Boss Lady Cosmetics: A Startup From Mumbai That Provides Modern Beauty Solutions

BLC today, is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic startups in India

Jasmeet Bhatia

Jan 21, 2020|5 min read


Back in the day, an Indian beauty brand would launch a line with a particular vision of who should buy its products. And the idea pitched to consumers was to achieve a fairer skin tone instead of celebrating the one they have.

Thankfully, this gender limited fairytale of who buys and wears makeup, and therefore, who beauty brands market towards, has finally been replaced by a rainbow reality.

Because whether you're male or female, young or old, makeup looks epic on everyone. To the maiden eye,  it's just a way to feel pretty. But take a closer look, and you'll find that regardless of the skin tone, makeup is enjoyed for many more reasons.

Makeup is a creative outlet, an art form, a fun activity, a past time, a confidence booster, and much more. 

So, when Kajol Bafna of Boss Lady Cosmetics decided to start the brand's first product line. Her goal was clear - to build a brand for everyone who loves makeup.

How Boss Lady Cosmetics(BLC) Started

Based in Mumbai, Boss Lady Cosmetics or BLC, the brainchild of Kajol, is today one of the fastest-growing cosmetic startups in India. 

A 20-something young entrepreneur with extensive knowledge about the bells and whistles of beauty trends, hair styling, grooming, makeup and skincare, Kajol Bafna spent a year researching the potential and uniqueness for her vision of a cosmetics startup in the industry. 

“I saw a lack of curation and context when it comes to makeup items for the modern Indian," Kajol says. "And, I found myself struggling to find a brand that spoke to me and my skin in a way that hit home." 

Boss Lady Cosmetics(BLC) Consumers

Today, Kajol heads a label that hits the sweet spot for her consumers - homemakers, businesswomen, working professionals, travelers, celebrities, influencers, vegans, the LGBTQI community, beauty junkies - anyone in the 24 - 37 age group who enjoys makeup.

Boss Lady Cosmetics(BLC) Products

India is a promising market and the demand for cosmetic goods has increased tremendously in the past few years. There’s a rising demand for products that cater to a broader array of skin tones and colors. 

Boss Lady Cosmetics offers an expanse of shade ranges so that people with ALL complexions are welcome. It provides a wider array of concealers and foundations to choose from, as well as lipsticks and blushes that flatter a variety of skin tones. 

In other words, if you’re tired of trying and ditching makeup that doesn’t work for your skin tone, this might be an excellent place to start anew.

Reason Behind The Name:  Boss Lady Cosmetics(BLC)

Boss Lady Cosmetics takes inspiration for its name from those individuals whom we meet every day; the ones who always seem to be in control. 

As a beauty label, it raises a glass to women to celebrate the most ground-breaking beauty looks of all time. It aims to boost confidence by promoting self-esteem, personality, and attitude. 

Women can feel comfortable in their own skin with their products and be the boss lady they are.

Since its launch in February 2019, Boss Lady Cosmetics designs and sells quality skincare products directly to consumers. 

Boss Lady Cosmetics(BLC) Is An Environment-Friendly Brand

The brand has a 100% commitment to the environment. 

Boss Lady Cosmetics claims to deal only in clean cosmetics, meaning the products are vegan, cruelty-free, Paraben-free and devoid of any harmful toxins. BLC also claims to reduce the usage of plastic in our packaging. 

“We also have a policy where we take back a used lipstick and recycle it. We work with vendors who source Mica ethically,” says Bafna. With the shift from Indian consumers veering towards a more transparent and sustainable lifestyle, this comes as no surprise.

The online retailer not only carries your(possibly) next favorite lipstick but many game-changing items. From skin creams that you may have already seen all over Instagram to add ons you might have never heard of but should totally put on your radar ASAP. 

There’s the matte lipstick which is lightweight and does not dry the lips. There’s the waterproof, smudge-proof eye flick that lasts all day.

There’s even a pop lighter, the brand’s own version of a highlighter: the unique name is to define its unique quality and formula where the more you blend, the deeper it shines and gives a skin-like finish.

Are The Products Of Boss Lady Cosmetics(BLC) Pocket-Friendly?

Affordability is another focus area for Boss Lady Cosmetics. The beauty industry is one of those markets where the price can skew one's perspective, with heavy price tags tricking us into believing that just because it's expensive, it will work. 

Not in the case of BLC. The Boss Lady Cosmetics offerings are for beauty lovers who care about high-quality ingredients but don’t want to max out their credit card. 

Love For Makeup

If there’s one thing Indians are up-front about, it’s just how real our love for makeup is. Whether it’s moisturizers or eyeshadows, all of it is on the table. And sure, it’s all fun and games when we’re stalking the stores for the best liquid lipsticks. 

But when rent, groceries & life come into play, our love for makeup, hair, and skincare basically demolishes our budgets. That’s where Boss Lady Cosmetics comes in and proves makeup doesn’t have to be expensive to be good.

Why Use Boss Lady Cosmetics(BLC) Products

What I like about this brand is how it has emerged with a broader idea of who the customers of cosmetics should be: everyone who loves makeup. 

With a variety of clean beauty products under one roof, the goal is to redefine beauty and beauty standards. This, it aims to achieve, by changing the way people wear makeup and opening the dialogue about beauty and makeup being gender fluid. 

In the increasingly inclusive beauty industry, such gender-neutral beauty labels focus on finding success by signaling to the world that everyone, including women, transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and other individuals, can be their customers and use their products.

In a short time, Boss Lady has seen a tremendous response in consumer’s pan India. “Assam, Kolkata, Kerala, Delhi, Punjab have become our strongest consumers. We have solidified our objectives as a beauty brand and making more headway as we go on.” 

For 2020, it’s founder anticipates continued growth, learning, and building a successful brand that aims for sustainability. How it achieves further success remains to be seen. I, for one, am keeping an eye on this brand.

Do you have your favorite sustainable beauty brands? Use any recipes to make your own skincare or makeup products? Do share it with us using the comments section below!

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