40 Best Whiskey Brands In India

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‘Alcohol’, is considered as not to consume for the various health concerns but if consumed correctly then it won’t leave any bad effect on your health. 'Whiskey', a call of almost every party or celebration whether it is in India or outside India. Only the presence of whiskey alone can make a good mood for celebration and can make you stress-free and joyful which is much needed to enjoy any party or celebration. There are a lot of good Indian whiskey brands that can be consumed in the proper amounts without leaving any adverse effects on your body. The best part of the Indian whiskey brands is that they are pocket friendly but still can create a classy ambiance in the celebration.

Here I have listed some of the best Indian Whiskey brands have a glance over them-

1. Dewars 18-

 Manufactured by Bacardi this scotch whiskey originated in Scotland and is one of the finest and best whiskey brands in India. It is an 18 years aged blended whiskey that has won several awards to the date and has grabbed a spot in the list of top-ranked whiskey brands.

Price- 6000/- to 6500/-

2. Black Dog Reserve-

The second one in our list of best whiskey brands in India with this finest rich combination of malt and grain scotches. It perfectly fits into a person’s mood to try out a flawless rich liquor with some luxurious flavors. It has two varieties, one is Black Dog Reserve Whiskey and another is Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Whiskey.

 Price- 600/- to 650/-


3. Glenfiddich 12-

It is a single malt scotch whiskey made up of malted barley. It is one of the lightest whiskey on the west coast of Scotland. It tastes fresh and sweetly fruity flavored that is aged for 12 years.

Price- 3500/- to 4000/-

4. Ballantine's 12-Year

The perfect creamy scotch whiskey by Ballantine’s 12 years, one of the highest scotch whiskey selling brands. It is a blend of more than 50 whiskies together it tastes rich and sweet with gentle peat.

 Price- 4000/- to 4500/-

5. Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky-

The ultimate Indian single malt whiskey is made from Indian unpeated barley and peated barley from Scotland. Indian grains sourced from various states combined, mashed, and malted together give the final touch to the Amrut.

Price- 3000/- to 3500/-

6. Jim Beam Bourbon Black-

A full-bodied heavy caramelized with around 43% ABV contained. It gives a traditional bourbon flavor and holds a well-balanced sweetness with savory white oaks.

Price- 3500/- to 4000/-

7. Jameson-

The very renowned Irish whiskey is made from malted and unmalted Irish barley. It is triple-distilled whiskey with amazing smoothness. Aged for a minimum of 3 years this Irish whiskey contains 40% ABV.

 Price- 3000/- to 3500/-

8. Paul John-

Launched in London by John Distilleries this whiskey brand is famous for providing a decent variety of whiskeys. It is a perfect combination of sweetness and spiciness with a copper color. Mainly made up of Indian barley with Scottish peat.

Price- 3000/- to 3500/-

9. Rampur-

One of the best whiskey brands in India is also made in the oldest Indian distillery Rampur whiskey is a single malt vintage whiskey. Aged in the Himalayan foothills, this whiskey provides a taste of balanced vanilla and malt with a smooth finish.

Price- 7500/- to 8000/-

10. Kamet-

Kamet is made using the six-row barleys soaked in melted glacier water as it is also been prepared in Himalayan mounts. Kamet tastes vibrant in the very first sip along with a hint of oak, vanilla, and dried fruits. It can be enjoyed neat or with a little water.

 Price- 3000/- to 3500/-

11. Laphroaig-

The richest single malt scotch whiskey is here on our list of 40 best whiskey brands in India. It is aged for 10 years and contains 40% of ABV which gives a strong smoky nose with a hint of sweetness.

Price- 4000/- to 4500/-

12.  Teacher’s-

If you are in search of something with supreme quality and affordable price then Teacher’s is for you. It is a blend of blended scotch whiskeys of Scotland and contains 50% grain and 50% malt. A perfect part of your celebration couldn’t be better than this.

Price- 1500/- to 2000/-

13. Legavulin-

The very next whiskey brand in our list of 40 best whiskey brands in India is Legavulin. Aged for the 16 years and containing 43 % ABV, this whiskey made is on the island of Islay.  Its smoky, rich and intense flavor will definitely amaze you.

Price- 9000/- to 9500/-

14. Macallan-

Macallan is one of the best scotch whiskey brands in the world and the third-largest selling single malt whiskey. Its taste notes are sweet vanilla and toffee with a hint of dark chocolate and contain 40% ABV.

Price- 11000/- to 11500/-

15. Aberlour-

Aberlour is an 18-year-old single malt scotch whiskey and contains 43 % of ABV. The taste notes of Aberlour have a blend of blackcurrant jam, sweet oaks, and honey. The rich and creamy texture with a hint of bitter orange is capable of giving you an exotic feel.

Price- 4000/- to 4500/-

16. Talisker-

If you are a lover of strong and wild whiskey then Talisker would be a good match for you as its powerful taste notes contain ripe red berry with an explosion of pepper that gives a smoky and spicy coating with little sweetness. 

Price- 4000/- to 4500/-

17. Johnnie Walker Red Label-

This very famous scotch whiskey brand is sold in almost every country of the world. It is a no-age-statement drink. Its taste notes have a flavor of spices and sweetness in the form of pepper, cinnamon, and honey.

Price- 2500/- to 3000/-

18. Black & White-

A very popular blended scotch whiskey all over the world. Also, it is famous because of its unique logo featuring two black and white terrier dogs. The black and white taste notes include citrusy grains and a hint of smoke.

Price- 1500/- to 2000/-

19. Seagrams 100 Pipers Deluxe-

The seventh-largest blended scotch whiskey worldwide is there in the list of 40 best whiskey brands in India. The woody fragrance with a hint of oak and vanilla, fruits and honey taste notes are enough to have a smoky and classy feel in the special moments.

Price- 1500/- to 2000/-

20. Vat 69-

A blend of around 40 grain and malt whiskeys makes the Vat 69 premium scotch whiskey. One of the very renowned whiskey brands with a hint of spice and caramel. A woody touch along with a spicy finish.

Price- 1500/- to 2000/-

21. McDowell's No.1 Platinum-

India’s largest selling whiskey brand is here to grab its spot in the list of 40 best whiskey brands in India. McDowell has a strong grip on rural and urban markets in India. It contains 42% of ABV and is famous in Indian markets and foreign markets as well due to its affordable prices.

Price- 450/- to 500/-

22. Blender's Pride-

A whiskey with the smoothest blend and most unique taste notes including well-combined softness, fruitiness, and smokiness. It contains 42.8% of ABV and has a variety of premium whiskeys to deal with your every mood.

Price- 1400/- to 1600/-

23. Royal Challenge-

Introduced in the early 1980s in India, this brand has become a renowned brand in India. The credit for the smooth finish of this amazing liquor only goes to its blend of matured malt and grain. It contains 42.8% of ABV and the price of it will definitely surprise you.

Price- 500/- to 600/-

24. Royal Stag-

It is also known as Seagram’s Royal Stag and is famous for its tagline ‘MAKE IT LARGE’. It has a unique blend of Indian grains and scotch malts. It is also a bestselling brand in India as it does not contains any artificial flavors.

Price- 700/- to 750/-

25. Imperial Blue-

It is also made under Seagram’s banner thus it is also known as Seagram’s Imperial Blue. It was launched in 1997. A well-balanced blend of grain and malts makes an exquisite liquor.

Price- 550/- to 600/-

26. Bagpiper-

The association with Bollywood has made this whiskey more popular than other brands. The tagline ‘Khoob Jamega Rang’ has given it an identity in Indian customers’ minds. The smooth combination of Indian grain and scotch malts is enough to give you an exotic feel.

Price- 500/- to 600/-

27. 8 PM-

For all the strong whiskey lovers this is one of the best whiskey brand in India. It can be enjoyed by mixing water and soda. Its name has been registered in Limca Book of Records in 2001 for selling 1 million cases in the very first year of its launch.

Price- 700/- to 750/-

28. Officer's Choice-

Another best whiskey brand in India with a loyal Indian customer base. Its taste notes include a short and spirit finish with an idle alcohol value of 42.8%. 

Price- 300/- to 400/-

29. Old Tavern-

A perfect blend of scotch malts and grains with the standard alcohol limit of 42.8%. The old tavern has a good hold on liquor markets globally.

Price- 300/- to 350/-

30. Antiquity Blue Whisky-

Truly the finest whiskey brand in India and also the bestselling Indian whiskey brand. Taste the richness with the velvet-smooth finish and have a never-before experience by trying this one.

Price- 1000/- to 1100/-

31. Director’s Special Whisky

Another reasonable yet premium whiskey brand in India to cherish your special moments. Director’s special whiskey is made with a blend of light amounts of malt whiskey with molasses-based spirits.

Price- 550/- to 600/-

32. The Rockford Reserve-

The combination of finest oak-aged scotch malt whiskies with Indian grain spirits. The well-balanced flavor of fruits and oaks leaves a soft and sweet taste note.

Price- 1100/- to 1200/-

33. Golfer Shot-

A liquor of warm-golden color and some extraordinary aromas of dried fruits and spices to make a smooth taste drink. The palate of dark chocolate, flowery notes, and a hint of smokiness can create an amazing wave of joy for you.

Price- 1000/- to 1100/-

34. Whiskin Craft-

Perfectly blended scotch with Indian rice malts and smoothness of honey and dark chocolate can give you a long and lingering finish to have an excellent liquor experience ever. Thus it is mentioned here in our list of 40 best whiskey brands in India.

Price- 500/- to 600/-

35. The Macallan-

The Macallan is a 15-year-old malt scotch whiskey with an intense rich chocolate palate. In this whiskey, you will find a hint of rose and cinnamon in the Macallan.

Price- 11000/- to 12000/-

36. Talisker-

If you are looking for a powerful and fresh whiskey then Talisker is for you. As it contains the sweetness of red berry and a strong explosion of pepper it will give you an ultimate tongue coating with proper sweet and spicy notes.

Price- 3000/- to 4000/-

37.  Glenkinchie 12-

Another one of the best whiskey brands in India is to make your moments of celebration more joyful. Glenkinchie is single malt scotch whiskey with slightly smoky and with the sweetness of honey It will give a perfect combination of taste notes.

Price- 4000/- to 5000/-

38. Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or-

Also called the master of malts, Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or is a 12-year-old whiskey that has a Sauternes cask finish and has blended sweet and spicy taste notes containing ginger, lemon, and honeycomb. 

Price- 6000/- to 7000/-

39. Haywards-

Most reasonable yet premium and one of the best whiskey brands in India that is enough for you to have an immense feeling of joy and celebrate your special moments.

Price- 500/- to 600/-

40. SmokeHead-

Mentioned here to have an extraordinary feel if you get bored with the common whiskeys. Smokehead is an Islay single malt scotch whiskey that is here to give you an unrealistic taste and uncommon smokiness.

Price- 5000/- to 6000/-

The moment of joy must be there in our lives but the celebration is simply incomplete without a glass of whiskey and if it is from the best whiskey brands in India then it will be the best feeling for all the people who are joining you in your celebration.

In this list, I have mentioned a few best whisky brands in India to make it easy for you to find the best and most suitable whiskey for you and your people.

It is a bye for now till then happy surfing!!