another movie in the theme of war with the magic essence of romance. This movie was released in 2016 and was nominated for the Academy Award for best costume design.

7. War Machine

The movies based on real life events, the ones that throw light on how much different the world has become, are the best kind of movies. War machine is one such movie based on the war and drama theme which was influenced by the events in afghanistan. It was released in 2017 taking the world on a new adventure.

8. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The film is set in 1969 Los Angeles in the days leading up to the famous Tate-LaBianca murders committed by the Charles Manson gang, with multiple story lines following actor Rick Dalton, whose star is declining, and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Pitt). 

Pitt and DiCaprio are as memorable and charming as Pitt’s portrayal of the loyal sidekick to DiCaprio’s has-been star has received some of the best praise of his career. Once upon a time in hollywood is a must watch on this list of Brad Pitt’s best movies so far.

9. The Big Short

This movie by Brad Pitt was released in 2015 centered around the theme of drama and comedy. It was also nominated to the Academy Award for the best picture. It was also based on a true story.

10. 12 Years Of Slave

This is a life changing must watch movie based on a historical theme with a right amount of drama. It was released in 2013, and also won the Academy Award for the best picture. It's not a movie one enjoys, it’s a rather disturbingly genius gem.

11. The Tree of Life

The Tree of life was released almost a decade ago in 2011 around the theme action and drama. It has received several awards for its fine direction. The movie is an old treasure, the one you can’t miss.

12. Moneyball

It's a biographical sports drama, Pitt plays the general manager of the Oakland A’s who discovers an unorthodox way to scout for talent. He hires economics graduate Peter Brand, who selects new recruits, leading them to hire undervalued players. 

Their controversial method is met with resistance; however, they hold firm and eventually a winning team is created. The film was a huge success both critically and commercially, one of the best of Brad Pitt’s movies. A must-watch.

13. Thelma and Louise

It is all in all a great movie. In this era, it's perfectly relatable. A story of two brave girls that starts when Louise kills a man who was trying to rape Thelma outside a bar. With the right contents, importantly feminism. 

The message however has gotten realistic and downhearted with time. Pitt plays a less supportive role in the movie but however this movie has been a game changer for all of us. 

14. Spy game

A movie based on action and thriller, and just the right amount of bizarre. A story for the grown ups about spies that manipulate their assets with brains and not explosives. It was released back in 2001, almost two decades down the lane however its impact is still the same. It’s a story you can’t-miss!

15. Troy

Troy shook up the media in 2004 by giving them absolute food for thought. The various aspects of the movie were eye opening, the gods are downplayed and in the theme centred around the war and combination of action, drama and romance. The characters are drawn beautifully and the time period is illustrated with great thrill.  

16. Seven

Seven is one of the goriest, depressing, and violent Brad Pitt movies you will ever watch in your life. This was the first outing of Brad Pitt and David Fincher together. When you will read about the movie; you may initially think that it is just another movie about a cop and a detective teaming together to look for a serial killer. 

However, Brad Pitt managed to shine through his portrayal of a young, hot-headed cop. You have to watch the movie yourself to appreciate the excellent portrayal of emotions by Brad Pitt in the famous climax scene.

17. 12 Monkeys

The story is set in a future where half the population on earth is wiped out due to a mysterious virus, ironic since we are currently in the middle of a pandemic ourselves. This movie is fun to watch especially when it's Brad Pitt (in a supporting role, but still!) saving the world.

18. Snatch

An epic mix of crime and comedy this movie might take you two or three views to completely understand all the twists and turns of the movie. Snatch is raucous and crude, but never boring or predictable. 

It is bold, brash, and cartoonish, and never takes itself seriously. In interviews, Ritchie has claimed not to have been influenced by Tarantino, but the video clerk-cum-filmmaker's trademarks are littered around Snatch's colorful landscape (both in terms of technique and plot contortions). 

19. True Romance

A fairytale-like story turned into an unexpected nightmare. Pitt plays a small but significant role in this movie. His acting in this movie turned out to be splendid. This being on the list of Brad Pitt’s best movies, it's a must watch!

20. Inglourious Basterds

The film of Brad Pitt depicts two separate stories of an attempt to set ablaze a theater in which Hitler and his top men are attending a premiere. Pitt is Lt Aldo Raine, the head of an elite American force of mostly Jewish soldiers who hunt Nazis, scalping them or setting them free with a swastika cut into their foreheads. 

Brad Pitt is excellent in this role, his country-bumpkin, “Naaa-zeee”-hating Raine providing comic relief and becoming of one his most memorable roles. The film was nominated for eight Oscars.

21. Legends of the Fall

Pitt received his first major award nomination for Golden Globe for Best Actor in this historical melodrama. Brothers Tristan (Pitt), Alfred (Aidan Quinn) and Samuel (Henry Thomas) and their father Col William Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins) live in the Montana wilderness in the early 20th century, and are affected by war, love and jealousy. 

The film was nominated for three Academy Awards, winning for its cinematography, and for four Golden Globes. Pitt was well known after the movie, establishing his lead.

22. Interview with a Vampire

Interview with a Vampire was released in 1994 and centred around the theme of horror and romance. It has received upto seven awards and also made quite an impact on its audience. 

23. Sleepers

The movie is about revenge and redemption, and how, in America's darkest social corridors and back alleys, the two can be inextricably linked. It's also a condemnation of a criminal justice system that allows innocence to be callously destroyed. It was released in 1996 in the theme centered- crime and drama.

24. Ocean’s Eleven

It is a part of the ocean’s series released in 2001, this movie revolved around the theme of heist and comedy. Actor Brad Pitt’s one of the finest. It has received various awards for its unique context. 

25. Ocean’s Twelve

This movie too was a part of the ocean’s series, centered around the same theme released in 2004.

26. Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean's Thirteen is the first sequel of the summer of 2007 not to fall on its face. The film is better paced and more involving than Ocean's Twelve but perhaps not as well executed as Ocean's Eleven. 

The appeal of the series isn't just the serpentine nature of the story, which by definition is out to trick the viewer, but seeing so many famous faces together in one place. There's something old fashioned about how this movie has been made and presented, and this is highlighted by the psychedelic opening and closing credits.

27. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

A life changing movie for Pitt, this is definitely one of the most exciting Brad pitt’s movies you’ll ever watch, the plot is interesting as both husband and wife are betraying each other leading double lives as contract killers. 

Brad Pitt is one actor whose journey of transition is visible to all. He is not only a perfect example of dreams come with hard work but also has proved his potential to the world. As one of the leading actors of his era, Pitt has received many awards for his brilliant acting in the above list of Brad Pitt movies. 

Pitt has one of the most diverse and skillful resumes in the industry. A great actor and a producer, Pitt has been one of the most all-time, inspiring and commendable actors in Hollywood.

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