Better An Oops Than A What If

Adding a twist to decision making

Aashi Tandon

5 months ago|1 min read


Life is all about ups and downs, good days and bad days, happiness and sorrows, success and failures and keeping in mind the Valentine week, life is also about proposals and rejections.

Once when I was looking for a good caption, I came across a quote that changed my perspective towards dealing with some adventurous stuff in life.

' Better An Oops Than A What If '

Better An Oops Than A What If

Many times we land up in situations where we have to make a decision of doing a particular thing or not.

You remember what Baba Ranchordas said to Farhan when he was afraid to confront his father for choosing a career that he loved

' 50 saal baad jab tu aisi kisi hospital mein pdha hoga aur marne ka intezaar kr rha hoga, tb sochega - letter haath mein tha, taxi gate par thi, zara si himmat kr leta toh saali zindagi kuchh aur ho skti thi!'

I could not think of a better example then this to explain my point.

It depends on us what new turn we want to give to our life. Our every decision cannot be correct. I believe that the situation of failing in taking the correct decision and then reattempting for a better thing is far better than regretting your entire life thinking about what if I would have taken the risk that day.

Risks are a part of life. And the decision of taking that risk is ours.

So before taking any decision think about it twice. If you still think you can give it a try then go for it.

And if you fail don't get disappointed because every failure takes you a step forward towards success.


Aashi Tandon

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