30 Bollywood Movie Characters Who Changed Fashion Trends in India (Part 2)

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Aug 7, 2020|16 min read


Movies play a very vital role in changing trends. People follow their favorite celebrities from casual wear to party wear, from hairstyle to nose ring, and from eye makeup to lip shade. It is important to note whatever they see on the display, they try to do that style. 

This is the continuation of the first part of the 31 Bollywood movie characters who changed fashion trends in India. 10 have already been covered there and 20 are listed below.

30 Bollywood Movie Characters Who Inspired Fashion Trends

11. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (Pooja aka Kareen Kapoor Khan)

“Kaun hai ye jisne dobara mujhe mud kar nahi dekha”

Pooja (lovingly called as Poo) is a supporting character from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Movie that made a huge buzz all around the Bollywood and Fashion industry, a character that people still didn’t forget. Played by Kareena Kapoor Khan, “Poo” is one of the most recognized characters in Bollywood because of the fashion trends it brought in our lives. 

Crop top, Bootcut bottom, Fur, Sharara, Bralette as a top, nude lips, choker, animal prints, and metallic nails are some of the things that Poo brought in fashion and changed the fashion trends in India. At that time, it was a fresh, iconic, and trendy Bollywood fashion look that ladies couldn’t get over. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that women can’t get over this Bollywood character’s fashion trends even today.

‘Bole Chudiyan, Bole Kangna’ song became such a huge hit amongst ladies that they confidently asked shopkeepers, “Bole chudiyan wala pink sharara dena'. Ironically, people didn’t know the name of the garment, they knew the name of the character or the scene in which the dress appeared. This happens only when a movie sets fashion trends. The Bollywood character Poo really changed the fashion trends in India. 

“Kaun hai ye jisne dobara mujhe mud kar nahi dekha” is still on the lips of teenagers. Many even copy the dialogue when they are drenched in fashion and seeking attention. Everything about this character was epic and still, after 19 years of KKKG, POO is unforgettable. 

12. Dil Chahta hai (Akash aka Amir Khan)

“Pyaar Soch Samajh Kar Thodi Kiya Jaata Hai, Bas Ho Jaata Hai”

Dil Chahta Hai is a Bollywood movie that defines friendship, relationship, love, stupidity, and youngster problems in the best possible manner. “Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe” was every youth’s anthem in those times. Not just this, “Wo Ladki Hai Kahan”, also gained a lot of fandom.

In this Bollywood movie, all three characters have their own way of dressing, and thereby their own fashion trends. Akash aka Amir khan was something different for the audience and was stylish. The one who changed the fashion trends in india. 

Leather pants, Holographic trousers, and T-shirts became fashionable outfits for every 90s kid. Akash aka Amir Khan was seen wearing a double shaded shirt and high waist metallic red color pants paired with a broad buckle belt. This was adopted by the Indians and soon became a club uniform. 

Other movie characters also inspired many fashion trends at that time. Most of these were popular among college goers. This Bollywood film not only breaks society norms about relationships and love but also about fashion.

13. Tere Naam (Radhe aka Salman Khan)

“Main Request Nahi Karta … Ek Hi Baar Bolta Hoon … Aur Wo Full And Final Ho Jaata Hai.”

When Salman Khan does something, he doesn’t do it alone. His fans do it with him. The Bollywood movie ‘Tere Naam’ is a living example of it. It was released in 2003 and still, people ain’t over Radhe’s hairstyle. 

Radhe Bhaiya’s hairstyle was more in trend than Radhe bhaiya himself. From autowala to college boy, from shopkeeper to truck driver - everyone you could look around had long greasy middle partition hair. The ‘Tere Naam’ hairstyle was hugely followed and replicated.

As a matter of fact, most of the men’s salons have the favorite superstar Radhe Bhaiya’s photograph on the entrance. People still sometimes wish to keep this hairstyle. Thus, Radhe from Tere Naam (movie) was a Bollywood character who changed fashion trends.

14. Dhoom 2 (Sunehri aka Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)

“Parchai Bolti kahan hai..sirf chalti hai chup chap”.

People were already stuck by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s acting skills. But after seeing her performance in Dhoom 2, they were awestruck by her beauty and fashion. 

Dhoom 2 was in 2006 when ladies generally don’t go for micro mini, tube bikini top, bodysuit, knee-length boots, and shorts. But the movie character of Sunehri confidently pulled it off. It was clear why Sunehri from Dhoom 2 inspired many unconventional fashion trends.

Mrs. Bachchan has been a fashion icon since when she won ‘Miss World’, and yet another time, she made a trend, which is still being followed by many. A global icon today, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is always in the news for her red carpet looks and fashion in Bollywood movies.

15. Jab we met (Geet aka Kareena Kapoor Khan)

“Main apni favorite hoon”

Do you remember this dialogue of Geet aka Kareena Kapoor Khan from Jab we met? This is exactly what anyone in love with fashion, anyone who is up for trying new fashion styles would say. 

Geet is yet another powerful Bollywood movie character that brings joys, self-love, and a smile to everyone’s face. She is bold, fearless, up for challenges and cheerful. She is someone who loves fashion and herself, which makes the core of the movie Jab We Met.

Ladies, right after watching this movie, wanted to have a Patiala suit, red long skirt, and denim jacket in their wardrobe. The main fashion trend was wearing a Patiala salwar and a long tee paired with jooties and bangles. 

Geet had easy-breezy vibes that every girl wanted to adopt and so was her fashion sense. She actually gave ideas to women to create variety in casual wear. Her character inspired people to put comfort first. Thus, Geet is one of those Bollywood movie characters who changed fashion trends in India. 

16. Fashion (Sonali aka Kangana Ranuat)

“Sapne jab tootte hai...unki goonj ka asar bhaut gehre hota hai”.

Popularly known as Bold Queen, Kangana Ranaut gained overnight fame through the Bollywood movie Fashion. While the movie is titled Fashion, it is obvious it will have fashionable characters in the frame. Besides this, the Bollywood movie keeps the shiny dark side of the industry in front of the audience. 

Sonali aka Kangana Ranaut, who was in news for her comment on Sushant Singh Rajput suicide mystery, plays the character of a supermodel in the movie Fashion. Since she is a supermodel, she brings many bold and stylish outfits on the screen, thereby setting a new fashion trend.

From her ramp long golden maxi dress with red fur, smokey eyes, headgear, and bangles, to her long bob hair, silver-lined eyes, coco lip color, slit maxi dress, and boots - all her fashion looks gave us gols to wear maxi dresses. 

Kangana also made ladies realize how they could look sexy in all those natural curls which ladies run to straighten up every time. Watching the movie Fashion, you would definitely agree that its characters changed fashion trends in India.

17. Wake up Sid (Sid Mehra aka Ranbir Kapoor)

Wake up Sid is a story of spoiled brat who learns to stand up on his own feet. Sid (played by Ranbir Kapoor) is a guffy, funny, and kiddish movie character, someone every guy could relate to. Casual cartoon tee, Denim jeans, cap, and sneakers were in trend after Sid wore them in this Bollywood movie.

Interestingly, not only was the cartoon tee in fashion after the Bollywood film Wake up Sid, but that bird made on the wall was also trending. This brings me to inform my dear readers that fashion applies not only to clothing, makeup, hairstyle, or accessories, but also to room decoration and many more things.

Since Sid inspired many decorations in homes like the bird on the wall, it is indeed a movie character who changed fashion trends in India.

18. Aisha (Aisha Kapoor aka Sonam Kapoor)

Sonam Kapoor is known as ‘Fashion Diva’ of the Bollywood industry and it is justified by her Bollywood movie character, Aisha. In the movie, the dresses Aisha is wearing redefine Fashion for Bollywood.

White layered frilled dress paired with a black netted hat, lady Dior bags, white saree paired with gajra, netted lehenga, check shirt, and iconic Versace Feuille gown are some of the garments that Aisha was seen wearing. In addition, more than 100 changes were designed for Aisha for this Bollywood movie. 

FYI, ‘Aisha’ introduced popular fashion brands like Dior, Vintage Chanel, and Ferragamo to the Indian audience. Released 10 years ago, the Bollywood movie Aisha, gave great wardrobe goals to young ladies. Need I say that Aisha changed fashion trends in India?

19. Cocktail (Veronica aka Deepika Padukone)

Deepika Padukone has always set the bar higher and higher with her acting skills, looks, and Fashion. Her Bollywood movie Cocktail was a huge fashion showcase and inspired many new fashion trends in India. 

Veronica aka Deepika Padukone was a fun-loving, party girl in “Cocktail” where she looks, definitionally, one diva. Even her drunk party look with smudge kajal, messy hair has become a meme in a fun way. 

Grey crop top, Aztec printed skirt, Brown shorts, a white and blue striped dress, Printed Palazzo pants, Olive green shirt, Golden sequin Dress, and smoky eyes were few of the fashion that occupied the hearts of the fashion and Bollywood lovers. 

20. Chennai Express (Meenamma aka Deepika Padukone)

Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express creates an evergreen fashion look for pretty ladies. Her look is simple, easy, and colorful, yet fashionable. Playing a Tamil girl who is running from her father to avoid getting married to the groom of her father’s choice.

Silk is never out of fashion and in the Bollywood movie Chennai Express, every outfit is silk. From Chennai raw silk to Kanjeevaram silk saree, Deepika has worn bright colours ranging from red and blue to green and yellow. 

Color played a very important role in Deepika’s fashion. Dresses like Salamander orange saree with powder blue, creamy pink blouse with navy blue saree, and frost net saree with a blue blouse, and yellow border remained distinguished because of the colors.

Her looks resemble the girl next door yet remain very unique. And so, Meenamma is a Bollywood character who changed fashion trends in India. 

21. Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani (Bunny aka Ranbir Kapoor)

Ranbir Kapoor just like his fashionable father, Rishi Kapoor, believes in making new fashion trends. In the Bollywood movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Ranbir essayed the role of Kabir aka Bunny, who is young and in love with his dreams. 

The Bunny character was not just unique, but also dashing and stylish. Bunny/Kabir is someone who wants to achieve his goals and live his life to the fullest. Ranbir not just gets in the character unconditionally but also gets styled effortlessly.

Checked shirt, faded denim, cargo pants, leather jacket, quilted jacket, chikankari black kurta, and the showstopper, the ‘Dilli wali girlfriend kurta’ (Silver sequin kurta with silk white salwar) are some of Ranbir Kapoor’s fashionable outfits in the movie. 

Not to forget, Rabbit Kapoor’s solid navy blue suit outfit is something that every guy looks forward to. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is so widely popular and loved, that the movie character of Bunny inspired fashion trends in India.

22. Khoobsurat (Mrinalini Chakravarty aka Sonam Kapoor)

Needless to mention, Sonam Kapoor is known for her fashion sense and style in India and all over the world. Whatever role she plays, she tries to make it more fashionable and stylish on screen. 

Mrinalini aka Sonam Kapoor in the Bollywood movie Khoobsurat has given all us wardrobe goals. Printed Dhoti layered salwar, crop top, fitness wear, and leather jacket paired with the chunky necklace and high boots were some fashion trends set by this Bollywood movie. 

The father of all these fashion garments was the polka dots sleeveless top paired with pink skin leopard pajama. Do you think anyone else other than Sonam Kapoor could rock a night suit like this? 

Sonam Kapoor can ever make a simple look like sporting geeky glasses with hair pulled up bum very elegant. The look from maa ka phone was totally Sonam Kapoor style. Dr Mili Chakravarthy, thereby, was a Bollywood character that changed fashion trends in India.

23. Dil Dhadakne Do (Ayesha aka Priyanka Chopra Jonas)

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, a global Diva, is popularly known as ‘Desi Girl’ and she always succeeds to do something out of the box. Dil Dhadakne Do was a Bollywood movie that not only had beautiful locations but also stylish and fashionable dresses. Ayesha aka Priyanka Chopra is the stylish character who brings exquisite dress to us. 

White Heart printed high waist pants, striped crop top, short mustard yellow dress, and tangerine color maxi dress are some of the outfits Priyanka Chopra wore in the movie. While all these dresses were liked, there was one dress that stole all the limelight. It was the “Gallan Goriyan” navy studded dress. 

Needless to say, the movie Dil Dhadakne do was all about fashion and colors. And Ayesha gave new fashion goals to all the pretty women out there.

24. Shamitabh (Danish aka Dhanush)

Dhanush is already well known for his acting skills, dialogue delivery, and singing (why this Kolaveri di is still in our playlist). With his spectacular performance in the Bollywood film Shamitabh, Dhanush is now known for his fashion.

Black tuxedo, white shirt, leather shiny toe top shoes, colored tuxedo, thin tie, cummerbund, rounders glasses, and metallic watches are some fashion trends that came in India after Shamitabh hit the silver screen.

In the Bollywood movie Raanjhanaa, we were all hooked by Kundan aka Dhanush. People were crazy about this Varanasi guy. While in Raanjhanaa he proved to be the best actor, in Shamitabh (being very different) he proved to be a fashion Icon. 

Indian heroes were not supposed to be like him (thin, dusky). But Dhanush being Dhanush, broke all the stereotypes and proved that color, physique, and boundaries are not important to determine your talent. Danish aka Dhanush has given major Male-wardrobe goals.

25. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Alizeh Khan aka Anushka Sharma)

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was yet another Bollywood movie that has given us the thought of “I want that dress”. The Bollywood movie starred Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya Rai, and Ranbir Kapoor in lead roles and all of them pulled off fashionable outfits.

Alizeh aka Anushka Sharma was seen wearing a pink hearted black sweater, pink scarf, high low yellow kurta, printed multicolored jacket, black shrug, off white printed kurta, and metal drop earrings. Her Channa Meraya look, in which she pulled off an embroidered lehenga paired with gold pleated passa, was the showstopper of the entire movie.

Alizeh’s attires, makeup, and look was something that left ladies craving for. Many were seen wearing a kurta to discos and dancing their heart out. Fashion trends changed! 

26. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Saba aka Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)

Whereas, if we talk about beautiful Ashiwarya Rai Bachchan aka Saba, we have a lot more fashion sense to imbibe. She is looking prepossessed, essaying the role of a poetess in the Bollywood movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

If you are fascinated by the elegance of Saba’s fashion and you wish to simply carry her style, just remember the word ‘layering’. Saba was seen wearing a knee length jacket on the top of any decent color, sweater with base color white and black, and knee high boots majorly in the Bollywood film. 

Other than this, she also showcased a pair of leather jeggings with an oversized top or sweater. Saba aka Ashiwarya Rai has kept the jewelry to a minimum. Just a stud or simple finger rings, which do all the magic, were what she wore. Her looks were adopted by professional women largely as it met all their needs. Workplaces changed with fashion!

27. Dostana (Neha aka Priyanka Chopra Jonas)

Most stylish 2013 winner forever goes to Neha aka Priyanka Chopra Jonas. With her flabbergasting performance in the movie Dostana, Desi Girl has set a benchmark that’s really hard to break. 

From Priyanka Chopra’s layered haircut to her smokey eyes and glossy lips, everything became a huge fashion trend. Orange pleated short dress, golden swimwear, striped bralette with white shorts, red backless short, and denim pinafore dress were a huge hit. Her Desi Girl golden saree has an iconic look till date.

There were a few more things that got huge limelight like navel piercing, layered hair cut, glossy lip, two hair pony, smokey eyes, big goggles. ‘Dostana’ was released in 2008 and even after 12 years, Desi Girl’s magic is not gone. Neha aka Priyanka Chopra is a working woman and her fashion looks were a blessing in disguise for professional women.

28. Guilty (Nanki aka Kiara Advani)

Beauty and wildness are brought together by Nanki Dutta aka Kiara Advani in the movie Guilty. Bold is beautiful, bold is wild, bold is fashion, and so is Kiara Advani’s character in this movie. 

Dark style fashion is very rare in the Bollywood industry because most of the celebs fear to try it. Kiara’s character in this Bollywood movie is a part of the rock band. Hence, it brings out very rare, dark, and pop fashion to us. 

Heavy black kohl, funky piercing, multiple piercing on her ear, septum piercing, ‘Ekla Chalo re’ Tattoo on her chest, safety pin inked on her face, and burnt red highlight hair is somewhat a salt and pepper look that left the audience stunned. It is slightly similar to American singer Billie Eilish. 

Kiara’s movie character Nanki as a carefree girl in shorts, skirt, jacket, distressed denim, sleeveless tee, and a cap made a fashion trend in India. Deep dark shades of grey, black, blue, red, or brown are very much used in the costumes of Nanki and after the movie, they have become new ‘cool’ colors. It is another important Bollywood movie character that changed fashion trends in India.

29. Buddha hoga Tera Baap (Vijay aka Amitabh Bachchan)

Big B Amitabh Bachchan has never been afraid to try out of the box things and it clearly reflects in his Bollywood movies. Whether it's Paa, Piku, Pink, Wazir, Sarkar Raj, or Buddha Hoga Tera Baap, Amitabh Bachchan has pulled up exceptional characters. 

Vijay aka Amitabh Bachchan is a Bollywood movie character who is old by age but young by heart. Big B has not only received so much appreciation for his fighting but also for his great, unmatchable fashion in this Bollywood movie Buddha Hoga Tera Baap. 

Pink floral print shirt, white pants paired with a yellow handkerchief around neck and white cap top shoes, red blazer paired with a white shirt, white pants, white shoes and multicolor handkerchief around the neck, two colorful watches together in one hand, colorful goggles, and funky printed denim jeans are some of his exceptional fashion attires. 

Amitabh Bachchan had brought totally colorful outfits trends with his flamboyant character ‘Vijay’. Many of these were copied and worn by people in India and hence, this character changed fashion trends in India.

30. Padmavat (Padmavati aka Deepika Padukone)

Deepika Padukone is someone many look up to when it comes to fashion. Whatever performances she has opted, she always succeeds to bring out some unique element in it and sets the bar higher. Not to forget, her fashion pull offs are something that trend among her fans.

Padmavat is one of the Ace art productions of Indian cinema. The Bollywood movie Padmaavat has everything in store. From superb acting to the mindblowing story and the costumes, everything is just amazing. 

Rani Padmini, essayed by Deepika Padukone, is the main character of the story. Needless to say, her look had to be grand. The jewelry, lehenga, and makeup that Deepika wore in the movie has become the demand of every bride today. 

The lehenga was approx 30 kg which cost 20 lakh each. In order to make the look more real traditional handcrafted embroidery such as Mukke ka kaam, Pakko Bharat, Salma and Sitara, Gokru and Dunka work, so the ghagras and odhnas that were made, tended to be very heavy. Jewelry includes Naths, Bangles, Septum Nath, and borlas.

These were the 30 Bollywood movie characters who changed fashion trends in India. If you think we missed out any, do put them in the comments section. We will try to put them up in the next part.

Stay trendy!

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