10 Bollywood Movies With A Prince To Go Back Into The Royal Era

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From dialogues like "Pushpa, I hate tears…” to “Fateh karne aur raaj karne mein bahut fark hota hai” we have all experienced the dumb-stuck moment while watching these Bollywood actors deliver our favourite dialogues so powerfully and effectively.

But there are a few characters apart from Rahul (from KKHH) and Gabbar Singh (from Sholay) that I’m sure that stand out from the rest and have a special place in our hearts and memories. These are characters from those Bollywood movies with a prince that have a historic theme and storyline to it.

I can say for sure that this genre of movies is Bollywood’s talent and strength. The characters and cinematography of all the princes and princesses have left us captivated, enchanted and asking for more.

Here’s a list of 10 historic-themed movies with a prince for all the movie-buffs out there:

1) Mughal-e-Azam (1960)

Mughal-e-Azam revolves around the story of a prince who falls in love with a courtroom dancer. This movie with a prince is famous for its iconic scenes and cinematography that takes its audience to the royal era.

2) Zubeidaa (2001)

This movie. Set in the 1950s, has a dramatic and intriguing storyline wherein an aspiring Muslin actress marries a Sikh prince to become his second wife. Zubeidaa focuses on his complicated relationship between the enchanting prince and his two wives.

3) Bajirao Mastani (2015)

This is the story of the Maratha general, Peshwa Baji Rao and accounts his romance with Mastani, the princess of Bundelkhand. This movie about a warrior prince and a charming princess is famous for its narration on the timeless love story of this couple.

4) Jodhaa Akbar (2008)

Jodhaa Akbar is the story of Jodhaa,  a fiery Rajput princess who is obliged to marry Mughal Emperor Akbar for political reasons and their beautiful marriage blooms to a bond of mutual respect, admiration and true love.

5) Veer (2010)

This movie revolves around the story of Veer, a warrior who was trained to fight from the time he was born, who is reared up to be a tough man by his father by being given the reason that there are too many expectations of him. The screenplay, dialogues, music and the costumes that are inspired by the 1800s gave this movie the tag of one of the best movies with a prince.

6) Baahubali: The Beginning (2015)

While trying to woo a young warrior princess, Shivudu learns about the conflict-ridden past of his family and his true legacy. This movie with a prince established a benchmark in Indian cinema
mainly because of the money that went into its production which made this film a blockbuster hit.

7) Baahubali: The Conclusion (2017)

This is the second movie in the Baahubali franchise. Needless to day, it was much awaited by all its fans. It came as an answer to the big question, ‘Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyun maara?’. It proved to impress its audience with a great plot twist and a terrific ending. Needless to say, Bahubali movies in two parts are the best movies with a prince.

8) Padmavat (2018)

This movie set in medieval Rajasthan throws light on the rich culture and ethnicity of the Rajasthani culture. This movie with a strong, brave prince revolves around the story of his wife and an ambitious Sultan who hears of this beautiful Queen of Mewar and forms an obsessive love for her.

9) Panipat (2019)

This movie with the prince Sadashivrao Bhau is based on the 3rd battle of Panipat of 1761 between the Marathas and Afghans. This movie throws light on an important chapter of Indian history and its rich culture.

10) Tanhaji (2020)

Tanhaji, a Maratha warrior sets out to reclaim the conquered Kondana fort for his king and country. This movie with a prince who was ready to sacrifice everything for his country once again sheds light on India’s history that builds up patriotism among its audience.

Bollywood’s legacy goes back to 1913 with Dadasaheb Phalke's silent Raja Harishchandra and from then on it has been home to more than three hundred actors and around a thousand and two hundred movies.

This genre of historical films (or movies with a prince) gave a different insight into cinematography for the audience. The rich portrayal of the princes and princesses and a sneak peek into their royal and lavish life with their everyday acts of heroism and bravery intrigued the audience.

The character and persona of the princes and the beauty and elegance of the princesses in the movie have left us captivated to the extent that we remember their dialogues even days after watching the films.

These historic films have left a special mark in Indian cinema that has its individuality which sets it apart from the crowd. Watch these and see yourself going back in time.

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